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How a Junk Car Affects Your Property, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
If your trusty car finally met its end, don’t let it linger on your property. As many good times as you may have had in the vehicle, allowing it to stay in your yard creates a variety of unfortunate consequences. Take the junk car to the...read more
Top 4 Most Valuable Car Parts , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
If you have an old, unused car taking up space in your driveway, garage, or lawn, it’s best to take it to a junkyard to sell it for quick cash. However, your old vehicle may provide you with more money than you realize. Some car par...read more
Philadelphia, PA junkyard Businesses
Kev's Towing & Auto Salvage, Auto Towing, junkyard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
4921 Cottman Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19135
(215) 791-2422
Junk car removal can seem like a hassle, especially if your salvage car has been reduced to bits and pieces, but if you choose the right buyer, the process will be smooth and seamless. Based in Philadelphia, PA, Kev's Towing & Auto S...
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Should I Sell or Junk My Car?, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Whether you drive an older vehicle or your car has sustained serious damages, you might wonder whether you should sell or junk it. There are several important factors to consider, in...read more
3 Legal Items to Take Care of Before Selling Your Junk Car, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Whether your car was in a flood, sustained collision-related damages, or has simply reached the end of its working life, there are several tasks to complete before selling it to an&n...read more
What to Remove Under the Hood Before Junking a Car, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Before taking your car to the junkyard, you must first ensure that any personal items are taken out of the trunk and the glove compartment. While inspecting the vehicle to make ...read more
How to Get a Car Title Transferred to Your Name, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
After years of use, you might decide to get rid of your vehicle, as letting a junk car deteriorate on your property could attract pests. However, if your car was gifted to you b...read more
Why You Should Sell Your Car to an Auto Junkyard , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
When you have an older, deteriorating vehicle on your hands, you have a few potential options. You could attempt to sell it online, turn it into a dealership for parts, or trade-in t...read more
How Does a Car Become a Total Loss?, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
If you were in a car accident and your vehicle is no longer functional, it may have been deemed a total loss by your insurance. Some older cars are expensive to fix, making insu...read more
How Does a Car Earn a Salvage Title?, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
There are more than a dozen different types of car titles used to categorize cars, authorize them for use on the road, and tell potential buyers about their status. One of these...read more
3 Qualities to Look for in a Reputable Auto Junkyard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Auto junkyards are excellent resources for car enthusiasts seeking a deal on replacement parts. Despite having “junk” in its name, the average junkyard is filled with many valua...read more
4 FAQ About Auto Junkyards, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
If you have a vehicle that was deemed a total loss by your insurance company or has been sitting in your garage for decades, consider taking it to an auto junkyard. These s...read more
Can I Sell a Car Without Proof of Ownership?, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Perhaps you want to sell a junk car to an auto salvage yard, or maybe you have a working vehicle you would like to trade for cash. Regardless of the circumstances, you must be a...read more
4 FAQ About Selling Junk Cars, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
If you have an old car taking up space in your yard, selling it to a local junkyard is often the smartest course of action. Many of these cars are too old or sustained extensive dama...read more
Do's & Don'ts of Getting Rid of a Junk Car, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Whether you have a broken down car in your yard or are retiring a vehicle which isn't worth the trouble to sell, you can get a surprising amount of cash for your junk cars. A ju...read more
3 Forklift Parts to Remove Before Going to the Junkyard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
When your forklift is no longer operating, you might be tempted to keep it on your property or hand it off to someone else. However, it’s beneficial to sell it to a junkyard&nbs...read more
Get Rid Of That Eye Sore In The Driveway, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Get Rid Of That Eye Sore In The Driveway Kev's Towing And Auto Salvage 4921 Cottman Ave Philadelphia, PA 19135 United States 215.791.2422 https://phillycashforcars.com/ https://...read more
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