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What Is Glaucoma?, Greece, New York
Nearly 3 million Americans have glaucoma, but only half that number are aware of their diagnosis. With this in mind, eye care professionals encourage annual eye exams and glaucoma testing. If you’re unfamiliar with this co...read more
What Is 20/20 Vision? , Greece, New York
Eye doctors determine a patient’s eyesight after conducting a thorough eye exam. From making patients read letters on an eye chart to examining the pupils, eye doctors determine whether a patient requires glasses or not. If you...read more
Greece, NY Eye Doctors Businesses
Reed Eye Associates, Eye Care, Optometrists, Eye Doctors, Rochester, New York
2345 Ridgeway Ave
Rochester, NY 14626
(585) 723-6070
With six convenient locations throughout the Greater Rochester, NY, area, Reed Eye Associates has been serving the local community with quality, comprehensive eye care since 1978. Whether you’re coming in for a regular eye exam or gettin...
Jamison Eye Care, Eye Exams, Eye Doctors, Eye Care, Rochester, New York
90 Erie Canal Dr
Rochester, NY 14626
(585) 225-5883
Whether you’re texting your best friends late at night, binge-watching the latest season of your favorite shows, or typing reports for your job, you depend heavily on your eyesight to get through your day. At Jamison Eye Care in Rocheste...
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What Are Cataracts?, Greece, New York
A cataract is a clouding over the eye's lens that results in blurry or fuzzy vision. Most cataracts are a byproduct of aging, with more than half of all Americans over age ...read more
Why You Shouldn't Rub Your Eyes, Greece, New York
Since it’s a natural instinct to rub your eyes occasionally when they itch, this action is actually detrimental to your eye health. Eye doctors warn against this, as you can scr...read more
3 Recommended Contact Lenses If You Have Astigmatism, Greece, New York
If your eye doctor has diagnosed you with astigmatism, it means the curvature of your cornea is slightly abnormal, which affects your sight. Astigmatism will affect your comfort and ...read more
What Are Gas-Permeable Toric Contact Lenses?, Greece, New York
If your optometrist has recommended contact lenses, you might feel overwhelmed with your options. One of the popular types available is gas-permeable toric lenses or GP contact ...read more
4 FAQ About Eye Allergies, Greece, New York
With summer in full swing, many individuals experience eye allergies on account of pollen and debris floating in the air. Due to the unwanted symptoms, it’s common for eye doctors to...read more
4 Tips to Alleviate Dry Eye From Contact Lenses, Greece, New York
Many people choose to wear contact lenses to make their daily life more convenient. However, contacts need to be properly cared for to ensure they remain in optimal conditi...read more
5 Reasons Your Contact Lenses Are Irritating You, Greece, New York
Contact lenses are meant to enhance your vision without causing any discomfort. When they’re working properly, you shouldn’t even feel them there. Yet, in certain circumstances, they...read more
5 Eye Care FAQ Answered By Eye Doctors, Greece, New York
Like going for physicals and teeth cleanings, visiting an eye doctor regularly is a vital part of comprehensive health care. These vision specialists can pick up on the early signs o...read more
4 Tips for Protecting Your Vision, Greece, New York
As people age, their eye health can worsen, making it difficult to see. However, good eye care through smart lifestyle choices will help mitigate vision complications later in l...read more
A Guide to Wearing Contact Lenses for the First Time, Greece, New York
If you’ve been wearing glasses to correct your vision, or have never needed vision correction before, trying contact lenses for the first time might seem intimidating. However, with ...read more
5 Ways to Stop Irritation From Contact Lenses, Greece, New York
If you wear contact lenses, you have probably experienced eye irritation at some point. However, there’s no reason to live with irritated, uncomfortable eyes. Here are some tips to&n...read more
4 Facts About the Human Eyes, Greece, New York
Many people practice healthy eye care, from scheduling routine eye exams to shielding them from harsh sunlight. But have you ever wondered about how the eyes function? Below are...read more
A Guide to Glaucoma, Greece, New York
Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in the United States and one of the most common eye diseases, affecting millions of people. Although it most often occurs in senior...read more
What Is Computer Vision Syndrome?, Greece, New York
Many people spend their workdays in front of a computer. Headaches, dry eyes, and other problems often develop in the form of computer vision syndrome. This issue—which relates ...read more
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