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3 Types of Batteries Used in Trucks, La Crosse, Wisconsin
A truck’s starting system relies on its battery. This component delivers electrical power to the starter, which cranks the engine. The battery also provides power to the lights, radio, Global Positioning System (GPS), more
4 Signs of Car Radiator Problems, La Crosse, Wisconsin
The radiator keeps a vehicle’s engine from overheating. Coolant, which is a thick, protective liquid that maintains safe engine temperatures, passes through a radiator’s fan fins so that heat flows away from the engine. more
Onalaska, WI Auto Maintenance Businesses
Craig's Towing & Repair, Auto Maintenance, Auto Repair, Auto Towing, La Crosse, Wisconsin
1224 Island St
La Crosse, WI 54603
(608) 784-1638
When you are looking for a car repair shop that takes care of you like you are family, you can count on Craig's Towing & Repair. With locations in La Crosse and Baraboo, WI, their team provides expert vehicle repair and professional ...
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3 Common Problems With Truck Tires, La Crosse, Wisconsin
According to research, 5% of trucks involved in fatal accidents had vehicle-related issues, such as tire problems. To ensure you and your fellow drivers are safe on the more
4 Preventive Maintenance Tips for Heavy-Duty Trucks, La Crosse, Wisconsin
On any given day, 18-wheelers, semi-trailers, and other heavy-duty vehicles travel across the country. As each logs thousands of miles each year, they need preventive more
3 Potential Reasons a Car Won't Start, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Many drivers call for towing after discovering that their cars won't start. In many instances, people don’t realize that their vehicles are facing issues until they don’t more
4 FAQ About Your Car's Transmission, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Owning your first car constitutes a newfound sense of freedom, but also a profound role of responsibility. When you take your car into an auto shop to be serviced, more
4 Ways to Help Your Car Recover From the Cold Weather, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Now is the time to bring your vehicle to an auto shop to have it checked and serviced. The wintry conditions in Wisconsin can affect various components of your car. To help you stay more
3 Preventive Maintenance Tips for Spring, La Crosse, Wisconsin
When the season changes, you need to take some preventive steps to avoid a need for car repair. Proper maintenance keeps you and other drivers safe on the road, and prolongs more
3 Different Car Noises & Their Possible Meanings, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Although modern car interiors are comfortable, the cabin won’t typically be completely quiet. You could hear humming as the engine operates and pushes air around the more
Diesel & Gas Engines: What the Color of the Exhaust Smoke Means, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Whether your vehicle runs on diesel or gasoline, it will produce exhaust smoke during regular operation. However, certain colors of exhaust can signal that you need a truck or more
4 Common Issues With Diesel Engines, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Whether you drive a semi-truck or pickup that runs on diesel, your engine is prone to unique issues. By understanding these, you can take your vehicle to an auto shop more
3 Signs You Need Brake Service, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Your car’s braking system is essential for avoiding collisions. When you experience brake problems, you need immediate auto repairs for the safety of everyone on the road. more
How to Build an Emergency Car Kit, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Staying safe on the road isn’t only a matter of scheduling car maintenance. It’s also about being prepared for emergencies, including those that require towing. Here’s some more
Why Does My Car Battery Die in the Cold?, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Car batteries last for years and are reliable. However, during the winter, many drivers require jump-starts and towing due to dead batteries. To help you avoid trouble more
Why Is Water Pooling in my Car?, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Finding a pool of liquid inside or outside your vehicle is concerning. While auto repair professionals have the tools to quickly diagnose what could be wrong, more
3 Common Mistakes When Jump-Starting a Car, La Crosse, Wisconsin
If turning the key in the ignition doesn’t get your car to start, your battery might be dead. In this case, a jump-start could send the required power to your unit to more
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