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What Is an Arc Fault?, Belleville, Illinois
An arc fault occurs when electrical wiring connections create unwanted contact with each other. This leads to sparks and hissing sounds, along with increasing heat that can wear through the insulation that protects your wires. Keep ...read more
3 Effects of Restaurant Lighting, Belleville, Illinois
Lighting is an essential part of any professional design plan. In a restaurant, it plays a significant role in contributing to the ambiance and creating a safe space for patrons, servers, and cooks. Below are a few reasons you should hav...read more
Belleville, IL Electricians Businesses
RM Electrical Contractor Corp, Small Electrical Repairs, Lighting Contractors, Electricians, Belleville, Illinois
(618) 939-0422
From minor electrical repairs to lighting installations, your home requires the support of a reliable electrician. RM Electrical in Belleville, IL, is determined to deliver safe and secure electrical services to residential and commercia...
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3 Benefits of Surge Protectors for Businesses, Belleville, Illinois
With many business aspects running on electricity, companies must keep their electronic systems safe. Power surges are common, especially in large buildings that use considerable&nbs...read more
Schedule an Electrical Inspection Before Buying an Older Home, Belleville, Illinois
Older homes have an unmatched charm and character, making them great long-term investments. However, you must have the electrical wiring checked in old houses because their curr...read more
3 Common Breaker Box Problems, Belleville, Illinois
Your breaker box is the control panel for your entire home. It regulates the power that goes to each room, so trouble with this box can leave you without the use of appliances, light...read more
4 Benefits of Hiring an Electrician for a Home Addition, Belleville, Illinois
Creating a home addition can add to the value of a property if the construction is done correctly. That means hiring an electrician to handle the wiring, lighting, and appl...read more
3 Warning Signs Your Home Needs Electrical Work, Belleville, Illinois
The sooner you identify potential electrical issues in the home, the faster you can make your home safe again. By recognizing the warning signs, an electrician can quickly&...read more
A Brief Guide to Power Surges, Belleville, Illinois
Most electrical appliances cannot withstand power surges. This sudden voltage increase damages not only the appliance but also burn out the connecting outlets and elec...read more
Common Questions About Breaker Boxes, Belleville, Illinois
The central hub of the electrical system for most people's homes is the breaker box. It contains a series of breakers that connect to various circuits throughout the house. If you ar...read more
3 Items You Should Have for a Winter Blackout, Belleville, Illinois
While many homeowners associate blackouts with summer thunderstorms, winter weather also creates severe issues for your electrical company. Snow and ice often bring down power l...read more
Why You Should Have an Electrician Install Landscape Lighting, Belleville, Illinois
If you want to take your landscaping from impressive to breathtaking, call an electrician. Having the property wired for exterior lighting is a sound investment that will p...read more
What You Should Know About Safely Using Power Strips, Belleville, Illinois
If you have an office or living room where outlets are limited, you can power the lamps, electronics, and other devices you need with a power strip. While they are a handy solut...read more
Your Guide to Navigating Power Outages , Belleville, Illinois
In the event of a power outage, you may panic and not know what to do to maintain your home and stay safe. Fortunately, with some knowledge and preparation, you’ll have the ability t...read more
The 4 Most Common Electrical Issues in Older Homes, Belleville, Illinois
Older homes have charm and history, but they don’t come without their share of problems. In particular, electrical wiring may be faulty or merely old, leading to issues throughout th...read more
4 FAQ About Electrical Work for Pool Lights, Belleville, Illinois
It’s no secret that water and electrical work don’t make a good match. But then how do electricians manage to install pool lighting? If you want to illuminate your nighttime swims wi...read more
3 Steps to Take When the Power Goes Out, Belleville, Illinois
A sudden loss of power in your home or neighborhood can leave you scrambling over what to do. To avoid panicking, plan ahead. Homeowners can prepare for storms, electrical issues, an...read more
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