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4 FAQ About Aerobic Systems, Purcell, Oklahoma
Not all septic tanks operate the same way. An increasing number of property owners are choosing to install aerobic systems that use aerobic bacteria to eliminate biological waste. Constant air circulation allows the various more
Do's & Don'ts of Staying Safe During a Tornado, Purcell, Oklahoma
Tornadoes can strike with almost no warning at all. Knowing what to do and heading to a storm shelter as soon as possible can keep you safe during this frightening experience. Review the following guidelines and keep them in more
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G & M Tank Co, Septic Systems, Concrete Supplier, Storm Shelters, Purcell, Oklahoma
441 Osage Dr
Purcell, OK 73080
(405) 527-5342
Living in Tornado Alley, it’s imperative that you’re fully prepared in the event of dangerous weather. When looking to protect your family against the threat of a tornado, your best bet for immediate action is to be prepared with a storm...
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3 Tips for Keeping Pets Safe During a Tornado, Purcell, Oklahoma
Tornadoes are always terrifying events, especially for your beloved pets who can’t understand what’s going on. Many dogs and cats run away or get lost during these dangerous weather more
3 Infamous Tornadoes in Oklahoma History, Purcell, Oklahoma
Oklahoma experiences an average of 57.4 tornadoes per year. Many residents rely on sturdy storm shelters on their properties to protect them from the harsh storms. Although a more
4 FAQ About Septic Systems, Purcell, Oklahoma
Residences in rural areas frequently rely on septic systems to deal with household waste. These efficient yet delicate systems consist of a septic tank, perforated pipes, and an more
How to Keep Your Family Calm in a Storm Shelter, Purcell, Oklahoma
When a tornado approaches, many families seek refuge in storm shelters. These durable structures, which can be installed in your backyard, shield you from strong winds and flying more
5 Tips to Protect Your Home's Septic System, Purcell, Oklahoma
Septic tanks process waste for properties and storm shelters that aren’t connected to municipal sewage lines. Since they’re essential to the health and safety of your home, more
3 Advantages of an Aerobic Treatment System, Purcell, Oklahoma
Homeowners can choose from aerobic systems or conventional models when planning their wastewater treatment. To reduce environmental concerns and avoid equipment malfunctions, more
A Beginner’s Guide to Septic Distribution Boxes, Purcell, Oklahoma
The majority of your septic system is buried underground. Because it’s out of sight, many homeowners don’t pay attention to their waste removal. Yet, whether you’re planning a more
4 Tornado Warning Signs, Purcell, Oklahoma
In the United States, there are two regions with a higher frequency of tornadoes than the rest of the country. One is Florida, while the other is "Tornado Alley," which contains more
The Top 3 Safety Tips for Tornado Season, Purcell, Oklahoma
In Oklahoma, tornado season lasts between late March and August, which means the time to prepare is now. Every year, these dangerous storms take lives, injure people, and cause more
5 Must-Haves for a Storm Shelter, Purcell, Oklahoma
When emergencies strike, having a storm shelter can make a huge difference for you and your family. Whether you live in an area with frequent treacherous storms or you want a place more
Do’s & Don'ts of Storm Shelters, Purcell, Oklahoma
A storm shelter is a safe place to hide during a tornado or violent storm. You have likely stocked it for the nastiest of weather, but you need to prepare yourself as well. Here are more
Understanding Tornadoes & How They Cause Damage, Purcell, Oklahoma
Oklahoma has had almost 150 tornadoes so far this year. That’s why its residents need to know how tornadoes develop and act so they can seek a nearby storm shelter in an more
What Are the Best Foods to Keep in a Storm Shelter?, Purcell, Oklahoma
If you live in a tornado-centric area like Oklahoma, a storm shelter provides safety and peace of mind against the weather. However, to make sure your family is prepared more
How to Protect Your Home From Tornado Damage, Purcell, Oklahoma
In the event of a tornado, a storm shelter will help protect you and your family. However, that doesn’t mean the safety of your home is completely free from your mind. While more
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