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A Guide to Swimming With Contact Lenses, Elyria, Ohio
With summer in full swing, more people are spending their time swimming at beaches and pools. While this is a fun activity, people who wear contact lenses need to take certain precautions before diving into the water. That’s be...read more
A Brief Guide to Pink Eye, Amherst, Ohio
Every time you rub your eyes or touch your face, you’re introducing countless bacteria that could lead to an eye infection. Pink eye is one of the most common, and it’s important to understand this condition. Below are all the basics so ...read more
Elyria, OH Eye Doctors Businesses
Eric G. Stocker, OD, Eyewear & Corrective Lenses, Optometrists, Eye Doctors, Amherst, Ohio
182 Park Ave
Amherst, OH 44001
(440) 988-4419
When it comes to your vision, finding the right eye doctor who is able to diagnose any issue you may experience is essential. Eric G. Stocker, OD has served Amherst, OH, and Lorain County for nearly 30 years and only continues ...
Joseph Van Keuren OD, Eye Exams, Eye Care, Eye Doctors, Elyria, Ohio
1212 Abbe Rd N, , Ste B
Elyria, OH 44035
(440) 365-2021
Whether you need a stylish pair of glasses or you’re having issues with your vision, turn to a reliable optometrist for the products and eye care you deserve. Dedicated to serving patients across Elyria, OH, Joseph Van Keuren, O.D. offer...
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How Diabetes Can Affect Eye Health, Amherst, Ohio
Diabetes is a serious medical condition that can cause a variety of complications throughout the body. One of the many problems that diabetic patients face is an increased risk of ey...read more
3 Indications It's Time for Glasses, Elyria, Ohio
As vision can change over time, there might come the point when you can’t see as clearly as you used to when driving, reading, or performing other tasks. From myopia to astigmat...read more
A Brief Guide to Cataracts, Amherst, Ohio
Many older individuals are unaware that they have cataracts, only to realize its presence once their vision becomes highly impaired. Although this eye disease affects milli...read more
The Fascinating History of Bifocals, Amherst, Ohio
Bifocal eyeglasses correct nearsightedness and farsightedness. The top half of the lens helps the wearer see objects far away, while the lower half is used for reading, computer use,...read more
4 FAQ About Diabetic Eye Disease, Elyria, Ohio
Individuals with diabetes may be at risk of developing some types of eye disease. All of these conditions require the care of a qualified eye doctor. Here’s everything that you need ...read more
When Should You Wear Protective Sports Goggles?, Amherst, Ohio
Almost any sport carries the risk of eye injuries, which is why protective goggles are a necessity for everyone from professional athletes to little league players. Made from advance...read more
4 FAQ About Glaucoma, Amherst, Ohio
Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed or are concerned you may have it, glaucoma is a common eye condition that can make it difficult to see clearly. This eye disease is typically s...read more
A Beginner's Guide to Eye Exams, Amherst, Ohio
Regular eye exams are an opportunity to check your vision, allowing you to get the corrective measures—like eyeglasses or contact lenses—you need to see clearly. They also allow an e...read more
How to Tell if Your Child Needs Eyeglasses, Amherst, Ohio
Most people don’t consider trips to the eye doctor as a remedy for their child’s problems at school. The need for eyeglasses can trigger the same symptoms as...read more
A Guide to Glaucoma, Elyria, Ohio
Glaucoma is one of the many eye ailments that warrants regular appointments to the optometrist. Glaucoma occurs when there’s too much pressure in your eye, and it can damage you...read more
FAQ About Astigmatism, Elyria, Ohio
It can be scary to hear that you have an eye condition you have never heard of before, especially if the word “progressive” comes into play. However, conditions like astigmatism can ...read more
How to Make the Switch From Glasses to Contact Lenses, Amherst, Ohio
If you’ve been wearing glasses for years, making the switch to contact lenses may seem intimidating. With a little help from your optometrist, though, it will actually be easier than...read more
4 Habits That May Hurt Your Eye Health, Amherst, Ohio
Many people are unaware that their daily lifestyle habits may have adverse effects on their vision. Maintaining good eye health involves practicing good optical hygiene as well ...read more
Contact Lens Do's & Don'ts, Elyria, Ohio
While contacts are a great option to change up your look, they do require the right amount of care to keep them intact and your eyes healthy. If this is your first time wearing conta...read more
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