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3 Signs Your Serpentine Belt Should Be Replaced, Versailles, Kentucky
With thousands of components inside your car’s engine, it isn’t always easy to know which part is going bad and when to take it in to an auto center. Some components can create illusive issues when they become damaged, which can be more
3 Common Issues With Brake Drums, Versailles, Kentucky
When it comes to safety, your brakes are an essential component in your car. Drum brakes are less common than disc brakes these days, but they’re often still used on rear axles, and they have unique issues for drivers. While regular more
Versailles, KY Auto Maintenance Businesses
Quick Lane at Jack Kain, Automotive Repair, Auto Services, Auto Maintenance, Versailles, Kentucky
3405 Lexington Road Suite 1
Versailles, KY 40383
(877) 837-1796
For nearly 40 years, there’s been one auto center in Versailles, KY, residents have known they can turn to when they’re in the market for a new vehicle. And their extensive inventory of cars is only a small part of what they offer. Quick...
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3 Tips to Prevent a Dead Car Battery, Versailles, Kentucky
A car battery uses its alternator to recharge, which requires the vehicle to run on a regular basis to maintain that charge. As lockdowns keep more people at home, many drivers are more
What Are the Benefits of Synthetic Oil?, Versailles, Kentucky
Since oil lubricates the moving parts of an engine, oil changes are critical and necessary to prevent friction, stress, and overheating. However, when you go in for an oil more
5 Reasons to Get New Tires for the Summer from Quick Lane, Versailles, Kentucky
Summer is the perfect time of the year to perform some vehicle maintenance. Not only are the roads getting hotter, but people are spending more time on the road traveling for more
FAQ About Wheel Alignments for Your Vehicle, Versailles, Kentucky
Everyone understands the benefits of doing regular auto maintenance on their vehicle. It keeps everything operating efficiently and protects important components of the vehicle, but more
A Guide to Brake Bleeding, Versailles, Kentucky
Your brakes are absolutely essential to the safety of you and your car. However, like any other vehicular component, brakes can develop issues over time that need to be more
4 Tips For Checking Tire Pressure, Versailles, Kentucky
Checking tire pressure ranks high on any DIY auto maintenance task checklist. Tires without enough pressure make too much contact with the road and wear the rubber out. However, more
5 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Vehicle's Tires, Versailles, Kentucky
Your vehicle’s tires determine how much control you have while driving and how efficient your gas mileage is. However, they gradually wear down due to regular usage. When they more
3 Benefits of Regular Car Maintenance, Versailles, Kentucky
Routine car maintenance helps owners keep their vehicles on the road and avoid expensive repairs. By taking your car to an experienced and knowledgeable auto technician for oil more
Advice for Winter Auto Care, Versailles, Kentucky
The shift in weather conditions in winter creates some new challenges for holiday travel and daily commutes. Without taking the right precautions, you could find yourself up more
A Guide to Timing Belts & Chains, Versailles, Kentucky
Every vehicle with an internal combustion engine has either a timing chain or belt. Both keep the rotation of the camshaft and crankshaft synchronized, which allows the valves to more
3 Benefits of Regular Tire Rotation, Versailles, Kentucky
Tire rotation ensures even wear on your wheels and helps to prevent tire deterioration and blowouts. Typically, every 6,000 to 8,000 miles, or every six months of regular more
What You Should Know About Getting New Tires Before Winter Strikes, Versailles, Kentucky
Winter’s just around the corner; is your vehicle ready? In addition to servicing the heater and topping off the antifreeze, now’s the time to purchase new tires. more
The Real Value of New Tires, Versailles, Kentucky
Your tires influence almost everything about the operation of your car, from its fuel efficiency to the steering. When you think about tires, you’re probably aware of more
3 Maintenance Mistakes Car Owners Often Make, Versailles, Kentucky
From replacing engines to installing new wheels, car owners spend a lot of money at auto centers to fix their rides. Sticking to a regular car maintenance schedule will save on more
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