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3 Signs It's Time to Replace an Outlet, Willington, Connecticut
The average household outlet flows with 120 volts of alternating current electricity. A residential electrical contractor needs to keep your outlets in good condition to meet building codes and protect you and your family. Knowing t...read more
4 Benefits of LED Lighting, Willington, Connecticut
Most homeowners want to improve their lighting while lowering their electrical bills. Instead of dimming the fixtures or using fewer lights, consider switching to LED or light-emitting diode options. Here is some insight i...read more
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Patnode Electric, Generator Service & Repair, Electricians, Generators, Willington, Connecticut
(860) 429-3574
Electrical wiring and installation are not something that homeowners should attempt on their own, which is why so many Connecticut homeowners trust Patnode Electric in Willington, CT, to do it for them. Since 1988, Patnode Electric has b...
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5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel , Willington, Connecticut
Your home relies on a sound electrical panel to function properly. If you’ve noticed dimming lights when you turn on devices or the circuit breaker trips frequently. You may hav...read more
How Can Residential Power Outages Be Prevented?, Willington, Connecticut
Some power outages, such as those caused by storms and other types of inclement weather, simply can’t be avoided. However, some outages are preventable and it’s up to homeowners to t...read more
5 Reasons to Replace Your Home's Outlets, Willington, Connecticut
Think about when your home was built and how often the outlets have undergone replacement. If it’s been 10 years or longer since a licensed electrician replaced the outlets around yo...read more
3 Mistakes to Avoid During a Power Outage, Willington, Connecticut
After a power outage during a storm, many homeowners light candles to illuminate their homes until the electricity returns. However, some outages aren’t caused by storms. Rather, the...read more
Why Is LED Lighting Beneficial? , Willington, Connecticut
Light-emitting diode (LED) lights are becoming one of the more popular options for electrical fixtures for both homes and businesses. The technology — which has been around for ...read more
4 Possible Reasons Your Generator Isn’t Starting, Willington, Connecticut
You rely on your generator to work when you need it most, especially during a blackout due to a strong storm or an electric overload. This is why you should test it regularly, even i...read more
3 Ways to Prepare Your Generator for the Winter, Willington, Connecticut
With winter arriving, there is an increased risk that cold temperatures and heavy snowfall can cause power outages and delayed repairs. To prepare for the possibility of po...read more
4 Steps to Take During a Power Outage, Willington, Connecticut
Electrical power outages can be inconvenient, especially if you don’t have a generator. Whether you experience this due to a storm or planned service, knowing how to react will help ...read more
How Will a Standby Generator Benefit My Business? , Willington, Connecticut
When the power goes out at your place of business, a standby generator provides the temporary remedy that prevents operations from coming to a dramatic halt. These generators activat...read more
3 Electrical Questions to Ask as You Survey Older Homes, Willington, Connecticut
People are often drawn to older homes because of their unique and charming features, but these houses sometimes come with pesky electrical issues. Before closing on a property, ...read more
4 Signs It's Time to Call an Electrician, Willington, Connecticut
Like other major household systems such as HVAC and plumbing, your electrical system warns you when it needs servicing. These signals tell you to contact an experienced electrician a...read more
3 Tips to Preserve Your Generator, Willington, Connecticut
The right powered generator can provide your home with hours of much-needed energy when your local grid isn’t operating. Whether a severe thunderstorm caused an outage or your home s...read more
3 Ways to Prevent a Circuit Overload, Willington, Connecticut
A circuit overload is created when too much current flows through the wires. Circuit breakers, or fuse boxes in older homes, are in place to prevent damage to a home. Although it hel...read more
4 Electrical Upgrades to Include in Your New Home, Willington, Connecticut
If you’re moving into a new home, it’s essential to sure it’s equipped with a safe electrical system. While the home may be a new space to you, its electrical wiring may be a fe...read more
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