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4 Electrical Safety Tips for Your Spring-Cleaning List, West Chester, Ohio
Practicing regular electrical system maintenance is key to protecting you and your household from hazards like electrocution and fire. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), approximately 51,000 electrical fi...read more
3 Reasons You Need Whole-House Surge Protection, West Chester, Ohio
From lightning outside to circuit overloads inside your house, there are many ways for surges to strike your home. Surges can cause major damage to your appliances, phones, and electric wiring, which is why many homeowners...read more
West Chester, OH Electricians Businesses
Craftsman Electric, Energy Management Systems, Lighting Contractors, Electricians, Cincinnati, Ohio
3855 Alta Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45236
(513) 891-4426
Craftsman Electric offers a wide range of electric services to homes and businesses in Cincinnati, OH and Northern Kentucky. Whether you are looking for an outlet repair or to upgrade your electric panel, we can help. From residenti...
Bunnell Electric Inc., Wiring & Electrical Supplies, Electric Companies, Electricians, West Chester, Ohio
9966 Cincinnati-Dayton Rd.
West Chester, OH 45069
(513) 779-8778
When people in the Cincinnati, OH area need a reliable and affordable electrician, they call Bunnell Electric Inc. Their team of electricians is proud that they are considered leaders in the field of electrical installation services, and...
Machine Doctors, Electric Companies, Electricians, Electric Motor Repair, Sharonville, Ohio
3490 Mustafa Dr
Sharonville, OH 45241
You’d be amazed to find how many items in your home, office, and car run on electric motors. Fans, pumps, disc drives, power tools—almost everything with a power cord or a battery pack has a motor in it somewhere, and when they break, Ma...
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4 FAQs About Electrical Work, West Chester, Ohio
Many home and business owners like to be proactive in the managing and maintenance of their property. While it’s safest to leave the repairs to experts, it’s smart to research the ca...read more
FAQ About Breaker Boxes & Circuit Breakers, West Chester, Ohio
Breaker boxes are crucial parts of the electric wiring systems in many homes, protecting appliances, electronics, and your home itself from power surges and other threats. When ...read more
What to Expect When Working With a Commercial Electrician, West Chester, Ohio
Optimizing the electrical system in a commercial space often requires a different knowledge base and skill set due to the larger scale of offices, stores, and other places of busines...read more
The Differences Between Journeymen and Master Electrical Contractors, West Chester, Ohio
Many electrical contractors employ both journeymen and master electricians. While journeyman electricians are qualified to provide many electrical services, there is a wide...read more
A Guide to Safely Handling an Electrical Fire, West Chester, Ohio
Commonly caused by faulty electric wiring, overloaded outlets, or broken electronics, electrical fires are something every homeowner worries about. However, like any hazard, the more...read more
Why Does Electric Wiring Need to be Grounded?, West Chester, Ohio
Lightning was once thought of as a mystical force, but over the centuries, humans discovered that all electricity, including lightning, follows certain rules. These rules are helpful...read more
Home Electricians Explain Why Ceiling Fans Are Underrated, West Chester, Ohio
Most people use their ceiling fans as a way to cool off in the summer. It’s a fantastic option for regulating your home's temperature and keeping you comfortable in hot weather....read more
West Chester Electrical Contractor Explains Why Potato Lightbulbs Work, West Chester, Ohio
As more people become dependent on electricity to power up homes and businesses, they realize the importance of energy conservation and the need for efficient, renewable sources. Whi...read more
The Do’s & Don’ts of Using Power Strips & Surge Protectors, West Chester, Ohio
Found near every desk, entertainment center, and kitchen countertop, power strips and surge protectors are essential to everyday life. According to Bunnell Electric, because of their...read more
4 FAQs About Outlets & Home Electric Repairs, West Chester, Ohio
The electrical outlets in your home power your devices and protect your appliances from receiving improper levels of electricity, but they can also suffer problems. Identifying an el...read more
3 Sure Signs Your Building Is Due for Commercial Electrical Services, Silverton, Ohio
Owning a commercial building is a major responsibility, especially when juggling the upkeep of your often-used systems. While you may assume that electrical services are only require...read more
4 Qualities to Look for in a Reliable Electrical Contractor, West Chester, Ohio
Having an electrician you can rely on is important, but there are many different companies out there. It isn’t always easy to find an electrical contractor perfec...read more
5 Signs Your Home Needs Electric Wiring Services, West Chester, Ohio
The electrical system of your home can be quite complicated; it often takes an expert eye to catch when it’s malfunctioning. But, Bunnell Electric in West Chester, OH, has learn...read more
4 Fantastic Reasons to Become an Apprentice Electrician, Silverton, Ohio
Becoming an electrician requires training, patience, and dedication. While there are some skills that can be taught in the classroom, many of the techniques you’ll need on a daily ba...read more
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