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3 Ways to Know If Your Child Needs Glasses, Norwich, Connecticut
If your child has visions problems, it can impact every facet of their life. This is why the eye doctors at Connecticut’s Norwich Ophthalmology instill in parents the importance of recognizing the common signs of vision problems in ...read more
Eye Surgeons Explain the Causes, Symptoms, & Treatments for 3 Types of Cataracts, Norwich, Connecticut
Cataracts are the leading cause of vision loss, which is why it’s important to recognize early symptoms and treatment options. The staff at Norwich Ophthalmology Group and Coastal Ophthalmology advise that, when identified early, an eye ...read more
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Norwich Ophthalmology Group , Opticians, Eye Care, Ophthalmology, Norwich, Connecticut
79 Wawecus Street, Suite 105
Norwich, CT 06360
Norwich Ophthalmology and Coastal Ophthalmology have been providing southeastern Connecticut with quality eye care for more than 30 years. While the two offices are staffed by caring, hometown doctors with a dedication to your health and...
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3 Ways to Prevent Glaucoma & Other Vision Problems, Norwich, Connecticut
Glaucoma is one of the most terrifying vision problems. It usually occurs without warning and can have irreversible effects, including blindness, when treated. The staff at Norw...read more
FAQs About Lasik Eye Surgery, Norwich, Connecticut
If you’re tired of dealing with the constant hassle of contact lenses and glasses, you may want to consider the possibility of Lasik eye surgery. This is one of the most common eye c...read more
3 Advanced Technologies These Eye Doctors Use for Treatment, Norwich, Connecticut
Eye doctors rely on tools and technology to deliver the best possible care. That’s why the teams at Norwich Ophthalmology Group and Coastal Ophthalmology Group, in Norwich and Nianti...read more
Are You Having Vision Problems? 3 Symptoms of Glaucoma, Norwich, Connecticut
Glaucoma is a serious vision problem that damages the eye’s optic nerve, and without early intervention, it could eventually lead to permanent vision loss. In fact, it’s the leading ...read more
5 Common Vision Problems Your Eye Doctor Is Checking For, Norwich, Connecticut
Visual impairment is a common health concern around the globe. According to the World Health Organization, over 250 million people worldwide are living with moderate to severe vision...read more
What Causes Dry Eye & How Can an Eye Doctor Help?, Norwich, Connecticut
Dry eye is a common ocular health issue that occurs either when a person produces insufficient or poor-quality tears. When the eyeball isn’t lubricated with a balanced number of heal...read more
Which Contact Lenses Are Right for You? Ophthalmologists Explain, Norwich, Connecticut
Contact lenses have become an unrivaled solution for people with vision problems. They can correct a number of issues; however, there are specialized types, and not all are right for...read more
What to Expect Following Laser Vision Correction, Norwich, Connecticut
  Laser vision correction is one of the greatest eye care innovations and has become a long-term solution for many people with poor sight. Effective recovery takes time, and th...read more
Understanding Vision Problems: What Is Presbyopia?, Norwich, Connecticut
Presbyopia is a common vision problem that reduces a person’s ability to focus on things up close. Specifically, this eye condition occurs when the lens is no longer flexible enough ...read more
3 Questions to Ask Your Eye Doctor at Your Next Exam, Norwich, Connecticut
Visiting your eye doctor once a year for an eye exam is an essential aspect of proper vision care. However, it’s also important to take an active role in protecting your eyesight. Th...read more
5 Signs It’s Time to Schedule an Eye Exam, Norwich, Connecticut
If you consider your eyes to be in good condition, you may wonder when it’s actually time to go for a professional eye exam. Maintaining a schedule of yearly visits is generally the ...read more
What to Expect Before, During, & After Lasik Eye Surgery, Norwich, Connecticut
After struggling with vision problems throughout your life, you might be looking forward to Lasik eye surgery to correct your vision. However, since the process is involved and perma...read more
Cataract Surgery 101: Everything You Need to Know, Norwich, Connecticut
Cataracts are a common eye problem that can eventually lead to vision loss, so it’s important to know what to look for and how they can be treated. Essentially, a cataract is a condi...read more
What Is 20/20 Vision & How Is It Measured During Eye Exams?, Norwich, Connecticut
If you’ve ever had eye exams or visited an eye doctor, you’ve probably been told that 20/20 vision is the standard range of sight. However, what does it actually mean? Ophthalmologis...read more
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