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Philadelphia Cash For Junk Cars, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sell Your Junk Cars For Cash Today Welcome to phillycashforcars.com We are committed to being Philadelphia's fastest, easiest way to give Cash for your junk, or unwanted vehicle. We are free Pennsylvania service that will connect to ou...read more
What Is Needed to Tow Junk Cars?, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Nobody wants junk cars sitting in their driveway for years on end — so it should come as no surprise that many individuals decide to sell their vehicle to an auto salvage yard. But getting cash for junk cars requires a bit more than a de...read more
Philadelphia, PA junkyard Businesses
Kev's Towing & Auto Salvage, Auto Towing, Auto Salvage, junkyard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
4921 Cottman Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19135
(215) 791-2422
Junk car removal can seem like a hassle, especially if your salvage car has been reduced to bits and pieces, but if you choose the right buyer, the process will be smooth and seamless. Based in Philadelphia, PA, Kev's Towing & Auto S...
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FAQs When Selling a Car to an Auto Salvage Yard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Auto salvage yards are a great resource for disposing of old vehicles. No matter the condition, make, or model, auto junkyard operators will take the car off your hands and give you ...read more
CASH FOR JUNK CARS PHILADELPHIA, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
If you desire to sell your junk vehicle, the procedure is very easy. If you are in Philadelphia, Bucks County or Montgomery County, call us now 215.791.2422 or fill out the online qu...read more
When & Why Should You Sell Your Junk Car?, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Whether a vehicle has been sitting dead on a lawn for years or has recently been sidelined because of an accident, many cars eventually become un-drivable. Even in this state, you ma...read more
5 Reasons You Should Call for Auto Towing, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Your vehicle is one of your greatest assets, but even if you keep it in optimal condition, issues can still arise while you’re on the road. Luckily, tow trucks are available to help....read more
3 Tips to Help You Get More for Your Junk Vehicle, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
There isn’t much point in letting a junk vehicle gather rust in your driveway — which is why so many drivers choose to sell their scrap cars to an auto junkyard instead. But after al...read more
What Auto Towing Steps Should You Take With a Totaled Car? , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
If you've ever been in a devastating car accident before, you know how disorienting the experience can be. Beyond gathering your own thoughts and making sure everyone is safe, you mi...read more
What Documents Do You Need to Get Cash for Junk Cars?, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
When you have a salvage car, you may decide to sell it. Though it allows you to get cash for junk cars, this process can still be complicated and confusing for many individuals. For ...read more
Why You Should Sell Your Junk Car to a Salvage Lot, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Many people hold on to a junk car for various reasons. Some plan to fix it up and return it to working order. Others have an idea of selling off the parts for the greatest return. St...read more
A Beginner's Guide to Auto Salvage From Philly's Experts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
As a driver, you’ve likely heard the term auto salvage before and have a general idea of what it entails. However, the professionals from Kev’s Towing & Auto Salvage in Philadelp...read more
4 Steps to Take When Selling a Junk Car, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Most drivers jump at the chance to sell their junk car. In one fell swoop, they can regain room on their property while also netting a small windfall. Before the payday comes, there ...read more
What Happens After You Sell Your Junk Car for Cash, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
While your old car may have sentimental value, at a certain point, it may become dangerous to drive or be too expensive to justify further repairs. While accepting you have a junk ca...read more
How to Sell Junk Cars Without a Title, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
When you have a junk car on your hands that doesn’t function the way you’d like, consider selling it to a trusted company in your area and receiving some extra cash. The easiest way ...read more
4 Tips for Selling Your Junk Car & Getting Instant Cash , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  Junk cars are not only an eyesore to look at, but also harmful to the environment. There are much better things you can do with an old vehicle you no longer use than just let...read more
3 Important Tips for Preparing Junk Cars for Auto Salvage, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Nobody wants their front lawn, backyard, or garage littered with junk cars. If you have a vehicle that is no longer operable, though, you cannot simply drive it to a salvage yard. Fo...read more
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