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3 Tips for Pre-Planning a Funeral, Cincinnati, Ohio
If you're concerned about your loved ones feeling overwhelmed after you pass away, you can opt to pre-plan your funeral arrangements. Although this can be a difficult situation to wrap your head around, pre-planning can more
3 Tips for Choosing a Grave Marker, Green, Ohio
A grave marker honors a deceased loved one, memorializes how much they mean to you, and provides an elegant and tasteful indicator of their burial place. While the details of planning a funeral service and navigating the early more
White Oak West, OH Funeral Homes Businesses
Mihovk-Rosenacker Funeral Home, Funerals, Funeral Planning Services, Funeral Homes, Cincinnati, Ohio
5527 Cheviot Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45247
(513) 385-0511
Although the death of a loved one always involves some degree of emotional distress, when compassionate professionals are available to assist in the funeral planning process, this challenging period is much easier to cope with. For gener...
Frederick Funeral Home , Funerals, Funeral Planning Services, Funeral Homes, Cincinnati, Ohio
2553 Banning Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45239
Regardless of the circumstances, losing a loved one is one of the most trying experiences you will go through in life. When this happens, it’s important to have caring professionals available to make the process of funeral planning easie...
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3 Common Myths About Cremation, Green, Ohio
Cremation is an increasingly popular option for families grieving the loss of a loved one. Though the practice has been around for centuries, there is considerable misinformation more
The 5 Stages of Grief, Cincinnati, Ohio
Grieving the loss of a loved one can be difficult. End of life and separation are never easy, and people’s minds and bodies go through various stages to help them cope with the more
3 Tips for Sending Funeral Flowers, Cincinnati, Ohio
If someone you know has recently lost a loved one, you likely want to reach out and show your support. Something as simple as sending funeral flowers can be just what friends more
3 Tips for Choosing Music for a Funeral, Green, Ohio
Music attaches to memories and emotions in a way words often can’t. It can be a powerful and moving part of a funeral when you choose the right songs. With so more
Do’s & Don’ts of Funeral Attire, Cincinnati, Ohio
Funerals have many long-standing traditions, and the dress code is one of them. While they can already be a stressful time, not knowing what to wear can add to the anxiety. It’s more
What to Place in Your Loved One's Casket , Green, Ohio
As you prepare to lay a loved one to rest, you may be thinking about adding items to the casket with them. A tradition dating back to ancient times, when people were buried with more
5 Tips for Creating an Epitaph on a Monument, Cincinnati, Ohio
When making funeral arrangements for a dearly departed loved one, you may be tasked with writing the epitaph for a grave marker. This burial inscription to clearly more
3 Tips on Planning an Ash-Scattering Ceremony, Cincinnati, Ohio
When a loved one chooses cremation, many families plan an ash-scattering ceremony as a way to pay their respects an say a final goodbye. These ceremonies offer a fitting tribute to more
3 Sympathy Gifts to Consider Instead of Flowers, Green, Ohio
The death of a loved one is tremendously hard for a person, which is why friends and family members are interested in offering comfort by sending flowers. While flowers more
3 Benefits of Cremation, Green, Ohio
Although some people opt for a traditional burial when a loved one passes, for others, cremation is the better choice. Mihovk-Rosenacker Funeral Home provides funeral services more
How to Help a Loved One Grieve After a Loss, Green, Ohio
Following a death, those closest to the deceased often struggle as they try to cope with their loss and manage their grief. It can be hard to see a friend or family member in more
A Guide to Healing After a Loved One's Suicide, Cincinnati, Ohio
Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy, but if your friend, relative, or significant other took their own life, the grieving process holds even more obstacles. Luckily, more
How to Write a Meaningful Condolence Card, Cincinnati, Ohio
When someone you know experiences a loss, sending a condolence card that expresses your sympathies can comfort them before and after the funeral services. Expressing your sentiments more
3 Considerations to Make When Choosing Funeral Flowers, Green, Ohio
When an immediate family member dies, it is typically up to you to help with the service details, including selecting the funeral flowers. Since this is a delicate time, more
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