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The Top 3 Indications Your Car's AC Is Failing , Geneseo, New York
Cars and trucks get really hot during the summer, so a reliable air conditioner is essential for your comfort. Therefore, it's good to know in advance if your AC will require service. If you get out ahead of the problem with preemptive more
3 Signs of Damage to Look for After Hitting a Curb or Pothole, Geneseo, New York
Potholes are common on the road during this time of year. Most are small and don’t lead to major automotive issues, but others can cause problems that require attention from a professional. Here are some things to look for in your more
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M & R Automotive Service Center Inc., Auto Maintenance, Auto Repair, Auto Services, Geneseo, New York
4561 Morganview Rd.
Geneseo, NY 14454
(585) 243-1201
M & R Automotive Service Center, Inc. offers the best possible automotive service to Geneseo and the surrounding areas. For over 20 years, they have been providing families with the security of a safe and reliable vehicle. Owner Mark...
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How to Tell Your Car Is Heading for a Breakdown, Geneseo, New York
You don’t have to be a mechanic to know your car needs one. Vehicle owners can decrease the severity of car repairs — or prevent them altogether — with a little more
3 Likely Reasons Your Car Is Blowing White Smoke, Geneseo, New York
Your exhaust pipe serves an important purpose in releasing your engine’s emissions, but it should never release so much smoke that it becomes visible. If you see white smoke more
3 Seasonal Car Repair & Maintenance Tasks You Should Take Care Of, Geneseo, New York
If you’re like many drivers, you often wonder how much maintenance your car needs and when it should be performed. While it can be tricky to fit routine car service into your weekly more
What Are the Benefits of Computer Engine Diagnostics for Cars?, Geneseo, New York
One of the most important technological advances to happen in cars is the computerization of components. It has paved the way for computer diagnostic tools to pinpoint engine more
3 Myths About Car Maintenance You Shouldn't Believe, Geneseo, New York
Whether you’re hearing grinding noises from the engine or your brakes are leaking fluid, confronting any type of car trouble is nerve-wracking. However, with the volume of false more
3 Car Exhaust Colors & What They Mean, Geneseo, New York
As a driver, it’s important to pay attention to your vehicle so you know when car repairs are necessary. With this in mind, auto mechanics often encourage clients to observe their more
3 Reasons Your Car May Be Shaking, Geneseo, New York
When your car shakes, it’s a clear indication that something is wrong with the vehicle. But the exact nature of the problem is less obvious. While an auto mechanic will help you to more
5 New Year's Resolutions for Drivers, Geneseo, New York
As a car owner heading into the new year, there are many resolutions you can make to keep yourself safe on the road. The following resolutions will help you enjoy a more efficient, more
Top 4 Reasons Your Car's Heater Isn't Working, Geneseo, New York
Some car repair issues are routine enough that your average driver can at least diagnose them on their own. This isn't likely to be the case with your car's heating system, more
Do You Need a Transmission Flush?, Geneseo, New York
Changing your transmission fluid periodically should be part of your car’s routine maintenance. It prevents costly, extensive car repairs and potential safety hazards since the more
3 Common Types of Tire Repairs Drivers Should Know About, Geneseo, New York
Tires can sustain a variety of damages throughout their time on the road, including punctures and slow leaks from embedded objects such as nails. While some issues such as worn-down more
Own a Car? Here Are the 3 Most Common Repairs, Geneseo, New York
Like any other machine, vehicles require care and periodic maintenance. However, some car repair services are needed more often than others. Whether it’s because the parts more
3 Reasons Your Check Engine Light Is On, Geneseo, New York
It’s a scenario most people dread: You’re driving along and, suddenly, you notice the check engine light has illuminated on the dashboard. Unfortunately, that little signal merely more
3 Driving Habits That Are Damaging Your Car, Geneseo, New York
Even if you diligently follow your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, you may be severely damaging your car with a few of your everyday driving habits. All drivers should understand more
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