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Pool Pump Maintenance Tips, Demorest, Georgia
A pool pump keeps water in the pool clean and clear by pulling the water and running it through filters that block out dirt and other particles. Since pumps run continuously and the filtered particles eventually accumulate, regular maint...read more
3 Signs You Need the Help of a Professional Electrician, Demorest, Georgia
Your home’s electrical system plays an important role in your day-to-day routine. As such, when you experience issues, it’s crucial to take quick and effective action to minimize any disruptions. To do so, you need to understand which ty...read more
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Midway Electric Inc., Wiring & Electrical Supplies, Electric Motor Repair, Electricians, Demorest, Georgia
4906 Cannon Bridge Rd
Demorest, GA 30535
Based in Demorest, GA, Midway Electric is the most trusted electrical contractor in all of Northeast Georgia. Fully licensed, insured, and locally owned, the company serves a wide range of locales, including Habersham County, White, Tall...
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Electrical Contractors Explain How to Maintain an Energy-Efficient Home This Fall, Demorest, Georgia
Maintaining an energy-efficient home can provide valuable savings, increase the life span of your appliances, and improve your comfort throughout the year. That’s especially importan...read more
Electrical Service Expert Shares 4 Important Safety Tips, Demorest, Georgia
While electricity is incredibly useful and necessary for everyday functions, without the right precautionary steps, it can be very dangerous. As such, it’s important to follow a...read more
3 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring an Electrical Contractor, Demorest, Georgia
As a homeowner, you depend on your electrical system to keep your home lit and functional year round, which makes it difficult when the power suddenly flickers out. Fortunately, you ...read more
Demorest Electrician Shares 3 Tips For Protecting Outdoor Outlets, Demorest, Georgia
Outdoor outlets are exposed to the elements all day, every day, which makes them vulnerable to damage. That’s why proper protection is crucial. If the outlet short circuits, you won’...read more
Wiring Color Codes 101: An Electrical Contractor Explains , Demorest, Georgia
Do you know the difference between red, green, and yellow electrical cords? What about black and blue? While many people don’t know one cord from another, understanding the distincti...read more
3 Symptoms of a Failing HVAC Blower Motor, Demorest, Georgia
Have you ever tried to turn on your HVAC system, only to realize that no air or heat was coming out of the vents? The HVAC blower motor is the electrical device which contr...read more
Demorest Electrical Contractor Offers Tips to Minimize Electrical Risks, Demorest, Georgia
Electricity is a powerful resource—but if you don't handle it carefully, it can also be incredibly dangerous. Midway Electric has a team of the most trusted and reliab...read more
3 Common Pool Pump Problems, Demorest, Georgia
There’s nothing quite like the feeling of diving into a cool pool on a blazingly hot day. Unfortunately for residents of Northeast Georgia, issues with pool pumps can get in the way ...read more
3 Major Reasons to Hire a Licensed Electrician, Demorest, Georgia
While easy internet access can turn virtually every home improvement project into a DIY, there are still some things that are better left to the professionals. Aside from ensuring th...read more
Top 5 Benefits of Water Treatment Systems, Demorest, Georgia
The oft-used term, “wastewater,” refers to runoff from snow and rain, water from sinks and toilets, and other inconsumable sources. Water treatment systems serve ...read more
Top 3 Signs Your Water Well Pump Is Failing, Demorest, Georgia
When your water service depends upon a private well and a water pump instead of a municipal utility hookup, it becomes your responsibility to resolve any equipment issues. Midwa...read more
Take Advantage of Fall Savings on Electric Motors & Pumps!, Demorest, Georgia
Since opening in 1955, Midway Electric has provided reliable electrical services to the community in Northeast Georgia. Though they’re known for their exceptional work...read more
9 Pool Pump Maintenance Tips, Demorest, Georgia
A pool pump keeps the water in your pool clean and clear by running it through filters that screen out dirt and other particles. Because pool pumps run continuously and the...read more
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