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5 Tips to Follow When Driving in a Large City, Greece, New York
Taking driving lessons will teach you to become familiar with operating a vehicle correctly in numerous locations. However, time is often limited when practicing in larger cities, so it is natural to feel anxious when driving on your own...read more
How to Prepare for Your Driving Test, Greece, New York
Learning to drive is an exciting but nerve-wracking experience. If you’ve already attended driving instruction classes, the next step is to sign up for a driving test. Before your big day arrives, there are a number of steps yo...read more
Greece, NY Driving Schools Businesses
Morgan School of Driving Inc. , Driving Instruction, Driving Schools, Greece, New York
2590 Ridge Rd W
Greece, NY 14626
(585) 227-9010
To garner the skills you need to obtain your driver’s license, you need a qualified driving school. For those looking to become safe and effective drivers, Morgan School of Driving—with locations in Rochester, Greece, and Fairport, ...
Eaton Driving School, Driving Instruction, Driving Schools, Rochester, New York
1577 W. Ridge Rd.
Rochester, NY 14615
Eaton Driving School is an invaluable resource for student drivers and experienced motorists alike. Located in Rochester, Eaton's staff of highly trained instructors is equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide students...
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What Do I Need to Schedule a Driving Test in New York?, Greece, New York
Driving your own vehicle is the most convenient way to get around town. But you can't cruise around if you don't have your license. Whether you’re trying to get your first driver's l...read more
5 Top Tips for Staying Alert When Driving Long Distances, Greece, New York
During long drives, it’s difficult to stay awake and alert. Drowsiness makes driving incredibly dangerous, both for you and others on the road. Employ the following tactics befo...read more
How Can I Remove Points From My NY Driving History?, Greece, New York
In New York, you are permitted 10 violation points on your driving record, but after the 11th, your license may be suspended. For reference, a speeding ticket of up to 10 mph over th...read more
Stay Safe on the Road With These 4 Expert Driving Tips, Greece, New York
Driving is a huge responsibility. Not only do you need to avoid making mistakes, you also need to react quickly to the errors of other motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians to avoid...read more
3 Important Beginner Tips for Adult Drivers, Greece, New York
If you have never operated a motor vehicle before, you are joining the millions of adult drivers learning the skill for the first time. Learning to drive as an adult provides the fre...read more
Do You Know How to Properly Hold the Steering Wheel?, Greece, New York
Up until about six years ago, driving instruction professionals recommended holding the steering wheel at the 10 and 2 positions, as if on a clock. If you learned this information in...read more
3 Teen Driving Instruction Tips for Parents, Greece, New York
It’s both exciting and nerve-wracking when it’s time for your teenager to get behind the wheel. In between signing them up for teen driving instruction courses, you’ll be responsible...read more
3 Reasons New Drivers Need to Know Defensive Driving , Greece, New York
New drivers need to learn how to obey traffic laws and effectively operate the vehicle. To maximize safety for themselves and others, they also should take time to learn the ins and ...read more
The Benefits of Adult Driving Courses, Greece, New York
Learning to drive is a big step in everyone’s life. While most people enroll in driver’s education as teenagers, some wait until adulthood to get behind the wheel.  Adult d...read more
What You Need to Know About the Dangers of Distracted Driving, Greece, New York
Millions of people use their phones throughout the day to text friends and relatives, create updates on their lives, and follow social media trends. Unfortunately, many of these peop...read more
3 Tips for Parents Practicing With Their Teen Driver, Greece, New York
When your teen starts driving, one of your tasks as their parent is to practice the skills they learned in their driver’s education courses. There are a few ways to make your session...read more
5 Safety Tips for Teens Getting Pulled Over, Greece, New York
Knowing what to do when you get pulled over by law enforcement is something that every driver should learn. While it might be stressful for new drivers, teens need to know ...read more
5 Items to Include in a Car Safety Kit for Teen Drivers, Greece, New York
Finding ways to keep teen drivers safe is an important task for parents and guardians. One easy way to give you peace of mind that your new driver is safe behind the wheel after...read more
4 FAQ About Driving Lessons in New York Answered, Greece, New York
The best way to get familiar with cars and prepare for your road test is to take driving lessons. Your instructor can help you master the skills you’ll need and answer ques...read more
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