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Are There Laws About Scattering Ashes in California?, Berkeley, California
After a loved one passes and cremation has taken place, you may be considering an ash scattering ceremony as a memorial. There are a few laws and regulations to follow to ensure you are correctly handling the remains, whether you hire a ...read more
3 Benefits of a Small Wedding, Berkeley, California
From napkin colors to seating arrangements, there are so many important details to organize for a wedding. But if you plan an intimate celebration at a small wedding venue, you can eliminate stress from your special d...read more
San Francisco Bay Area, CA yacht charter Businesses
Compass Rose Yacht Charters, Wedding Venues, Yachts & Yacht Operation, yacht charter, Berkeley, California
201 University Ave
Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 523-9500
Taking a boat or yacht out on the open water is an unforgettable activity. Compass Rose Yacht Charters in Berkeley, CA, offers a variety of boat charter services suited for diverse special occasions. Whether you’re looking to create a on...
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Why a Yacht Charter Is the Perfect Small Wedding Venue, Berkeley, California
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