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Fun Facts About 4 Common Eye Colors, Perinton, New York
Since eye color is a polygenic trait, the particular hue of your eyes may be a mix of both of your parents. Although most people don’t think much about their eye colors, each hue has a variety of interesting facts. Here are fun fact...read more
How to Make the Switch From Glasses to Contact Lenses, Perinton, New York
While eyeglasses are an essential vision correction tool, some people prefer contact lenses. If you’re thinking about switching, making the transition can take some getting used to. Here is a guide to what to expect, as well as...read more
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Reed Eye Associates, Eye Care, Optometrists, Eye Doctors, Pittsford, New York
500 Kreag Rd
Pittsford, NY 14534
(585) 249-8300
With six convenient locations throughout the Greater Rochester, NY, area, Reed Eye Associates has been serving the local community with quality, comprehensive eye care since 1978. Whether you’re coming in for a regular eye exam or gettin...
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How to Choose the Right Colored Contacts, Perinton, New York
Colored contacts are an excellent option for people that need corrective lenses. Along with being a highly convenient way to improve your vision, colored lenses also allow you t...read more
5 Important Reasons to Wear Sunglasses in Winter, Perinton, New York
While sunglasses are often perceived as a summertime accessory, many eye care professionals stress that wearing sunglasses during the wintertime is even more crucial than wearing the...read more
What to Do When Selecting Eyeglasses, Perinton, New York
When selecting eyeglasses, it’s best to find a pair that not only fits comfortably but one that complements your facial features and personal style. While there are plenty of op...read more
Are Your Eyes Tired or Do You Have Vision Problems?, Perinton, New York
Between long days and staring at screens for hours on end, it’s common to experience occasional blurry vision. But, if you’ve been regularly experiencing impaired sight, your eyes ma...read more
When to Schedule an Eye Exam, Perinton, New York
Routine eye exams are a crucial part of medical care for people of all ages. As a rule of thumb, children should have their first exam at around six months and again before age three...read more
What to Expect During an Eye Exam, Perinton, New York
You must undergo a comprehensive eye exam regularly to ensure you have healthy vision for life. Conducted by a skilled optometrist, an eye exam encompasses various tests that me...read more
How to Pick the Right Shade for Colored Contacts, Perinton, New York
When you’re interested in elevating your look or having more aesthetic versatility, colored contacts are an excellent way to make an impression. That being said, finding the rig...read more
How to Make Eyeglasses Cool for Your Kids, Perinton, New York
Children may struggle with the news that they can’t see perfectly on their own and need to wear prescription glasses. But, with a little support from parents, little ones can find th...read more
What Do Computer Glasses Do?, Perinton, New York
Extensive time spent on a computer can create eye strain, irritation, fatigue, and headaches. Computer eyeglasses contain specialized lenses that mitigate the glare of a computer scr...read more
3 Questions Optometrists Want Their Patients to Ask , Perinton, New York
It’s easy to take your vision for granted, but if you neglect your eye health, the consequences could eventually be devastating. Scheduling periodic exams with an eye doctor is one o...read more
How Often Should I Get an Eye Exam?, Perinton, New York
Regular eye exams are important for a few different reasons. Along with tweaking your existing eyeglasses or contacts prescription, they can also identify potentially serious conditi...read more
Getting Eyeglasses? Learn About the Pros & Cons, Perinton, New York
If your vision isn’t as good as it used to be, you have the option of getting eyeglasses or contacts. The choice you make will depend on your individual preferences since both s...read more
3 Interesting Facts About Cataracts, Perinton, New York
Cataracts cause blurry or clouded vision and can significantly impact your quality of life. Knowing the facts about this condition is an essential part of getting the treatment you n...read more
5 Tips for Protecting Your Eyes This Summer, Perinton, New York
The outdoor activities synonymous with summer leave your eyes vulnerable to UV rays and a variety of irritants without the right care. Provide your peepers with the protection they n...read more
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