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3 Veterinarian-Recommended Tips for Bringing Another Dog Into Your Home, Flatwoods-Russell, Kentucky
Few things are better than having a dog in your home, which is why many pet owners can’t wait to bring a second canine friend into the mix. While it may seem like having two dogs in the house might present a bigger challenge, the more
Local Veterinarian Reveals Common Plants Harmful to Your Pet, Flatwoods-Russell, Kentucky
Flowers are a beautiful part of your garden, but the well-being of your pet is far more important. There are some plants commonly found around Flatwoods, KY, homes that are harmful to pet health if the animals in are ingest them. more
Portsmouth, OH, KY Pet Care Businesses
Pawsitive Pet Care Clinic, Inc, Pet Care, Veterinary Services, Veterinarians, Flatwoods, Kentucky
2201 Bellefonte Rd.
Flatwoods, KY 41139
Any loving pet owner will tell you their furry friend is like a member of their own family. The local veterinarians at Pawsitive Pet Care Clinic in Flatwoods, KY, provide compassionate and comprehensive care for dogs and cats, as we...
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Veterinarian Perspective: Can Cats & Dogs Happily Coexist?, Flatwoods-Russell, Kentucky
Whether you have a cat or dog, bringing home a pet of a different species can be a little daunting. How can you increase the odds of them living together in harmony? At more
A Veterinarian Explains How to Check Your Pets for Ticks, Flatwoods-Russell, Kentucky
Ticks have been all over the news lately. With the identification of another tick-borne illness said to be potentially more damaging than Lyme disease, people and pet owners are more
After the Puppy Shots: 5 Training Tips, Flatwoods-Russell, Kentucky
You’ve been looking forward to getting a new puppy for such a long time—and they’re finally coming home tomorrow after receiving their puppy shots! It’s a very exciting time more
Declawing Cats: 5 Myths Debunked, Flatwoods-Russell, Kentucky
Declawing cats has been a longstanding response to some undesirable cat behaviors, such as scratching people and clawing furniture. While this major surgery does have drawbacks, more
5 Veterinarian-Approved Reasons to Adopt an Animal, Flatwoods-Russell, Kentucky
If you’re an animal lover, you’ve probably considered getting a pet of your own. If you haven’t thought about pet adoption, though, you could be missing out on something wonderful. more
Flatwoods Vets Share Which Puppy Shots Your Pooch Needs, Flatwoods-Russell, Kentucky
Between frequent walks and obedience classes, finding the time for puppy shots can be difficult. It’s also overwhelming trying to determine which vaccinations are right for your more
Pet Health 101: 5 Major Foods That Are Poisonous to Your Pets, Flatwoods-Russell, Kentucky
If you’re a pet owner, you should always be conscientious about what your animal eats or drinks. Many items that are considered safe for humans pose a danger more
Pets Need Sunscreen Too! 3 Sun Protection Tips From Flatwood’s Best Vet, Flatwoods-Russell, Kentucky
When you put on sunscreen, you’re protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful rays, and if you didn’t already know, your pets need protection as well. Just like humans, dogs and cats more
Giveaway, Flatwoods-Russell, Kentucky
It's time for giving! LIKE and SHARE our page on FACEBOOK and comment telling us the reason YOU are most thankful for your pets this November! You will be entered to win a FREE more
4 Common Cat Myths Debunked, Flatwoods-Russell, Kentucky
Whether you are a cat owner or not, you probably think you have cats figured out. They have nine lives. They purr only when they’re happy. They hate water. But if you believe more
WASH UP WEDNESDAY!, Flatwoods-Russell, Kentucky
Pawsitive Pet Care Wash Up Wednesday! Get your pet clean at a GREAT price! Wednesdays only: SMALL DOG: 1-15 Ibs- $22 MEDIUM DOG: 15-25 Ibs- $30 LARGE DOG: 25+ Ibs- $40 more
Kentucky's Top Vet Shares the Importance of Heartworms Prevention, Flatwoods-Russell, Kentucky
When it comes to your beloved dog, it’s important to maintain their overall health. That’s where the experienced local vets at Pawsitive Pet Care Clinic come in. Based in Flatwoods, more
Know Your Dog’s Ideal Size! Flatwoods’ Trusted Pet Clinic Shares How, Flatwoods-Russell, Kentucky
Did you know your dog has an ideal weight? Like any mammal, a dog’s weight can be an indicator of current health and a predictor of future problems. Using both your eyes and your more
3 Reasons Your Dog Needs a Dentist From Flatwoods' Top Pet Clinic, Flatwoods-Russell, Kentucky
When it comes to keeping your pet happy and healthy, many pet owners overlook the importance of doggie dental visits. In fact, most pet owners only brush their dog’s teeth a few more
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