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A Guide to Tooth Extractions, Northfield Center, Ohio
Tooth extractions may sometimes be necessary for adults if there’s severe decay or overcrowding issues in the mouth. It’s usually a fairly straightforward outpatient procedure. However, the specific process can vary depending on what more
What You Can Expect During a Routine Teeth Cleaning, Northfield Center, Ohio
Teeth cleaning is a process done to protect your teeth and gums. It removes buildup and allows dental professionals to check on your oral health. Below is a guide to better understand what to expect and why it’s so important. What more
Northfield Center, OH Family Dentists Businesses
Mark Adler DDS, General Dentistry, Family Dentists, Dentists, Northfield, Ohio
10512 Northfield Rd
Northfield, OH 44067-1263
(330) 468-3511
Tooth loss is a common issue for millions of Americans. Whether you’re dealing with tooth decay or a recent injury, reach out to the dental office of Mark Adler DDS. With more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Adler provides restorat...
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4 Common Root Canal Myths, Northfield Center, Ohio
Root canal therapy is a common dental care procedure that’s surrounded by many myths. These usually keep patients from seeking the care they need, which eventually leads to more more
How Does Your Oral Health Change During Pregnancy?, Northfield Center, Ohio
If you’re pregnant, you can count on your body to go through many rapid changes to support the healthy growth of your baby. While these changes serve important purposes, they can more
4 Frequently Asked Questions About Receding Gums, Northfield Center, Ohio
Also known as gum recession, receding gums occur when gum tissue pulls back from tooth roots. It leads to several dental problems that dentists should monitor and more
Can Air Travel Cause Toothaches?, Northfield Center, Ohio
During air travel, your body undergoes significant changes. Sometimes, your teeth are affected. Toothaches can make even short flights grueling to endure. To understand how air more
How a Dentist Can Fix Smiles for Wedding Days, Northfield Center, Ohio
Many brides and grooms seek dental treatments to brighten and straighten their smiles before the big day without fully understanding the  time each procedure takes to more
3 Essential Components of Good Oral Hygiene, Northfield Center, Ohio
Practicing good oral hygiene habits is about more than maintaining a luminous smile. When you take care of your teeth, tongue, and gums, you’re ultimately protecting your overall more
4 Frequently Asked Questions About Gum Disease, Northfield Center, Ohio
According to research gathered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly half of Americans over the age of 30 have some form of gum disease. As a prevalent oral more
Dental Hygiene Do's & Dont's, Northfield Center, Ohio
Good oral hygiene does more than produce bright, dazzling smiles. Taking care of your teeth ensures your teeth and gums stay healthy and  reduces your risk of heart more
3 Foods & Drinks That Damage Teeth, Northfield Center, Ohio
A bright smile can transform a person's appearance and instantly boost mood and confidence. But a smile needs regular care to maintain its health and sparkle. Minimizing your more
4 Flossing Tips to Embrace, Northfield Center, Ohio
Maintaining proper oral hygiene at home is essential for preventing expensive and uncomfortable dental problems like cavities and tooth extractions. In addition to more
3 Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening, Northfield Center, Ohio
If you’ve purchased multiple over-the-counter teeth whitening products in hopes of achieving a brighter smile, you’re not alone. These preparations, however, are no substitute for more
5 Tips to Prevent Halitosis, Northfield Center, Ohio
If you struggle with bad breath—halitosis—a strict oral hygiene routine is the surest way to beat it. A few tips, in particular, can make a significant difference or may completely more
What Dentists Want You to Know About Gum Health, Northfield Center, Ohio
Along with the health of your teeth, maintaining healthy gums must be a part of your dental care routine. That’s why dentists emphasize proper gum health to their patients, more
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