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How Aging Impacts Your Feet, Gates, New York
Visiting a foot specialist for ongoing care in your golden years promotes mobility and helps prevent foot pain, which is often reported as the cause of recurrent falls in elderly individuals. If you’re wondering which more
4 Reasons Your Child May Have Foot Pain , Gates, New York
If your child is complaining of foot pain, there are several potential causes. Kids are growing and developing, and some “growing pains” are a natural and harmless side effect. However, other issues could be at play. It’s essential to more
Gates, NY Foot Doctor Businesses
Westside Podiatry Group , Foot Doctor, Podiatrists, Podiatry, Rochester, New York
507 Beahan Road
Rochester, NY 14624
(585) 247-2170
Westside Podiatry Group is the leading provider of specialized foot care in Rochester, NY. Their experienced doctors have helped patients with chronic foot and heel pain find the relief they need for the past 50 years. Their primary goal...
Podiatry Associates of Rochester LLP, Foot Doctor, Podiatrists, Podiatry, Rochester, New York
2300 Buffalo Road, #900
Rochester, NY 14624
From your little one who’s on the school soccer team to your elderly parent suffering from chronic foot pain, everyone in the family can benefit from the services of Podiatry Associates of Rochester in Rochester, NY. Here, young athletes...
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Why Are Your Feet Sweaty?, Gates, New York
Sweaty feet are inconvenient and awkward at best. At worst, they could put you at risk for infections such as athlete’s foot. While the cause of your sweaty feet could be harmless, more
What Are Calluses?, Gates, New York
Calluses on your feet aren’t simply uncomfortable inconveniences – they could actually be a sign of a more serious issue. Without proper foot care, calluses can cause more
Have an Ingrown Toenail? Here's What You Should Know, Gates, New York
Ingrown toenails are commonly treated by foot specialists. Though usually not severe, they can cause pain, tenderness, swelling, and redness, and frequently produce pus when more
3 Possible Explanations for Cold Feet, Gates, New York
If your feet feel cold all the time, you might find yourself brushing off the symptom as a harmless individual trait. But there could be a legitimate medical condition underlying more
5 Essential Foot Care Tips for Winter, Gates, New York
In winter, foot specialists see a number of patients with injuries or skin problems related to the cold weather. Cracked heels, infections, and even frostbite can happen to you if more
What Is Hallux Rigidus?, Gates, New York
Arthritis is a common condition that affects about 23% of the U.S. population. While some individuals will experience arthritis symptoms in their whole body, the condition can also more
Want to Reduce After-Work Foot Pain? Here Are 4 Healthy Tips, Gates, New York
Are you on your feet all day for work? If so, you might struggle with foot pain and soreness by the time you get home. To keep your discomfort in check, refer to the following tips more
Leave Work With Sore or Swollen Feet? 3 Ways to Get Relief, Gates, New York
If your feet are aching by the end of a long day, you are not alone. People who have relatively active jobs must cope with sore, swollen feet after work. Fortunately, more
4 Foot Care Tips for People With Diabetes, Gates, New York
If you have diabetes, foot care is among your top priorities when it comes to managing your health. People with diabetes are susceptible to toe and foot issues, so you should work more
The Foot Health Do's & Don’ts of Wearing High Heels, Gates, New York
While there are many possible causes behind foot issues, high heels are certainly among the worst offenders. Foot specialists often see issues like ingrown toenails, shortened more
3 Essential Foot Care Tips for Runners , Gates, New York
Running is a great way to stay in shape, but without the proper precautions, the impact can quickly take its toll on your feet. To help you maintain comfort and reduce the risk of more
Why Does Alcohol Lead to Swollen Feet?, Gates, New York
Have you ever noticed your feet feeling heavy after an extensive night of drinking? For some people, it may simply be a brief side effect, but for heavy drinkers, it can lead to more
3 Easy Ways to Avoid an Ingrown Toenail, Gates, New York
If you’ve ever had an ingrown toenail, you know just how painful they can be. The swelling and irritation as the nail digs into your skin can cause discomfort with each step. more
What Is Accessory Navicular Syndrome?, Gates, New York
Typically, the foot consists of 26 bones that all work together to support complex body mechanics. However, an estimated 7 to 19% of the population may have an extra bone—known as more
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