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Your Guide to Tire Pressure & Its Importance to Car Maintenance, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
Tires are a major component of a functional vehicle, which also makes them an important aspect of car maintenance. Low tire pressure wears out treads while overinflation can cause blowouts. The team at All Around Auto Care in more
A Quick Guide to Engine Belts, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
The engine is a well-known component of a car, and it’s made up of multiple parts that allow you to start and drive your vehicle with ease. The belts, for example, are one of the lesser-known parts that don’t always get credit for more
Hardin, KY Auto Maintenance Businesses
All Around Auto Care Inc, Brake Service & Repair, Auto Repair, Auto Maintenance, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
4740 Bardstown Rd
Elizabethtown, KY 42701
(270) 737­-9954
Based in Elizabethtown, KY, All Around Auto Care has established itself as the region’s premier auto repair shop. Drivers all across the region have come to rely on their auto mechanics to optimize and restore their v...
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Elizabethtown Auto Care Experts Discuss Increasing Your Gas Mileage, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
If you’re like most drivers, having a car with good gas mileage is high on your list of priorities. However, you don’t necessarily have to purchase a brand-new vehicle to enjoy the more
3 Auto Care Tips to Keep Your Spare Tire in Top-Quality Shape, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
As a driver, having access to a spare tire is likely a source of comfort on the road. Without this crucial piece of equipment, a flat tire could turn a minor inconvenience more
Transmission Repair Pros Share 3 Destructive Driving Habits, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
Though most drivers rarely think about it, the way you drive and treat your car can have long-term ramifications for its transmission. This is one more
3 Questions to Ask When Seeking Towing Service , Elizabethtown, Kentucky
When you’re stranded on the side of the road due to car troubles, it may be tempting to hire the first towing service company you come across. However, taking a few extra moments to more
Should You Warm Up Your Car When It’s Cold Out?, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
Cold weather can be tough on a car for many reasons, but warming your engine up for minutes on end to accommodate for lower temperatures isn’t really that helpful. In fact, the more
Auto Care Experts on How to Get Better Fuel Efficiency in Cold Weather, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
Throughout the winter season, many vehicles experience increased wear and tear, which often affects their fuel efficiency. And, because fuel economy is a critical part of vehicle more
The Truth About How Often Your Car Should Have a Synthetic Oil Change, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
When you take your car in for regular maintenance, your mechanic may ask you whether you want an oil change. While you might have been told to get one every 3,000 miles, this rule more
Auto Care Provider Shares 3 Possible Reasons the Check Engine Light Is On, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
Whether you’re the type of car owner who services your vehicle every few months or the sort who visits the mechanic as seldom as possible, the check engine light is a more
What Happens If You Go Too Long Without an Oil Change? , Elizabethtown, Kentucky
If you’ve been putting off getting an oil change, it could lead to trouble. As the lifeblood of your vehicle, oil lubricates, seals, cleans, and cools the engine while more
5 Quick Tips on Towing Service, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
Getting stranded in the middle of the road due to a collision, tire damage, or engine problem can be incredibly frustrating. In times like these, you need emergency towing service more
Why You Need Vehicle Diagnostics, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
A lot of people have misconceptions about vehicle diagnostics. However, without a proper assessment for car maintenance, transmission repair, and other fixes when necessary from a more
Local Auto Repair Shop Shares 3 Factors That Affect Your Fuel Economy, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
Fuel economy refers to how well your vehicle uses gas. This efficiency will change for many reasons over time, some of which you have control over and can address with your local more
5 Repairs That Require the Assistance of an Auto Mechanic, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
With the advent of online tutorials, a growing number of car owners are choosing to take the do-it-yourself route when it comes to repairing minor issues. And while you don’t always more
Top 3 Ideas to Save Money on Car Maintenance Costs, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
If you want to ensure the safety and efficiency of your vehicle, regular car maintenance is crucial. Unfortunately, due to cost, many people only take their cars in for service more
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