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3 Signs It’s Time to Schedule Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning, Watertown, Connecticut
Grease traps are plumbing fixtures meant to keep food waste, fat, oil, and grease from entering the sewage or septic system. In a commercial kitchen, delaying your grease trap cleaning appointment will cause severe clogs. If you’re unsur...read more
How to Identify a Toilet Leak, Watertown, Connecticut
When you hear the words “leaking toilet,” you first thought may be a clogged drain and overflowing bowl. But in fact, many common toilet problems are subtle and hard to identify. If your water bill is inexplicably high or your toile...read more
Watertown, CT Drain Cleaning Businesses
American Rooter, Grease Traps, Sewer Cleaning, Drain Cleaning, Watertown, Connecticut
(888) 863-4638
When you have drain problems, it’s urgent to receive dependable drain service as soon as possible. Have a reliable plumbing company on call before a problem arises with American Rooter in Watertown, CT. These drain contractors ...
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3 Ways to Protect Your Septic System When You Have Guests, Watertown, Connecticut
From get-togethers with friends to family reunions, opening your home to acquaintances and loved ones is a great way for people to socialize in a comfortable setting. Visitors will n...read more
How to Avoid Septic System Failure in the Summer, Watertown, Connecticut
Concerned about the condition of your septic system? It’s common for undetected issues to develop during the hot summer months, which could cause additional damage to spread througho...read more
4 Tips for Flushing Less Paper Down the Toilet, Watertown, Connecticut
Toilet paper is a necessity in every household, but too much going down the commode leads to clogged drains and septic system issues. There are a few ways to reduce toilet paper...read more
Do You Believe These 3 Costly Plumbing & Drain Repair Myths?, Watertown, Connecticut
If you’re like most homeowners, you’re always looking for ways to save money. Many people are aware of some common tips, such as shutting the lights off when you leave the room and t...read more
Should I Use Additives in My Septic Tank?, Watertown, Connecticut
If your septic tank isn’t working as it should, you may be considering additives. Some say it’s beneficial to maintaining the system’s condition, while others believe they detra...read more
3 Plumbing Tips for Parents This Summer, Watertown, Connecticut
There are many potential causes of clogged drains. From old pipes that need replacement to sewage backups, many issues can be resolved. In fact, some can be prevented, especiall...read more
3 Tips for Pet Owners to Avoid Drain Problems, Watertown, Connecticut
Owning a dog or cat brings immense joy to the household. However, an excessive amount of pet hair can damage the multiple drains around the home. Here, American Rooter, a t...read more
Own a Restaurant? 3 Plumbing Tips You Need to Know, Watertown, Connecticut
Busy restaurants use a significant amount of water throughout the day, as it’s a necessary component of cleaning and cooking. And with so much water usage, you rely heavily on the pl...read more
4 Tips Homeowners Need for Flood Disaster Preparation, Watertown, Connecticut
An impending flood can send your city into a panic, as everyone rushes to buy essentials and attempts to ride out the storm. Fortunately, there are several proactive tasks you c...read more
What Should I Look for in a Sewer Cleaning Company?, Watertown, Connecticut
If you have a problem with a sewer or drain in your home or business, you could likely benefit from the help of a sewer cleaner. These professionals can inspect the drain and sewer l...read more
3 Easy Tips for Preventing Clogged Drains, Watertown, Connecticut
Many residents accept clogged drains as just another fact of life. However, with the right precautions, you can minimize the frequency of these unpleasant disruptions. Here’s a ...read more
3 Signs You Need Septic Tank Cleaning, Watertown, Connecticut
Your septic system is a crucial part of your home. It treats waste so you can use your plumbing without worrying about backups or other unpleasant issues. These systems need occasion...read more
Why Septic Tank Cleaning Is Good for Your Health, Watertown, Connecticut
A properly working septic system is rarely thought about, but if you forgo regular maintenance, you may soon discover sewage in your home and yard. This can pose a significant health...read more
3 Tips to Thaw Frozen Pipes, Watertown, Connecticut
With colder-than-average temperatures this winter, more homeowners struggle to thaw frozen pipes before they burst and cause significant damage. Quick action is vital, as the bu...read more
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