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When Should Your Child Have Their First Eye Exam?, Dothan, Alabama
When you take your baby for their medical checkups, your pediatrician will likely recommend making an appointment with an eye doctor. The American Optometry Association recommends that babies have their first eye exam at six mo...read more
A Guide to Eye Floaters, Dothan, Alabama
If you’ve been experiencing small spots in your vision, you may have eye floaters. While they’re generally harmless, they may be indicators of problems that require the help of an eye doctor. Use the following guide to determin...read more
Ashford, AL Eye Doctors Businesses
Dr. Ron Sealock, Eye Care, Eye Doctors, Optometrists, Dothan, Alabama
1623 W Main St.
Dothan, AL 36301
As Dothan, Alabama’s favorite optometry center, Dr. Ron Sealock offers professional eye care for the entire family. Protecting and enhancing your vision should always be a top priority, but you need an eye doctor you can trust to provide...
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Can Seniors Wear Contact Lenses?, Dothan, Alabama
Your vision changes as you grow older, and you may find you need correction after years of 20/20 vision. This doesn’t mean you need to deal with the inconvenience and appearance chan...read more
What You Need to Know About Glaucoma , Dothan, Alabama
Glaucoma, a disease that damages the optic nerve, affects millions of Americans. It is a leading cause of vision loss, and is a prevalent health concern nationwide, particu...read more
The Differences Between Glaucoma & Cataracts, Dothan, Alabama
As people age, they are more likely to experience eye issues like glaucoma and cataracts. It’s helpful to understand these conditions so that you can get the tests and...read more
5 Tips to Help You Adjust to Contact Lenses, Dothan, Alabama
Contact lenses allow you to enjoy clear vision without wearing glasses. If you are new to contacts, keep in mind that an adjustment period is perfectly normal. Below, review tips for...read more
5 Signs You May Have a Vision Problem, Dothan, Alabama
Whether due to natural aging or outside health factors, eyesight isn’t something that remains the same throughout your entire life. But since changes in sight tend to happen graduall...read more
5 Reasons to Always Wear Sunglasses, Dothan, Alabama
Sunglasses earned a place in popular culture due to endless style options, such as the oversized round eyewear made famous by Jackie Kennedy Onasis or the yellow aviator-style R...read more
3 Tips for Wearing Contact Lenses , Dothan, Alabama
When compared to wearing eyeglasses, using contact lenses provides some people with better vision and helps them feel more self-assured and able to be physically activ...read more
3 Causes of Poor Night Vision, Dothan, Alabama
When you struggle to see at night, it can be difficult to enjoy an evening away from home or drive after the sun goes down. Fortunately, by narrowing down the cause of night vis...read more
4 Ways to Adjust to Contact Lenses, Dothan, Alabama
Wearing contact lenses for the first time can be an exciting but difficult experience. Although you get the benefit of corrected eyesight without having to worry about glas...read more
3 Reasons to Get an Annual Eye Exam, Dothan, Alabama
We rely on our eyes throughout our lives, but they often go through a lot of stress as a result. However, even though illnesses and lifestyle choices can damage vision, many people d...read more
4 Glaucoma Risk Factors, Dothan, Alabama
Glaucoma is an eye condition that damages that optic nerve. More than three million Americans have glaucoma, but in its most common form — called open-angle glaucoma — the condition ...read more
What You Need to Know About Diabetic Eye Disease, Dothan, Alabama
When most people think of reasons to visit their optometrist, they likely think of routine eye exams or getting a new glasses prescription. However, you might not know that one of th...read more
How to Wear Glasses & Play Sports, Dothan, Alabama
Good vision plays an incredibly important role in sports, but if you need to wear prescription glasses to see clearly, you may need to make a few additional adjustments. Many activit...read more
5 Summer Eye Protection Tips, Dothan, Alabama
Summer is in full swing, and while you’re protecting your skin from the sun, don’t forget to protect your eyes, too. Good eye health is a big part of your quality of life, and neglec...read more
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