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3 Reasons Your Shower Drain Is Producing Odors, Edgewood, Kentucky
A refreshing shower can help start the day off positively or help you relax before bed. But if there is an unpleasant smell coming from the drain, it can be hard to feel clean. Fortunately, most issues can be easily fixed with the help more
5 Signs You Need Water Heater Repairs, Edgewood, Kentucky
It can be hard to know when something is amiss with your water heater. In fact, most people don’t realize something is wrong until there’s nothing but cold water coming out of the tap. However, the following are some early signs that it’ more
Florence, KY Sewer Cleaning Businesses
Lonneman Plumbing, Water Heaters, Plumbing, Sewer Cleaning, Edgewood, Kentucky
935 Dudley Rd
Edgewood, KY 41017
(859) 341-7755
Since 1960, Lonneman Plumbing has served the plumbing needs of both residential and commercial customers throughout Northern Kentucky. When Charles Lonneman first established the Edgewood, KY-based company that bears his name, he did so ...
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5 Common Plumbing Repairs, Edgewood, Kentucky
Many of the most common plumbing problems you'll encounter around the home have simple solutions. You can do a lot of these small plumbing repairs yourself. Here's how to handle more
5 Bad Habits That Result in Plumbing Repairs, Edgewood, Kentucky
Although some unexpected snafus can occur, many plumbing repairs are caused by accumulative problems. Small symptoms are often ignored until something major happens. These are more
5 Potential Causes of Low Water Pressure, Edgewood, Kentucky
If you notice that the water pressure at home is low, you may need to call for plumbing repair. There are several potential causes for this issue, and it's helpful for more
How to Tell When You Need Toilet Repairs or Replacements, Edgewood, Kentucky
Whether the toilet won’t stop running or you’ve noticed increasingly expensive water bills, you may wonder whether it’s time to repair or replace the toilet. As a more
4 Signs You Need Professional Drain Cleaning, Edgewood, Kentucky
Unless there’s a clog, you likely don’t give much thought to the drains in your home. However, with gallons of water washing through your system on a daily basis, more
When to Call a Plumbing Contractor, Edgewood, Kentucky
Although it can be tempting to try and fix plumbing problems yourself, some situations should always be left to the experts. You can change worn washers to fix a more
3 Reasons to Call an Emergency Plumber, Edgewood, Kentucky
In a matter of hours, minor plumbing problems can quickly escalate into something more serious. You should have the number of your local emergency plumber on speed dial, to ensure a more
5 Foods You Should Keep Out of Your Garbage Disposal, Edgewood, Kentucky
A broken garbage disposal is inconvenient, and garbage disposal repair can be difficult and expensive. For this reason, you should be careful to take care of your unit. more
What's the Difference Between Traditional & Tankless Water Heaters?, Edgewood, Kentucky
From washing clothes to taking showers, a reliable hot water heater is necessary to maintain comfort and home efficiency. If you continuously require water heater repairs, more
3 Times When It Pays to Call an Emergency Plumber, Edgewood, Kentucky
From bathing and washing to cooking and cleaning, households depend on access to clean water every day. Unfortunately, there may come a time when sinks, drains, and pipes more
Faucet Repair Professional’s Guide to Valves, Edgewood, Kentucky
Installing the correct faucet in your bathroom and kitchen sinks is essential to have proper access to your residential or municipal water supply. If you’re looking to replace your more
3 Common Problems That Require Toilet Repairs, Edgewood, Kentucky
Though you may only think about it when the need arises, a toilet continuously plays an important role in your everyday life. Without one, it would be impossible to maintain the more
3 Easy Ways to Save on Your Water Bill, Edgewood, Kentucky
Reducing your water bill, even by a small amount each month, can have a significant impact on your wallet. The water heater repair team at Lonneman Plumbing have helped homeowners more
3 Steps to Take in a Plumbing Emergency, Edgewood, Kentucky
Of all the numbers you should store in case of emergency, few are quite as essential as an emergency plumber. After all, a leaky faucet is easy to ignore, but a burst pipe, boiling more
Do You Need Water Heater Repairs or a Replacement?, Edgewood, Kentucky
Did you know your water heater may last up to 15 years before it needs to be replaced? In the meantime, you could run into issues that require water heater repair. Lonneman more
3 Ways to Tell Your Plumbing Contractor Is the Best, Edgewood, Kentucky
In some cases, you simply won't know if your plumbing contractor is right for you until you've already hired them. You don't always have to go through the trial-and-error process, more
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