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3 Signs You Should Update Your Electrical Panel, Port Orchard, Washington
An electrical panel is where your breaker switches are located. Within it is the main circuit breaker that controls the entire home. If your electrical appliances, like your fridge, remain off for an extended period, you could lose money...read more
3 Tips for Maintaining Utility Poles in the Winter, Port Orchard, Washington
Winter weather means snow, ice, slush, and frosty temperatures. Because of these treacherous conditions, utility poles may sustain damage, which can be problematic for your property. Below are three maintenance tips to remember for ...read more
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George’s Electric, Home Improvement, Generators, Electricians, Port Orchard, Washington
9590 SW Heartwood Ln
Port Orchard, WA 98367
(360) 895-9482
George’s Electric, Generators, Commercial Contractors, Electricians, Port Orchard, Washington
9590 SW Heartwood Ln
Port Orchard, WA 98367
(360) 895-9482
Electricity is the lifeblood of your home or office building—you use it to power everything from lights and computers to appliances and entertainment devices. In order to keep your home and office running at full capacity, you need the h...
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How to Avoid 3 Common Winter Electrical Problems, Port Orchard, Washington
Winter weather can cause a number of household electrical issues. Being mindful of the problems that rain, snow, and heavy winds can cause is important, both for your comfort and you...read more
4 Tips to Get Your Generator Ready for Winter, Port Orchard, Washington
When winter weather arrives, icy power lines, strong winds, and heavy snow can cut your power at any time. To keep your lights and heat on without a visit from the electric...read more
3 Signs You Need a New Utility Pole , Port Orchard, Washington
A utility pole is extremely important, as it holds up electric wires that contain the transmission, distribution, and communication lines. If the poles that hold the cables up aren't...read more
3 Signs You Need a New Generator, Port Orchard, Washington
From operating HVAC equipment to turning on lights, people use standby generators to keep their homes running smoothly during power outages. However, even a minor malfunction ca...read more
3 Ways to Prevent Power Blackouts, Port Orchard, Washington
A power outage can pose a serious inconvenience when you’re going about your daily activities. Although weather-related blackouts are out of your control, there are some st...read more
4 Reasons to Keep a Generator at Your Business, Port Orchard, Washington
When power outages or blackouts occur, your commercial property may experience a dip in business and become unsafe for patrons and employees. However, if you have a generator, you’ll...read more
4 FAQ About Electrical Panels, Port Orchard, Washington
Every home is equipped with an electrical panel, a device that hosts the fuses that power your property. Without it, the currents needed for your appliances, lighting, and elect...read more
3 Benefits of Rewiring Your Business Space, Port Orchard, Washington
Whether your business experiences frequent blackouts or blown fuses, it’s imperative to have a qualified electrician on standby to ensure that your employees and customers ...read more
A Guide to Residential Power Outages, Port Orchard, Washington
Dealing with a residential power outage can be a nuisance. A sudden lack of power can easily disrupt your daily activities. There are many reasons why outages occur, and some may req...read more
What You Should Know About Maintaining & Replacing Utility Poles, Port Orchard, Washington
When it comes to delivering reliable power to your property, you likely don’t worry too much about your utility poles unless they’re compromised during a powerful storm. However...read more
Do’s & Don’ts of Rewiring a New Home, Port Orchard, Washington
Rewiring a new home is a common step to take in both new and older homes. It ensures that everything is up-to-date and provides the right amount of power you need to support var...read more
3 Tips to Illuminate Dim Rooms, Port Orchard, Washington
Whether it’s natural or man-made, illumination in a dimly-lit room can elevate the decor and improve your mood. With just a few changes, you can upgrade a dark room into a lit oasis....read more
Top 3 Office Lighting Tips to Boost Productivity , Port Orchard, Washington
The aesthetics of an office setting are critical for creating an atmosphere conducive for productivity. Along with your office layout, furniture, and design choices, it’s important t...read more
5 Signs You Need a Circuit Breaker Upgrade, Port Orchard, Washington
Older homes—and sometimes new homes as well—often need an electrician to upgrade their circuit breakers. This is because circuit breakers might no longer effectively stop t...read more
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