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4 Differences Between City & Country Driving You Should Know, Greece, New York
If you’re an avid driver who covers long distances in your car, it’s essential to know how to handle driving in urban settings versus rural ones, and have a trusted auto repair shop on the dial in case of sudden breakdowns, more
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Long Pond Auto Body, Auto Towing, Auto Repair, Auto Services, Rochester, New York
78 Cedarfield Commons
Rochester, NY 14612
(585) 227-7300
With over 30 years of advanced auto repair experience, Long Pond Auto Body has been proudly serving the greater Rochester area with the most professional and all-encompassing collision and auto repair service. No matter what year, make, ...
Griff’s Auto Service, Brake Service & Repair, Auto Towing, Auto Services, Rochester, New York
55 Cedarfield Commons
Rochester, NY 14612
Our vehicles are our lifelines. They allow us the freedom to get to work, run our errands, and take off on a moment’s notice for a weekend getaway. So, when we’re forced to go without our vehicles for any length of time because of unexpe...
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3 Possible Reasons Your Vehicle Is Shaking, Greece, New York
Any time you notice an unusual phenomenon in your car, it’s important to have it diagnosed by professionals. Vibrations, for instance, could indicate a number of different problems more
5 Common Tire Myths Debunked, Greece, New York
Tires are among your vehicle’s most important safety components. Their tread grips the road to provide the friction essential to remaining on course. Many myths surround tires, more
3 Urgent Signs You Need New Tires, Greece, New York
Wear and tear make replacing your tires inevitable. Fortunately, knowing when it’s time to take your vehicle to an auto service center for new tires will help keep you safe on the more
Why Invest in Routine Auto Upkeep?, Greece, New York
From taking the kids to school to running errands and getting to work on time, people rely on their vehicles daily to keep life on track. Any minor problems with safety or handling more
3 Risky Driving Distractions to Watch Out For, Greece, New York
Distracted driving is one of the main causes of accidents and auto repairs. Every day in the United States, nine people perish in distracted driving accidents and more than 1,000 more
3 Auto Repair Problems That Could Cause You to Fail a State Inspection, Greece, New York
A vehicle safety inspection is an essential procedure for automobile owners in the United States. In New York, these inspections are required every 12 months. While most drivers are more
5 Tips for Driving Against the Bright Sun, Greece, New York
Most drivers are aware that thick fog, heavy rain, or snow can make for dangerous driving conditions. It’s important to realize the rising or setting sun is also risky and increases more
3 Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Classic Vehicle , Greece, New York
Refinished classic cars possess a glossy, old-world charm that collectors and observers alike adore. While these vehicles look lovely, prospective buyers should remain informed more
How to Spot Water Damage in Used Cars, Greece, New York
Used cars are an investment, and purchasing a defective one will cost you in repairs. Flood-damaged vehicles, for instance, should be salvaged. However, some of these are cleaned up more
4 Sounds That Signal It’s Time for Auto Repairs, Greece, New York
The purring of the engine is the only noise that should be coming from your car. If your vehicle starts making a different noise, it can be cause for concern. Take your car to an more
3 Major Clues Your Car Requires Auto Repair Services Immediately, Greece, New York
Even if their vehicle is overdue for a trip to an auto repair shop or the check engine light is on, many people put off bringing it in unless they notice signs of a problem. more
Why Proper Tire Care Is Essential to Vehicle Operation, Greece, New York
Your tires are the only contact between your car and the surface of the road, so it is crucial that you and your auto service center maintain them well—for your own safety and that more
Why Regular Maintenance From an Auto Repair Shop Is Important, Greece, New York
Don’t wait until something’s wrong with your vehicle to bring to an auto repair shop. You can avoid problems and costly repairs by ensuring your car receives regular maintenance. more
Griff’s Auto Service   Winter Deals, Greece, New York
Winter is coming and it is time to get your vehicle ready for the season. WINTERIZE + 15 POINT CHECK             & more
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