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A Comparison of Diesel Fuel & Gasoline-Powered Engines, Greece, New York
From construction to agriculture, these industries need heavy-duty vehicles to meet their goals. Commercial equipment, such as loading trucks, and farm machinery require diesel fuel to function. However, what makes th...read more
3 Oil Furnace Maintenance Tips for Fall, Greece, New York
Heating oil offers a variety of advantages over other fuel sources, as it burns cleanly, features a low emissions rate, won’t combust, and is easy to store. Whether you recently switched to an oil furnace or simply want to take better ca...read more
Monroe, NY fuel delivery Businesses
State Fuel Company Inc. , Kerosene, fuel, fuel delivery, Rochester, New York
1100 Long Pond Road, Suite 220
Rochester, NY 14626
(585) 247-2380
The winters in Rochester, NY, can be frigid, which is why it’s important to invest in the services of a heating company you can rely on. As one of the leading heating oil companies in Rochester, State Fuel Company is committed to offerin...
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How to Store Diesel Safely at Home, Greece, New York
Many homeowners purchase diesel to fuel boats, farm equipment, and trucks. If you own these items, you may keep extra fuel in portable containers at home. Here is some...read more
How Do Oil Heating Systems Operate?, Greece, New York
Nearly 6 million U.S. households heat their homes using oil. Regular heating oil delivery is required to keep these households supplied with necessary fuel. It’s a convenie...read more
Should I Fill Up My Heating Oil Tank This Summer?, Greece, New York
Your home’s heating oil tank is probably the last thing on many homeowners’ minds during the sweltering summer months. However, the warm season is an ideal time to ref...read more
Why Diesel Fuel Is Crucial in Agriculture, Greece, New York
Although many people don’t give much thought to how their food was produced, it’s essential to think about how farmers and other agricultural professionals feed large popul...read more
A Guide to Diesel Fuel Storage, Greece, New York
Whether you need diesel for your farm equipment or to power up your fleet of buses, it can be helpful to have a large amount on hand. Purchasing the fuel in bulk allows you ...read more
4 Fuel Safety Tips To Know, Greece, New York
Homes, businesses, and farms require fuel for cooking, heating, and running equipment. It’s essential to understand how to properly store everything from diesel to hea...read more
3 Ways to Make Home Heating Oil Last Longer, Greece, New York
With constant fluctuations in home heating oil prices, keeping interiors warm can be costly. That is why you should take steps to conserve your supply. This way, you won’t ...read more
4 Facts You Should Know About Heating Oil, Greece, New York
Perhaps you recently purchased a home that relies on heating oil, or you are considering switching to this efficient energy source. Many misconceptions surround heating oil, making i...read more
3 Benefits of Purchasing a Home That Uses Heating Oil, Greece, New York
If you’re on the market for a new home, you may be considering one that uses heating oil. If you don’t have any experience with this type of heating system yet, it’s important to fam...read more
Can Diesel Fuel Replace Home Heating Oil?, Greece, New York
If you run out of home heating oil during the winter, you may wonder if it’s safe to use diesel in your furnaces and burners. While the short answer is yes, you should unde...read more
3 Great Reasons to Use Home Heating Oil, Greece, New York
When it comes to keeping out the cold throughout the winter, the fuel you use matters. Though there are many options homeowners can choose from, home heating oil stands out as possib...read more
When Is the Best Time to Purchase Heating Oil?, Greece, New York
Heating oil provides warmth to about 5.7 million homes across the United States. And, while prices fluctuate throughout the year, there are opportune times to purchase the fuel and t...read more
When Should I Call for Oil Delivery Services?, Greece, New York
Slowly but surely, the summer is winding down. Soon, it will be time to put away your shorts and bathing suits, take out your jacket, and turn up the heat again. But, when should you...read more
5 Things You Didn’t Know About Diesel, Greece, New York
Diesel is a popular fuel source — and with good reason. It provides many benefits that other fuels do not. Whether you’re using it for your construction site, your car, or ...read more
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