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5 Incredible Facts About the Human Eye, Russellville, Arkansas
You don't need to be an eye doctor to know that the human eye is a fascinating thing. Just consider how remarkable it is that these small, vibrantly colored orbs are able to connect a person's inner and outer worlds so efficiently. For a...read more
A Comprehensive Guide to Glaucoma, Russellville, Arkansas
January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month, which means now is the perfect time to learn more about this group of eye diseases. For example, did you know glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness? If the condition is...read more
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Lieblong Eye Clinic, Eye Care, Opticians, Optometrists, Russellville, Arkansas
2800 W Main St
Russellville, AR 72801
(479) 968-2020
Many people underestimate the importance of eye health. They think, “If I don’t need glasses, I don’t need eye care,” but vision correction is just one aspect of eye care. Regular eye exams are crucial to maintaining eye health, and Lieb...
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3 Tips for Managing Dry Eyes in the Cold, Russellville, Arkansas
When the dry, cold air arrives, it can do a number on your eyes. They need to stay hydrated, but the wind, indoor heating, and other winter elements can easily dry them out. Dry eyes...read more
Why You Need an Eye Exam, Russellville, Arkansas
When you have 20/20 vision or prescription glasses that serve you well, you may be tempted to skip visiting the eye doctor. That being said, adhering to a strict schedule of annual e...read more
What Are Toric Contact Lenses?, Russellville, Arkansas
Contact lenses are the perfect solution to many vision issues, but if you have astigmatism, you may have been told they aren’t right for you. However, there are viable options availa...read more
How to Avoid Screen-Related Eye Fatigue , Russellville, Arkansas
The modern workforce relies heavily on technology, and most people spend several hours a day in front of a computer. Even outside the office, you’re likely to spend hours a day looki...read more
5 Reliable Signs Your Child Needs Glasses, Russellville, Arkansas
Many children who need glasses don’t tell their parents they are having vision problems. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that more than 2...read more
Should I Be Considering Cataract Surgery?, Russellville, Arkansas
If you have cataracts that are causing nearsightedness, corrective eyewear may be able to help; however, the only way to treat the condition entirely is to remove the eye’s natural l...read more
3 Reasons Sunglasses Are Essential for Summer Eye Care, Russellville, Arkansas
With summer on the horizon, you’re probably dreaming of all the ways you’ll spend your time outdoors, from barbecues and pool parties to vacations on the beach. Remembering to apply ...read more
3 Tips for Wearing Makeup While Using Contact Lenses, Russellville, Arkansas
Many people prefer contacts to glasses, but they do require more care to keep your eyes healthy. Though most quickly integrate daily lens cleanings and remember to wash their hands b...read more
5 Signs Your Dry Eyes Should Be Seen by an Optometrist, Russellville, Arkansas
The symptoms of dry eye are uncomfortable and can impact your vision. They may also indicate an abnormal eye condition, so it is important to visit an optometrist for advice and...read more
How to Pick Glasses Frames That Flatter Your Face, Russellville, Arkansas
Although it might be necessary to wear spectacles to improve vision, the right pair of glasses frames can help showcase your style while accentuating your most striking features...read more
Glasses vs. Contacts: Which Is Right for You?, Russellville, Arkansas
If your most recent eye exam has revealed that you need vision correction, the first thing you’ll need to do is decide between glasses and contact lenses. The decision isn’t always e...read more
3 Common Reasons Patients Choose LASIK, Russellville, Arkansas
For those with less than perfect vision, wearing glasses or contact lenses becomes part of a daily routine. Most people do not think twice about slipping on corrective eyewear, ...read more
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