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3 Tips for Purchasing New Energy-Efficient Appliances, High Point, North Carolina
When it’s time to upgrade appliances in your home, one of your first considerations should be energy efficiency. Fortunately, ENERGY STAR®-labeled devices will lower your utility bills and protect the environment at more
What Can You Do If the Icemaker Isn’t Working?, High Point, North Carolina
Icemakers are a common feature in refrigerators that a lot of people rely on. However, they don’t always work like they’re supposed to. In case you find yours isn’t functioning properly, it may not be necessary to call for a repair. more
High Point, NC Household Appliances Businesses
Appliance & Repair, Appliance Services, Appliance Repair, Household Appliances, High Point, North Carolina
1427 Old Thomasville Rd
High Point, NC 27260
(336) 861-7108
Has your dishwasher not been working well? Does your dryer keep malfunctioning? Appliance & Repair of High Point, NC, has established themselves as the region’s top appliance repair company since 1989. The family-owned and opera...
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What to Do With Food After Your Refrigerator Breaks Down, High Point, North Carolina
Whether your power goes out or your refrigerator breaks down, you may wonder what to do with your perishable goods. The upside is that you can easily salvage several items& more
3 Typical Pitfalls to Avoid When Using Your Washer, High Point, North Carolina
Adding a washer to your home has the potential to be an amazing convenience, but it’s crucial to make sure you use it properly. Otherwise, the machine may start more
3 Important Cleaning Tips for Your Sink & Garbage Disposal, High Point, North Carolina
Even if you run the faucet and use dish soap nearly every day, your kitchen sink, drain, and garbage disposal can start to smell if you don't take proper precautions. To help you more
The Top 5 Benefits of a Range Hood, High Point, North Carolina
When installing a stove in your kitchen, it’s always a good idea to place a hood over it. A range hood isn’t just there for looks; by circulating air, it provides a number of more
5 Crucial Signs Your Dryer Needs Repairs, High Point, North Carolina
When your dryer breaks, you may find yourself in a frustrating situation. The convenience of in-home laundry that you’ve come to know and love is suddenly unavailable. Luckily, you more
5 Tips for Preparing & Loading Your Dishwasher, High Point, North Carolina
If you’ve experienced dishwasher issues, the problem might not lie within the appliance itself. When you don’t prepare and load the machine properly, even high-quality more
Appliance Trouble? 3 Common Dryer Issues & What Might Be Wrong, High Point, North Carolina
Clean, dry clothes are an absolute necessity, which is why dryer problems might have you wondering where you went wrong. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to diagnose and repair more
Dryer Care: The Importance of Cleaning Your Lint Trap, High Point, North Carolina
One of the first things you should have learned when doing laundry is to clean out the lint trap—the little screen that collects stray fibers from your clothing while it dries. In more
Appliance Repair Experts Share 5 Signs You Need a New Washer, High Point, North Carolina
Since you rely on your washer to keep your family’s clothes clean, it’s crucial that you ensure it’s operating correctly at all times. If you suspect that something’s wrong with more
High Point's Top Appliance Supplier Explains 3 Benefits of Range Hoods , High Point, North Carolina
Range hoods are an increasingly common kitchen feature that are useful, yet decorative; they create an instant impression when you walk into the room and often serve as a luxurious more
3 Tips for Running an Efficient Dishwasher Cycle, High Point, North Carolina
Having a dishwasher in your kitchen is a major convenience, especially if you have a large family that uses plenty of dishes throughout the day. That being said, the last thing you more
3 Common Issues You May Have With Your Dishwasher, High Point, North Carolina
The dishwasher is one of the most important appliances in your home. This helpful apparatus allows you to save time and cut down on chores, leaving you free to watch television, more
5 Things You Should Never Put in Your Dishwasher, High Point, North Carolina
Homeowners that have dishwashers appreciate the amount of time and effort these appliances save them, so it’s a major inconvenience when one stops working. Appliance & Repair& more
7 Things You Should Never Throw Down Your Garbage Disposal, High Point, North Carolina
Having a garbage disposal unit at home can make your kitchen cleanup duties less troublesome, but if you don’t operate and maintain it properly, you might end up spending too much more
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