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3 Ways to Use Gravel Around Your Home, Hilo, Hawaii
Many homeowners use gravel to give their backyards a fresh look. These crushed stones are a popular landscaping material because they’re durable, affordable, and versatile, as well as quick to install. If you aren’t sure how to...read more
3 Tips to Maintaining Your School Sandbox, Hilo, Hawaii
A sandbox is a valuable addition to any school playground or day care center. It provides children with hours of enjoyment in the sand, fosters a sense of creativity, and encourages physical activity. However, if you don’t maintain the s...read more
Hilo, HI Hauling Businesses
Sanford's Service Center Inc., Stone and Gravel Contracting, Heavy Equipment Movers, Hauling, Pahoa, Hawaii
15-2628 Keaau-Pahoa Rd
Pahoa, HI 96778
(808) 965-8144
Whether you’re in need of supplies for your construction site or you require delivery and haul away services for a residential project, Sanford's Service Center Inc has the supplies and vehicles to accommodate your needs. Located in Paho...
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4 Ways to Make Your Construction Site Safer, Hilo, Hawaii
Worksite safety keeps your costs low, jobs efficient, and employees free of harm, protecting your business and reputation. It’s something that can always be improved to minimize ever...read more
3 Reasons to Install a Gravel Driveway, Hilo, Hawaii
Gravel is an incredibly versatile material that’s popular in everything from playgrounds to landscaping beds. One area where the material is often overlooked is in the construct...read more
3 Reasons a House May Get Demolished, Hilo, Hawaii
Home demolition involves tearing down an existing structure completely. After the remaining debris is carried away by material hauling professionals, an empty plot of land remains. T...read more
3 Reasons to Add a Concrete Patio, Hilo, Hawaii
Creating an outdoor patio will give you an excellent space to entertain or relax on a sunny day. While there are many building materials available, ready-mix concrete provi...read more
3 Tips for Landscaping With Aggregates, Hilo, Hawaii
Aggregates are an essential building block for a beautiful garden. They include natural materials, like gravel, topsoil, and sand, which can serve many aesthetic and practical purpos...read more
4 Reasons to Use Topsoil in Your Yard, Hilo, Hawaii
A lush, green yard will make you the envy of your neighborhood, but getting it there can be a challenge. If you’re trying to thicken or enhance your yard, a layer of topsoil will hel...read more
4 Tips for Maintaining Your Gravel Driveway, Hilo, Hawaii
Many homeowners opt to install a gravel driveway because it’s affordable and attractive. When this feature is properly cared for, it can last for many decades. To help you get t...read more
3 Ways to Use Sand in Your Home’s Landscaping, Hilo, Hawaii
Sand is a smart tool used in landscaping because it drains well, is easy to maintain, will hinder weed growth, and can be very attractive. It’s also a versatile material that serves ...read more
3 Projects That Require Bulldozing, Hilo, Hawaii
If you’re managing a large-scale construction job, understand all the components and suppliers you need to source upfront so that they’re ready when you need them. When working on a ...read more
3 Reasons to Use Compost in Your Backyard, Hilo, Hawaii
To grow a thriving backyard, ensure your plants get all the sun, moisture, nutrients, and oxygen they need to flourish. Seasoned gardeners understand the valuable role compost plays ...read more
3 Types of Topsoil & When to Use Them, Hilo, Hawaii
Topsoil is the layer of organic matter that sits on top of the garden soil to protect the plants, repair the soil, and facilitate temperature control and fertilization. The...read more
Your Guide to Topsoil, Hilo, Hawaii
Topsoil is a precious resource, and it takes 100 years to make an inch naturally. This essential substance helps to grow 95% of the world’s food, and it can also be used in...read more
How to Avoid Injury While Lifting Heavy Objects, Hilo, Hawaii
Many construction sites require heavy materials, like large quantities of concrete, steel pipes, or gravel. Despite the weight, some of these can be carried individually if they’re h...read more
Your Guide to Cinder Soil, Hilo, Hawaii
When gardening, an essential factor in plant health is the soil type. Topsoil is prized for its nutrients and organic matter, making it an ideal growing medium. However, it isn’t the...read more
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