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3 Benefits of Lightweight Concrete in Construction, Clearwater, Florida
Concrete is an integral part of construction work and offers many valuable advantages. Lightweight insulating concrete has become a popular choice over the standard alternative for pre-cast and on-site elements. Here's a closer look at more
How Does Water Damage Balconies?, Clearwater, Florida
Balconies are excellent additions to your building, providing places for fresh air and seating. Water damage in these areas can be problematic, but there are ways to mitigate trouble. Here’s how to recognize an issue and how balcony and more
Clearwater, FL Concrete Contractors Businesses
Pro-Crete Systems of Florida, Floor Contractors, Waterproofing Contractors, Concrete Contractors, Largo, Florida
12775 Starkey Rd
Largo, FL 33773
(727) 526-8090
When planning a commercial construction project, you need to align yourself with top-of-the-line companies—and this extends to teaming up with a dependable concrete contractor. From lightweight insulating concrete to gypcrete flooring an...
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What to Know About Gypsum Cement, Clearwater, Florida
Gypsum is often added to cement and used for underlayment in a wide variety of construction projects. When you hire a concrete contractor to begin constructing your more
A Guide to Commercial Roof Insulation, Clearwater, Florida
Managing utility expenses and defending against the elements is an integral part of being a building owner. Insulation plays a leading role in the process, and understanding it will more
3 Benefits of Acoustic Underlayment , Clearwater, Florida
Regardless of whether you’re laying hardwood, laminate, or carpeting, make sure to start with acoustic underlayment. The additional labor and materials needed to complete this more
3 Causes of Concrete Cracks, Clearwater, Florida
For land developers, ensuring your properties are both safe and attractive is essential when trying to see the maximum return on your investment. Concrete cracks aren’t only more
3 Benefits of Concrete Floors in Commercial Buildings , Clearwater, Florida
If you own or plan to construct a commercial building, the material you choose for the flooring represents a significant investment. Installing concrete floors can create a positive more
A Guide to Waterproofing Commercial Buildings, Clearwater, Florida
Proper waterproofing maintains the integrity and quality of a commercial building. Without it, you could end up with costly repairs from moisture damage to insulation and more
A Guide to Proper Drainage for Concrete, Clearwater, Florida
A concrete contractor must consider several factors when constructing a new commercial building. The drainage system is one of these features. Since most concrete more
3 Benefits of Acoustic Underlayment, Clearwater, Florida
Whether placing carpet or hardwood floors, building owners and contractors should consider installing acoustic underlayment beneath floor coverings. The addition more
3 Ways UV Radiation Damages a Wooden Deck, Clearwater, Florida
If you're building or restoring a wooden deck, the paint or finish you choose is important for more than aesthetics. A PMMA waterproofing system protects the deck from both water more
Why You Should Insulate a Roof Deck, Clearwater, Florida
The roof deck is the structure that your shingles or roofing material is adhered to. When you design your building, it’s essential that you do not overlook roof deck insulation on more
3 Ways Contractors Can Soundproof Concrete Walls , Clearwater, Florida
A building’s walls have several responsibilities. Not only do they provide structural support and protection from the elements, but they also define interior spaces and block more
What Builders Should Know About Lightweight Insulating Concrete, Clearwater, Florida
If you’re preparing to take on a new building process, understanding the different materials on the market is crucial. This will ensure your project offers clients the most more
3 Tips for Working with Self-Leveling Concrete Underlayment, Clearwater, Florida
Before floor coverings are installed, surfaces are smoothed and flattened through self-leveling floor underlayment. Some concrete contractors find this method more convenient than more
3 Important Applications of Underlayment in Wood Floors, Clearwater, Florida
If your building is going to have wood floors, you’ll likely want a gypsum cement underlayment installed. Since this material is manufactured from gypsum, it won’t crack or shrink more
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