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5 Safety Tips for Propane Generators, Martindale, Texas
Even if severe storms knock out your primary power source, you can still receive electricity if you have a backup propane generator. Generators keep your everyday home essentials running smoothly, from cooking appliances to hea...read more
3 Considerations When Buying a House That Uses Propane, Martindale, Texas
Propane is an efficient, clean-burning fuel that has a low carbon content. Using this to heat a home can reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. If you're considering purchasing a home with a propane heating system, y...read more
New Braunfels, TX fuel delivery Businesses
Martindale Guadalupe Gas Company, fuel delivery, Tank Installation & Removal, Propane and Natural Gas, Martindale, Texas
16986 San Marcos Hwy
Martindale, TX 78655
(512) 357-6497
If you don’t have access to a local or municipal gas supply, and you rely on propane for heating, cooking, or even barbecuing, trust Martindale Guadalupe Gas Company for all your propane needs. Located in Martindale, TX, t...
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4 Common Propane Water Heater Issues, Martindale, Texas
Propane water heaters offer an efficient way to deliver hot water throughout a home, especially in areas that don’t connect to municipal power sources. However, issues can sometimes ...read more
5 Tips for Safe Use of a Propane Fire Pit, Martindale, Texas
If you love to host backyard parties with family and friends, consider installing a fire pit in your backyard and using propane to fuel it. This gas emits no harmful byproducts, and ...read more
3 Benefits of Heating a Pool With Propane, Martindale, Texas
Swimming pools are a luxurious addition to any home, but many people miss out on taking full advantage of their investment. The best way to make sure you can use the pool year-round ...read more
How to Perfect Your Propane Grilling Skills, Martindale, Texas
Utilizing a clean and efficient fuel source, propane gas grills can produce very delicious and consistent results. But if you want flavorful food, you need to know how to use the gas...read more
3 Essential Reasons To Buy a Propane Generator, Martindale, Texas
When it comes to protecting your home from storm-related power outages, a portable or standby generator is a must-have item. The following three reasons explain why you should&n...read more
4 Tips for Safely Storing Your Propane Bottles, Martindale, Texas
Propane is a safe, stable, cost-effective fuel used to power grills, forklifts, and outdoor heaters across the country. However, any time you’re working with combustible gas, exercis...read more
5 Tips for Using Propane Safely, Martindale, Texas
Propane is a clean, reliable, and affordable fuel source for your home or business. However, some safety precautions need to be taken with it—just like with any gas. The following gu...read more
How to Detect a Propane Gas Leak at Home, Martindale, Texas
Propane gas is an affordable and energy-efficient means of powering heating systems and appliances. However, owners need to pay attention to their equipment and quickly report a...read more
3 Propane Energy Saving Tips to Try This Winter, Martindale, Texas
When temperatures drop in the winter, your propane use shoots up. While propane is already a cost-effective way to heat your home, taking a few strategic steps can save you even more...read more
How to Prep Your Outdoor Propane Heater for Winter, Martindale, Texas
Propane gas provides an excellent source of fuel for outdoor heaters. Many Texans use these handy devices to keep their patios and outside spaces warm when the temperatures dip....read more
How to Tell if Your Propane Tank Is Outdated, Martindale, Texas
If you depend on propane to provide heat, then you need to make sure that your tank is not expired. Although it may seem like it’s merely an arbitrary date, it’s important to follow ...read more
3 Steps to Get Ready for Propane Tank Installation, Martindale, Texas
Having licensed professionals install a propane tank on your property will give you access to an eco-friendly and affordable fuel source. As propane is flammable when mixed with...read more
3 Benefits of Propane Water Heaters, Martindale, Texas
While you likely don't think about your water heater often, you use it daily to heat your shower, washing machine, dishwasher, and sink. This appliance is one of the most import...read more
How to Hook Up Your Outdoor Grill to Your Propane Tank, Martindale, Texas
Summer is the perfect time to cook outdoors with friends and family. To ensure you get quality use out of it, you will first need to hook up your propane tank. Know th...read more
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