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3 Ways to Prepare Your Child for an Eye Exam, Larrabee, Wisconsin
Because humans learn to rely on their eyesight from a young age, it’s important to understand if, when, and how your child’s eyes are changing as they grow. Regular eye exams are necessary to ensure your child’s eyes are h...read more
A Guide to Eye Floaters, Larrabee, Wisconsin
It can be alarming to experience an eye floater for the first time. These are spots of differing sizes that seem to “float” across your line of sight. While they don’t typically cause disturbances to your vision, you should immediately l...read more
Larrabee, WI Eye Doctors Businesses
Griebenow Eyecare, Optometrists, Eye Exams, Eye Doctors, Clintonville, Wisconsin
45 10th Street
Clintonville, WI 54929
(800) 427-9585
When it comes to the care and keeping of your eyes and your sight, you need an eye doctor that you can trust to provide superior service to every member of your household. The optometrists at Griebenow Eyecare in New London, WI, have ser...
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5 FAQ About Contact Lenses, Larrabee, Wisconsin
Leonardo da Vinci came up with the idea for contact lenses more than 500 years ago, and they became a reality during the 1880s. However, they weren't practical for regular use until ...read more
Eye Care Tips for Seniors, Larrabee, Wisconsin
Your vision will change over the years as you grow older. These changes can impact your life in many ways, from not being able to read small print without your glasses to having...read more
FAQs About Myopia, Larrabee, Wisconsin
Human eyes are extremely sensitive, and many people struggle with a wide variety of vision issues. Based on your family history and eye shape, you may learn you have myopia. If ...read more
What You Should Know About Dry Eye Disease, Larrabee, Wisconsin
A rising concern for our population is symptoms related to dry eye, or ocular surface disease. Forty percent of Americans suffer from occasional dry eye.  While the symptoms are...read more
An Introduction to Refractive Eye Surgery, Larrabee, Wisconsin
A refractive error results from an imperfection in the shape of the eye, which hinders its ability to focus light onto the retina. As a result, you will experience issues focusing yo...read more
3 Reasons to Get Regular Vision Tests, Larrabee, Wisconsin
Everyone should have an annual vision test, even if their eyesight seems to be perfect. This vital aspect of preventative healthcare involves much more than finding a prescripti...read more
5 Signs of Cataracts , Larrabee, Wisconsin
Cataracts—protein buildups in the eyes due to age, genetics, injuries, steroid medication use, or health issues such as diabetes—eventually impair vision without treatment. Symptoms ...read more
5 Ways to Lower the Risk of Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Larrabee, Wisconsin
Recognized as the leading cause of vision loss among those 50 or older, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a common eye disease that every adult should stay aware of. This con...read more
3 Steps to Anticipate During Your First Eye Exam, Larrabee, Wisconsin
Eyesight problems can affect your quality of life. That’s why you should schedule an annual comprehensive eye exam. An eye doctor can assess changes in vision, test for diseases, and...read more
5 Ways to Keep Your Eyeglasses Clean, Larrabee, Wisconsin
Eyeglasses often become smudged and dirty throughout the day. Whether you’re new to glasses or have had trouble keeping them clean for years, there are many steps you can do to ...read more
A Guide to Eye Stys, Larrabee, Wisconsin
A sty is a small bump that forms near the eye, either on or near the lid. While irritating, the condition can be resolved without the intervention of an eye doctor in most ...read more
What You Need to Know About Swimming With Contact Lenses, Larrabee, Wisconsin
For the most part, contact lenses make life easier for people with vision problems. But if you’re someone who spends a lot of time in the water, especially during the summer, co...read more
Why You Should Bring Your Child in for an Eye Exam, Larrabee, Wisconsin
The back-to-school season is here, which means your child will soon be spending hours reading, writing, sitting in front of computers, and looking at blackboards. However, if they do...read more
How to Protect Your Athlete's Eyes, Larrabee, Wisconsin
For kids, the benefits of playing sports certainly outweigh the risks. However, parents should acknowledge there are still risks involved, even when it comes to no-con...read more
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