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5 Etiquette Tips for Portable Toilets, Ironton, Ohio
Just like a brick-and-mortar bathroom, a port-a-potty should provide a clean and comfortable space for all users. But as temporary solutions, people often use portable toilets in ways that aren’t respectful to others. If you strive to be...read more
A Guide to OSHA Portable Toilet Regulations, Ironton, Ohio
As a building site manager, it’s your job to ensure the contractors have access to portable toilets. It’s critical to understand the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules surrounding bathroom access to prov...read more
Lawrence, OH Portable Toilets Businesses
Johnny On The Spot, Storage Facilities, Portable Toilets, Ironton, Ohio
1804 N 2nd St
Ironton, OH 45638
(888) 838-7768
Whether you’re planning an upcoming construction job or throwing an outdoor celebration, be prepared with portable toilets from a trusted name. For more than 60 years, Johnny on the Spot, Inc. in Ironton, OH, has offered complete portabl...
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3 Ways You Can Decorate a Portable Bathroom, Ironton, Ohio
While portable bathrooms at construction sites don’t require much in terms of aesthetics, it’s different when hosting a wedding reception or another special event. While outdoor...read more
What Are the ADA Requirements for Outdoor Concerts?, Ironton, Ohio
If you’re planning an outdoor concert or festival, ensuring you are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is vital to the success and safety of your event. When ma...read more
The Blue Liquid in Porta Potties: What Is It?, Ironton, Ohio
If you’ve ever used a portable bathroom at a festival or public park, you might have noticed the tank full of blue liquid. You might have thought it was just some cosmetic dye or a c...read more
3 Tips for Portable Toilet Placement, Ironton, Ohio
Portable toilets offer guests a convenient and comfortable way to use the facilities while attending an outdoor event like a wedding or a concert. When planning the festivities, it's...read more
3 Common Uses for Portable Storage Units, Ironton, Ohio
If you’ve ever glanced around your home or workplace and wished for more space, then a portable storage unit may be the ideal solution for your needs. There are many occasions when h...read more
5 Benefits of Using Portable Toilets on Construction Sites, Ironton, Ohio
Portable bathrooms are convenient to have anywhere there’s a construction site. They give workers a place to use the restroom while remaining on site. If you’re in charge of the...read more
3 Benefits of Using Portable Storage Units, Ironton, Ohio
If your office is overflowing with clutter, or you have inventory but nowhere to put it, a portable storage unit may be the solution. These convenient alternatives to traditional sto...read more
What Are the OSHA Requirements for Bathrooms on Job Sites?, Ironton, Ohio
If you are in charge of a construction site, it’s important to provide your employees with easily accessible and sanitary portable bathrooms. The Occupational Safety and Health Admin...read more
The Do's & Don'ts of Portable Toilet Etiquette, Ironton, Ohio
With the advent of portable toilet rentals, consumers have the ability to enjoy first-world amenities in rural locations. However, there is a code of etiquette, even when you are at ...read more
A Guide to Using Portable Toilets at Outdoor Weddings, Ironton, Ohio
Although there are many logistics to consider for outdoor weddings, one crucial logistical detail is occasionally overlooked until the last minute—the need for a quality lavatory. He...read more
4 Benefits of Having a Portable Toilet at Your Event, Ironton, Ohio
Whether you’re planning a family reunion, graduation party, or another type of outdoor event, it’s important for your guests to have a clean and safe place to use the bathroom. ...read more
The Basic Facts of Renting Portable Bathrooms, Ironton, Ohio
If you need a portable bathroom for an outside event or for a construction site, knowing about outdoor toilets will help you with your selections. You may have a few questions a...read more
3 Common Mistakes When Renting Portable Bathrooms, Ironton, Ohio
If you want to host a gathering outdoors, renting portable bathrooms should top the list of priorities while planning. Having port-a-potty rentals on the grounds will ...read more
5 Portable Bathroom Myths Debunked, Ironton, Ohio
Portable bathrooms tend to get a bad rap regarding cleanliness. Many myths surround these toilets, and while not all portable bathrooms are equal, it’s important to se...read more
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