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Top 4 Indicators of a Cavity, St. Charles, Missouri
A cavity is a decayed spot in a tooth caused by plaque buildup. A dentist can address one in a variety of ways, though catching it early will yield the best results with less invasive treatments. Since cavities can present more
A Parent’s Guide to Thumb-Sucking & Oral Health, St. Charles, Missouri
Thumb-sucking is a common habit and coping mechanism for many children. While it’s usually a phase that passes around preschool age, it can become a long-term issue when unaddressed. The sucking motion can eventually affect oral more
Creve Coeur, MO Family Dentists Businesses
Genovese Dental, Dentists, General Dentistry, Family Dentists, Cottleville, Missouri
6065 Mid Rivers Mall Dr
Cottleville, MO 63304
(636) 928-4090
When you’re looking for a new dentist, you want a practice where you can feel calm and welcome. The team at Genovese Dental in Cottleville, MO understands that desire, so they go above and beyond to provide their patients with ...
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3 Signs You Need Dental Implants, St. Charles, Missouri
Dental implants offer a variety of benefits, from preventing gum disease to slowing premature aging. However, not everyone who wants these surgical components are the right more
A Patient's Guide to Flossing, St. Charles, Missouri
Just about everyone has had their dentist remind them of the importance of brushing and flossing. Yet, while most people are pretty diligent about brushing their teeth, flossing more
4 Ways to Prevent Teeth Staining, St. Charles, Missouri
Teeth have a natural tendency to stain over time, as the foods you eat, your hygiene habits, and even the medications you take can affect their color. You can achieve a bright smile more
A Patient's Guide to Dental Crowns & Bridges, St. Charles, Missouri
Missing and damaged teeth can cause many oral health issues, including infections and tissue damage that can lead to further tooth loss. Luckily, cosmetic enhancements can protect more
3 Potential Causes of Toothaches, St. Charles, Missouri
Toothaches can be distressing, sometimes causing pain that's serious enough to bring your day to a halt. Good oral hygiene goes a long way in preventing these aches from more
4 Questions to Ask During a Teeth Cleaning, St. Charles, Missouri
Teeth cleaning appointments are crucial for preventing tooth decay and gum disease, but they’re also opportunities for you to collect information about your oral health. Most more
A Guide to Bruxism, St. Charles, Missouri
Teeth grinding isn’t uncommon, and it can happen in response to tension, or a person may unknowingly do it occasionally. Sometimes, though, this can become a habit. Also known more
4 Signs Indicating the Need for a Root Canal, St. Charles, Missouri
A root canal is a standard dental procedure during which a professional removes bacteria from infected tooth roots before cleaning the interior of the tooth. To conclude, more
5 Factors to Consider When Picking a Pediatric Dentist, St. Charles, Missouri
Providing your child with a lifetime of good dental health means embracing oral hygiene habits early and often. Still, while brushing and flossing at home is essential to protecting more
4 Surprising Reasons Why Oral Health Is Crucial, St. Charles, Missouri
Many people know that maintaining their oral health will prevent bad breath, cavities, and other dental issues as they age. However, keeping up with positive dental habits can also more
A Patient's Guide to Chipped Teeth, St. Charles, Missouri
Your teeth are made of some of the hardest materials in your body, allowing them to grip, grind, and chew through foods with ease. However, your teeth can get chipped or more
4 Benefits of an Electric Toothbrush, St. Charles, Missouri
When it comes to daily teeth cleaning, your toothbrush is an essential tool in the fight against oral bacteria. While analog toothbrushes are perfectly fine for dental care, an more
What Is Dental Fluorosis?, St. Charles, Missouri
Fluoride is added in most municipal water sources, as well as toothpaste, supplements, and mouthwash, due to its ability to strengthen teeth by remineralizing enamel. However, while more
How Gum Disease Impacts Overall Health, St. Charles, Missouri
Even if you care for your teeth, you might not be giving your gums enough attention. However, they should be part of your oral hygiene routine since, although gum disease begins more
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