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How to Drive in Urban & Rural Settings, Geneseo, New York
It’s no surprise that driving in a highly populated city requires a different approach than an old, country road, but have you ever considered exactly what those details might be? To avoid being stranded and waiting for a towing more
Auto Mechanic Explains 4 Car Modifications to Avoid, Geneseo, New York
Car modifications can serve practical or stylistic purposes. Although none are necessary, many are beneficial—or at least harmless. However, some can do more harm than good. Your car is a significant investment, so it’s more
Livingston, NY Auto Services Businesses
M & R Automotive Service Center Inc., Auto Maintenance, Auto Repair, Auto Services, Geneseo, New York
4561 Morganview Rd.
Geneseo, NY 14454
(585) 243-1201
M & R Automotive Service Center, Inc. offers the best possible automotive service to Geneseo and the surrounding areas. For over 20 years, they have been providing families with the security of a safe and reliable vehicle. Owner Mark...
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3 Reasons Your Car May Not Pass an Inspection, Geneseo, New York
Depending on where you live, your state may require your vehicle to be inspected for safety and emissions issues before administering legal registration. Even if your state more
3 Ways Neglecting Oil Changes Impacts Your Car, Geneseo, New York
As a car owner, staying on track with regular maintenance is your priority. While it can be easy to push some tasks back, even short delays can increase the risk of costly problems.& more
Why You Shouldn't Ignore That Unusual Noise Coming From Your Car, Geneseo, New York
Between work, meeting up with friends, and going shopping, you rely on your vehicle for a multitude of tasks. That is why it is so imperative that it is kept in top condition. more
3 Pressing Reasons to Have Your Tires Rotated Regularly, Geneseo, New York
Your car’s tires play a crucial role in keeping you safe and getting you from Point A to Point B as efficiently as possible. As such, they require frequent maintenance from an more
Car Repair Experts List 5 Transmission Problems You Should Never Ignore, Geneseo, New York
Car repairs can be costly, which is why many drivers wait to bring their vehicle into a shop until they can afford to hire a reliable mechanic. However, the professionals from M & more
4 Reasons Why Your Vehicle Isn't Starting, Geneseo, New York
It can be alarming to find yourself with an engine that refuses to start, but what could be behind the problem? There are several possible car repair issues that could keep your more
Geneseo Auto Repair Shop Explains What You Should Do if Your Check Engine Light Comes On, Geneseo, New York
There are several possible reasons behind an illuminated check engine light. These range from the mundane to the catastrophic, which is why M & R Automotive Service Center, a more
Checklist to Keep Your Car Running Safely This Winter, Geneseo, New York
Vehicles are at their most vulnerable during the winter season. During this time, it’s highly recommended to take your car to an auto mechanic for routine maintenance to prevent more
Car Repair Experts List 4 Signs of Transmission Failure, Geneseo, New York
If neglected, minor transmission problems can rapidly escalate to failure, which, in turn, will require either a rebuild or replacement. Both of these options are labor intensive more
Geneseo Auto Mechanic Shares 3 Reasons to Regularly Change Your Car’s Air Filters, Geneseo, New York
Are you wondering about the source of a musty smell coming from your vents when you turn on the air conditioner in your car? If so, you probably need to change your air filter. more
Geneseo Car Repair Shop Shares 4 Signs You Should Replace Your Shocks & Struts, Geneseo, New York
Your car’s suspension system is critical as it supports the vehicle’s weight and reduces excess energy. If the shocks and struts are worn, it could drastically reduce the stability more
Geneseo Auto Repair Shop Explains the Causes Behind Engine Oil Leaks, Geneseo, New York
Engine oil leaks are one of the most common maintenance issues drivers experience. While an oil leak can be easy to ignore, the team at M & R Automotive Service Center in more
Geneseo Auto Mechanic Explains What Motor Oil You Should Use in Your Vehicle, Geneseo, New York
Auto mechanics know motor oil is necessary to keep your car’s engine running smoothly and efficiently. Without it, your engine would quickly grind to a halt and be severely more
Auto Repair Shop Tips: Why Your AC Isn't Blowing Cool Air, Geneseo, New York
If your car’s air conditioning system isn’t blowing cool air, you should head to an auto repair shop as soon as possible. After all, you don’t want to be driving around on a hot more
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