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Alaskan Auto Center LLC, Automotive Repair, Auto Services, Auto Repair, Anchorage, Alaska
8020 Lake Otis Pkwy
Anchorage, AK 99507
(907) 522-7035
Regular maintenance and reliable auto repair are necessary, but the frigid winters and vast landscapes of Alaska make it crucial for you to keep your vehicle running at peak performance. Alaskan Auto Center, Anchorage's foremost experts ...
A Driver's Guide to Tire Tread, Anchorage, Alaska
The designs on your tires aren't there for aesthetics—your tread is the part of the wheel that comes in contact with the pavement. However, even though this means the tread shows more
Can Mixing Tires Harm a Car?, Anchorage, Alaska
When it comes to auto maintenance,  many car owners tend to pay the least attention to their tires. It's tempting to buy the most affordable tires you can find without making more
4 Common Car AC Problems, Anchorage, Alaska
Keep the car’s AC system running optimally to ensure your commutes are comfortable year-round. However, a vehicle cooling system is complicated, and it can be challenging to more
5 Essential Car Inspection Tips for Road Trips, Anchorage, Alaska
Whether you’re going hunting or treating the family to a vacation, summer is the perfect season for Alaskans to plan road trips. To prevent mishaps and untimely interruptions along more
4 Reasons Why Auto Maintenance Is Essential, Anchorage, Alaska
We all know that regular auto maintenance is necessary, but it can still be easy to put off repairs. However, whether you're avoiding an expensive fix or one that seems minor, you more
3 Signs It's Time for Tire Rotation, Anchorage, Alaska
All car owners need to know what to look for when their vehicle needs repair. Tire rotation is one of the most common types of maintenance you’ll require, and it can help more
3 Driving Habits That Can Harm Tires, Anchorage, Alaska
The better you care for your new tires, the longer you can go without buying more. However, some everyday habits you have may cause those tires to wear faster than they should. more
6 Reasons There's Water Inside the Car, Anchorage, Alaska
While your condensation in your car is common, especially in the winter, humidity and moisture levels should generally stay the same over time. If you've noticed an increase lately, more
5 Signs a Car Needs Clutch Repairs, Anchorage, Alaska
If your vehicle has a manual transmission, the clutch is one of the most essential components. However, like any part, it will wear out over time, resulting in the need for more
Get 20% Off Auto Parts at the End of Decade Sales Event, Anchorage, Alaska
The Alaskan winters can be harsh and unforgiving on your vehicle, making auto maintenance a necessity. That's why Alaskan Auto Center in Anchorage is hosting an end of more
3 Signs of a Bad Carburetor, Anchorage, Alaska
A quality carburetor is a must for an engine to run correctly. This component provides essential airflow to make fuel combustible. When it breaks down, it can create significant more
A Guide to Automotive Tires for New Car Owners, Anchorage, Alaska
Quality automotive tires do more than just carry your car along the road. They help your car operate more efficiently, and they keep you and your passengers safe. Old more
A Guide to Winterizing Your Car, Anchorage, Alaska
Before cold weather arrives, it’s crucial to make sure that your vehicle is prepared for the dramatic shift in temperature. Winter brings the possibility of heavy snowfall, too, so more
Tire Fundamentals for Cold Weather Driving, Anchorage, Alaska
Durable automotive tires are essential to your safety on the road. A sound set ensures that your vehicle has enough traction and grip to avoid accidents when driving. more
How to Determine Oil Change Frequency, Anchorage, Alaska
Driving with dirty oil wreaks havoc on the engine. The sludge can’t lubricate parts or keep components cool. Although routine oil changes will help ward off engine trouble, more
3 Reasons Why Proper Tire Alignment Is Essential, Anchorage, Alaska
During the summer, many Alaskans take advantage of the nearly endless sunlight and hit the road. Getting regular alignment checks is a critical part of auto maintenance, and it’ more