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Oahu Electrical Services, LED Lighting, Small Electrical Repairs, Electricians, Waimanalo, Hawaii
(808) 321-5748
Trying to find a trustworthy and knowledgeable electrical contractor doesn’t have to be difficult. At Oahu Electrical Services in Waimanalo, HI, they offer excellent service at affordable prices. This certified company works with both re...
Always on Electric , Small Electrical Repairs, Electric Companies, Electricians, HIlo, Hawaii
(808) 640-3391
Whether it is your home, office, or industrial property, you need a reliable electrician to keep your electrical system safe, efficient, and functional. As a fully insured and licensed electrician on the Island of Hawaii, Pahoa residents...
AA Electric, Ltd. , Contractors, Small Electrical Repairs, Electricians, Honolulu, Hawaii
500 Alakawa St. #100
Honolulu, HI 96817
(808) 841-4131
Every year, 67,800 homes suffer damage in electrical fires, resulting in nearly 500 deaths and millions of dollars in property damage. Your home electrical system is too important to trust to an unlicensed handyman, which is why Honolulu...
3 Electrical Renovation Ideas for Offices, Hilo, Hawaii
Upgrading your commercial space can deliver many benefits, including a more functional workspace and better employee productivity. While office managers often think about the aesthet...read more
4 Signs of Home Electrical Wiring Issues, Honolulu County, Hawaii
Faulty wiring can lead to power outages or fires. With due diligence, you can catch an electrical wiring issue and have it fixed before it causes harm. Here are four w...read more
FAQ About Electrical Safety for Kids, Honolulu, Hawaii
Children are naturally curious about their surroundings, but some objects within their grasp can put their well-being at risk. Besides teaching your kids not to play with dangerous i...read more
4 Tips to Pet-Proof Your Home's Electrical System, Honolulu, Hawaii
Adopting a new pet is a joyous occasion, but it also requires preparing your home for a curious animal, just like you would for a baby. To keep your companion safe, consult an e...read more
Does Your House Need to Be Rewired?, Honolulu, Hawaii
Since electricity is a crucial aspect of everyday life, you need to maintain your home’s wiring system. Sometimes, this entails calling an electrician to rewire it entirely...read more
4 Ways to Save Energy This Summer, Hilo, Hawaii
Saving energy can be a challenge during the warm summer months. Not only is the air conditioner running more consistently, but the outdoor heat also makes it difficult to p...read more
A Guide to Under-Cabinet Lighting, Honolulu, Hawaii
If you’re upgrading or remodeling an area in your home, such as a kitchen or garage workshop, adding lights under the cabinets will improve visibility and contribute to the room’s at...read more
How Humidity Can Damage Electrical Services, Honolulu, Hawaii
Hawaii is known for warm, sunny weather and fragrant sea breezes. While these might be pleasant conditions for residents, they aren’t always kind to electrical services. In some...read more
3 Perks of Working With Licensed Electricians, Honolulu, Hawaii
Home electrical components don’t last forever, so you may run into repair or replacement needs down the line. Many homeowners also renovate their homes, moving appliances or eve...read more
CFL vs. LED Light Bulbs, Hilo, Hawaii
If you’re looking for ways to save money on energy, begin with your indoor lighting. Upgrading from traditional light bulbs to compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) and light emitting diode...read more
3 Possible Causes of Flickering Lights, Honolulu, Hawaii
Flickering lights in your home are not only annoying but also interfere with your ability to perform tasks like reading. They also may cause eye strain, as the ocular ...read more
5 Electrical Tips for Setting Up a Home Office, Honolulu, Hawaii
As technology continues to advance, more people are working from home, so many homeowners need to convert their living spaces into offices. A major part of this project that can’t be...read more
What Are GFCI Outlets?, Hilo, Hawaii
Ground fault circuit interrupter outlets can protect you from hazardous electrical issues, which is why they’re essential in homes. Find out more about how they work and why you shou...read more
3 Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your Business Phone System, Honolulu, Hawaii
Nearly all businesses rely on advanced tools to communicate, especially as phone and internet systems become increasingly integrated. If it’s been a while since an ele...read more
How to Avoid Power Surge Damage, Honolulu, Hawaii
When too much current flows through an electrical system at one time, it causes a power surge. The stronger the surge, the greater the risk of damage to your home and its contents. L...read more
A Guide to Low-Voltage Outlet Detection, Honolulu, Hawaii
From turning on lights to powering appliances, electricity is required for various ordinary activities. When you plug a device into a low-voltage wall outlet, don’t be surprised...read more