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Alaska Auto Services Businesses
Moore eFX, Auto Customizing, Auto Services, Auto Accessories, Chugiak, Alaska
21414 N Birchwood Loop Rd.
Chugiak, AK 99567
(907) 440-9604
When you’re ready to equip your car with the best off-road upgrades, Moore eFX is the place to go. The leading provider of vehicle accessories and only carrier of European HID headlights in Chugiak, AK, Moore eFX stocks only quality...
Alaskan Auto Center LLC, Automotive Repair, Auto Services, Auto Repair, Anchorage, Alaska
8020 Lake Otis Pkwy
Anchorage, AK 99507
(907) 522-7035
Regular maintenance and reliable auto repair are necessary, but the frigid winters and vast landscapes of Alaska make it crucial for you to keep your vehicle running at peak performance. Alaskan Auto Center, Anchorage's foremost experts ...
A Guide to Winterizing Your Car, Anchorage, Alaska
Before cold weather arrives, it’s crucial to make sure that your vehicle is prepared for the dramatic shift in temperature. Winter brings the possibility of heavy snowfall, too, so more
Tire Fundamentals for Cold Weather Driving, Anchorage, Alaska
Durable automotive tires are essential to your safety on the road. A sound set ensures that your vehicle has enough traction and grip to avoid accidents when driving. more
How to Determine Oil Change Frequency, Anchorage, Alaska
Driving with dirty oil wreaks havoc on the engine. The sludge can’t lubricate parts or keep components cool. Although routine oil changes will help ward off engine trouble, more
3 Reasons Why Proper Tire Alignment Is Essential, Anchorage, Alaska
During the summer, many Alaskans take advantage of the nearly endless sunlight and hit the road. Getting regular alignment checks is a critical part of auto maintenance, and it’ more
5 Tips for Driving in Heavy Rain & Wind, Anchorage, Alaska
Drivers in Alaska know the weather can be unpredictable on any given day. While snow in winter is frequent, heavy rain and wind can make driving conditions difficult in the spring more
3 Auto Maintenance Tasks First-Time Car Owners Should Know, Anchorage, Alaska
Getting your first car is an exciting time. After some of the initial newness has worn off, take the time to become fully familiar with your vehicle’s owner manual, so you can more
A Guide on Automotive Tire Changeover in Spring, Anchorage, Alaska
Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes warmer temperatures and different driving conditions. If you have studded or winter automotive tires on your vehicle, you’ll more
How Does Cold Weather Affect Automotive Tire Pressure?, Anchorage, Alaska
During the colder months of the year, you’ll rely heavily on your vehicle to keep you warm in transit between home, school, or work. However, your car is no more of a fan of the more
5 Common Reasons Why a Car Won't Start, Anchorage, Alaska
It’s time to start your car and go about your day, except there’s one problem — it won’t start. Many reasons surround why a car refuses to start, some of which require more
What Happens If I Run Out of Oil?, Anchorage, Alaska
Your car relies on oil to function. This liquid provides lubrication for fast-moving parts and cooling for the entire engine, and requires regular oil changes to keep it clean and more
How Does Oil Work in Your Car Engine, Anchorage, Alaska
Your engine needs oil in order to work. Oil lubricates its moving parts and filters out excess heat and combustion debris in the unit. Given its importance, more
3 Indications You Need Transmission Repair, Anchorage, Alaska
Aside from the engine itself, the transmission is probably the most important component of your vehicle. Its job is to transmit power from the motor to the wheels and cause your car more
5 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for the New Year , Anchorage, Alaska
From losing weight to reading more books, most New Year’s resolutions are focused on improving one’s body and mind. But if you’re looking for a different challenge this upcoming more
3 Reasons to Have a Mechanic Update Your Car With Winter Tires, Anchorage, Alaska
With the temperatures sinking further and further, it’s time to start winterizing your car. Even if you’ve already had a mechanic check your engine battery, add antifreeze to your more
3 Ways Cold Temperatures Affect Your Auto Maintenance Needs, Anchorage, Alaska
Alaska residents are no strangers to cold winter weather. But getting through an Alaska winter requires adequate preparation—and this includes providing needed auto maintenance for more
3 Auto Maintenance Tips to Help You Protect Your Tires From a Potential Blowout, Anchorage, Alaska
Tires are one of the most critical parts of your vehicle; in addition to moving you towards your destination, they also absorb road shock and support the vehicle’s load. Without more