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How Does a Generator Work?, Grand Junction, Colorado
If you live in an area where power outages are a problem for your home or business, a generator is one of the best ways to ensure you have a steady power source, even when the grid goes out. These gasoline-powered devices are an efficien...read more
COVID-19 Relief, Grand Junction, Colorado
To our community friends, please rest assured McAtlin Electrical Corp is right alongside you during the COVID-19 shutdowns. Being considered a critical service, we are here for any electrical or communications needs you may have in you...read more
Mesa, CO Electricians Businesses
McAtlin Electrical Corporation, Generators, Lighting Contractors, Electricians, Grand Junction, Colorado
714 Arrowest Rd, Unit A
Grand Junction, CO 81505
(970) 257-7414
Electrical work is one of those jobs that is as complicated as it is dangerous, which is why home and business owners throughout Colorado, Arizona, and Utah turn to professionals such as McAtlin Electrical Corporation. With a focus on pr...
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3 Reasons You Should Buy a Home Generator, Grand Junction, Colorado
Electricity is essential to daily life, powering everything from your TV to the refrigerator. When a power outage occurs, you have no way to use these devices and other crucial items...read more
What Are GFCI Outlets?, Grand Junction, Colorado
Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) are a common sight in households across the U.S. While they've been a part of new construction code requirements since the early 1970s, many ...read more
3 Reasons Why Your Lights Are Flickering, Grand Junction, Colorado
Flickering lights are usually nothing to worry about, but there are certain circumstances that require an electrician immediately. A well-designed home won’t experience much flickeri...read more
Electrician Shares 3 Tips to Help You Protect Your Outdoor Outlets, Grand Junction, Colorado
Whether you’re looking to operate power tools or add ambient lighting to your backyard, outdoor electrical outlets serve a variety of essential functions. However, you must keep...read more
3 Reasons to Call a Commercial Electrician, Grand Junction, Colorado
While you can handle many of a business's needs in house, some tasks shouldn't be left to the employees. Caring for your electrical wiring is crucial to how your business functi...read more
3 Electrical Safety Tips for Pet Owners, Grand Junction, Colorado
Pets add lots of love and fun to your life, but they’re also a serious responsibility. As a pet owner, you have to take certain steps to protect your animal companion from ...read more
4 Tips for Reducing Your Lighting Costs, Grand Junction, Colorado
If you grew up with a parent chiding you to turn the lights off when leaving a room, then you probably know how lighting can impact energy bills. However, it’s easy to lapse into for...read more
5 Ways to Lower Your Energy Bill Now, Grand Junction, Colorado
If your last few energy bills were higher than you would like, it’s time to step back and review what you can change. In many instances, your system might be pumping out extra electr...read more
Your Outlets Aren't Working: What's the Cause?, Grand Junction, Colorado
We're used to plugging in our phones, computers, and kitchen appliances without much thought...until we notice the electronics aren't charging. As the outward face of your house wiri...read more
5 Reasons Frayed Wires Are Dangerous, Grand Junction, Colorado
Electrical cords are insulated so that you don’t contact the live wire underneath. When that exterior coating begins to fray, the wiring is now exposed and can pose a hazar...read more
3 Reasons an Electrician Should Inspect Your New Home, Grand Junction, Colorado
When you're buying a home, an electrical inspection is one of the most important services you’ll need before finalizing the purchase. The licensed electrician you choose will ex...read more
How to Avoid Electrical Hazards During the Holidays, Grand Junction, Colorado
There's nothing that evokes the holidays so much as seeing Christmas lights shining brightly from the tree, but this beautiful symbol of family and hope also introduces an electrical...read more
3 Common Electrical Problems in Residential Properties, Grand Junction, Colorado
When addressing safety issues in your home, electrical problems should be at the top of your list. Otherwise, these issues can cause fires, which may lead to dangerous situations and...read more
Electrician Suggests 3 Electrical Updates to Save Money, Grand Junction, Colorado
Owning your own business is a rewarding yet expensive endeavor. Therefore, you're likely on the lookout for different ways to trim your bills. That is why the electricians at McAtlin...read more
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