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3 Electrical Upgrades for a Kitchen Remodel, Honolulu County, Hawaii
While most people may first think of a new countertop or island for a kitchen remodel, some of the most impactful changes are often electrical. With these upgrades and the help of a skilled electrician, you can make your life in the...read more
How to Prevent Electrical Fires, Honolulu County, Hawaii
Electricity improves the lives of millions of people; however, it comes with risks. Even a minor issue with the electrical wiring in your home has the potential to cause major fire damage. Follow these tips to protect your home and every...read more
Pearl City, HI Electricians Businesses
Oahu Electrical Services, LED Lighting, Small Electrical Repairs, Electricians, Waimanalo, Hawaii
(808) 321-5748
Trying to find a trustworthy and knowledgeable electrical contractor doesn’t have to be difficult. At Oahu Electrical Services in Waimanalo, HI, they offer excellent service at affordable prices. This certified company works with both re...
Jacob Electric LLC, Electric Companies, Contractors, Electricians, Ewa Beach, Hawaii
(808) 349-4410
Jacob Electric LLC provides indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, and various electrician services to residential and commercial clients throughout Hawaii. As a fully licensed and insured electrical company, Jacob Electric possesses the exp...
 Direct Electric Hawaii , Solar Electric Products, Electricians, Waipahu, Hawaii
(808) 554-2572
Direct Electric Hawaii is the leading solar and electrical contractor in Wahiawa, HI. With 18 years of experience in the industry, they provide top-notch commercial and residential electric service to the entire island of Oahu. From ret...
Electrical Development, Electric Companies, Solar Electricity Services, Electricians, Honolulu, Hawaii
If you’re looking for quality, affordable electrical services for your commercial or residential property, contact Electrical Development, Oahu’s expert electricians. Their fully-licensed staff is equipped to handle any job; from home el...
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3 Renovation Projects for an Electrician, Honolulu County, Hawaii
Whether you plan to stay in your house for years to come or are interested in selling it soon, you want a comfortable modern home to meet your family needs. But when it comes to...read more
How to Use Lighting to Boost Security, Honolulu County, Hawaii
Lighting makes a big difference in the security of your business premises, which will help keep your guests, employees, and property safe. Along with consulting an expert l...read more
How to Reduce Energy Use at Home, Honolulu County, Hawaii
From making your morning coffee to charging your smartphone, your electrical system is essential to your daily home life. However, the cost of electricity usage can quickly add up on...read more
3 Reasons You Should Redo Your Home's Electrical Wiring, Honolulu County, Hawaii
Your home's electrical wiring is essential to keep the house comfortable and efficient, but it also affects safety. If there's a problem with the wiring, you should have an elec...read more
How to Protect Against Electrical Hazards During Floods, Honolulu County, Hawaii
From burst pipes to roof leaks during a storm, there are several reasons why your property may experience flooding. Regardless of the cause, always practice safety when it ...read more
3 Ways to Avoid Electrical Shocks at Home, Ewa, Hawaii
Although your home’s electrical system plays a significant role in your everyday routine, it can also pose a threat to your safety. Shocks occur when the body comes into the path of ...read more
3 Electrical Upgrades for Your Kitchen Remodel, Ewa, Hawaii
One of the first steps of a successful kitchen remodeling process is determining your wiring plan. Older systems may be outdated and not up to code for newer appliances, in which cas...read more
Top 3 Reasons to Hire an Electrician, Honolulu County, Hawaii
To save money, some homeowners put off addressing electrical issues or forego the help of a qualified electrician. However, doing so can lead to severe problems, including ...read more
3 Ways to Use Solar Power at Home, Ewa, Hawaii
If you’ve been thinking about making a switch to a low-maintenance, sustainable energy source, then you should consider installing solar panels on your home. But while you may k...read more
Why You Should Have a Professional Install a New TV, Ewa, Hawaii
When you buy a new TV, it can be tempting to save some money and mount it on the wall yourself. But that approach comes with safety risks and unnecessary hassles. Here are three...read more
5 Tips for Patio Illumination, Ewa, Hawaii
Lighting your patio can add charm and ambiance, making the perfect festive environment to extend late afternoon barbecues into the evening. Beyond aesthetic appeal, outdoor lighting ...read more
3 Types of Lighting to Consider for Your Remodeling Project, Honolulu County, Hawaii
Lighting is just as important to the style and appearance of a room as furniture and decor. If you’re in the process of renovating or remodeling the home, you may wish to hire an ele...read more
5 Common Indoor Lighting Mistakes, Ewa, Hawaii
While many people may not think about the indoor lighting first when designing a home, it’s a critical design factor. The right electrical installations can completely chan...read more
LED vs CFL Light Bulbs, Ewa, Hawaii
One of the easiest ways to reduce your home’s carbon footprint and save on monthly energy bills is by upgrading your indoor lighting system. Switching from incandescent to compact fl...read more
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