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How to Conserve Gas While Driving, Helena Flats, Montana
No one wants to run out of gas on the side of the road. If this happens, you’ll need to walk to a nearby gas station or call a towing company to get your vehicle safely off the road. If you’re looking to save gas to avoid these more
The Do's & Don'ts for Safe Driving in the Rain, Helena Flats, Montana
While snow may be harder to drive in, you’ll be facing rain far more often, so you should know how to handle your car in it. Roadways quickly become covered in water, increasing the chances of hydroplaning. By following the common sense more
Helena Flats, MT Towing Businesses
Bolster's Towing , Towing Equipment, Towing, Auto Towing, Kalispell, Montana
693 Addison Sq.
Kalispell, MT 59901
Bolster’s Towing has been in operation since 1971, providing customers in and around Kalispell, MT, with reliable, prompt, and courteous towing and recovery services. If you find yourself suddenly stuck somewhere in your everyday vehicle...
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What Should I Do About a Stuck Parking Brake?, Helena Flats, Montana
Realizing your parking brake is stuck is always unpleasant, especially when you need to get to another location quickly. If your parking brake will not budge, do not drive your car more
5 Things to Do When Your Car Overheats, Helena Flats, Montana
When a car overheats, a few things tend to happen: The temperature gauge rises, an alarm goes off, and steam may start to rise from under the hood. If any of these things happen, more
3 Signs That Your Car Needs New Tires, Helena Flats, Montana
Over time, your car’s tires wear out from coming in constant contact with the road. But many drivers are not aware of when their tires have gone past their service life. This more
Why Do Car Batteries Die in Cold Weather?, Helena Flats, Montana
Winter weather and road conditions can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Your battery is one of the components most vulnerable to temperature fluctuations. Without preventative more
5 Things to Do While Waiting for a Tow Truck, Helena Flats, Montana
Whether it’s because of a breakdown, a flat tire, or a collision, there are plenty of instances when you might need to call for a tow truck. As you wait for roadside assistance to more
What Is a Winch Out?, Helena Flats, Montana
It’s possible for even the most seasoned drivers to get their car stuck in a ditch, a snow bank or on ice. If you find yourself in such a predicament, it’s likely you will need more
3 Interesting Facts From Tow Truck History, Helena Flats, Montana
Though it seems that almost every driver will need a tow truck sooner or later, these vehicles rarely get much attention except after an accident. Yet, the tow truck has an more
3 Questions a Driver Should Ask When Calling a Towing Company, Helena Flats, Montana
Whether your car has broken down on the side of the highway, or you’ve been involved in an accident, calling a towing company is often the best option for getting home safely. more
Must You Accept Service From the First Tow Truck on the Scene?, Helena Flats, Montana
Imagine your car has broken down on the side of the road and you're waiting for the tow truck you've called to arrive. What if another, unrelated tow service—one you did not call more
What to Do When You Need Semi Towing Services, Helena Flats, Montana
Whether you’re in the middle of a long haul or a short trip, big rig problems can be extremely inconvenient. Because timeliness is critical for any truck driver, you should always more
3 Calls You Must Make After a Car Accident, Helena Flats, Montana
Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be emotionally draining and confusing. However, knowing what to do when the situation occurs will help to protect you and the other more
What to Do While Waiting for Roadside Assistance After a Collision, Helena Flats, Montana
Getting into an accident is stressful. However, it’s important to take the proper steps immediately afterward while you wait for roadside assistance. Here is a simple more
Roadside Assistance Experts Explain Tire Changes, Helena Flats, Montana
No matter whether you're an expert under the hood or someone who shudders at the thought of checking their own oil, getting a flat tire can be a more
Here's When Should You Call for Roadside Assistance, Helena Flats, Montana
No driver wants to find themselves stranded on the side of the road. However, if you ever do get into that situation, roadside assistance will be a major help. This service is more
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