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What Is a Grease Trap?, Watertown, Connecticut
A critical component of any commercial kitchen plumbing system is the grease trap. Since cooking requires the use and creation of oils and fats, professional grease trap cleaning is generally necessary every season. If you’re unfamiliar ...read more
3 Dangers of Not Cleaning Out the Grease Trap at Your Business, Watertown, Connecticut
Grease traps are commonly found in restaurants and are designed to intercept greases and solids before they enter plumbing or septic systems. When businesses don’t routinely perform grease trap cleaning, they risk major repairs...read more
Watertown, CT Drain Cleaning Businesses
American Rooter, Grease Traps, Sewer Cleaning, Drain Cleaning, Watertown, Connecticut
(888) 863-4638
When you have drain problems, it’s urgent to receive dependable drain service as soon as possible. Have a reliable plumbing company on call before a problem arises with American Rooter in Watertown, CT. These drain contractors ...
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4 Ways to Prepare for Smoke Testing in Your Home, Watertown, Connecticut
Smoke testing is a technique used to check whether there are leaks or cracks in underground water lines or storm inflows. By pumping environmentally safe smoke through pipes, technic...read more
3 Steps to Take If a Tree Root Clogs Your Sewer Line, Watertown, Connecticut
It’s not always easy to determine if a tree root has infiltrated your sewer line. Usually, homeowners are tipped off to a problem when all the drains in the house behave sluggishly a...read more
The Do's & Don'ts of a Clogged Drain, Watertown, Connecticut
Clogged drains happen to most homeowners. Between hair, food, soap, grease, and other debris, drains will develop blocks that lead to backups in your fixtures. To salvage y...read more
3 Ways to Stop Roots From Damaging Your Pipes, Watertown, Connecticut
Water is running through the pipes connected to your home all day long, so it’s only natural for tree, grass, and plant roots to grow towards them. Unfortunately, when the roots...read more
4 FAQ About Water Jetting, Watertown, Connecticut
There are many ways to clear a clogged drain, some better than others. An effective way is water jetting. This technique efficiently uses high-powered water to cut through clogs and ...read more
Understanding Septic Smoke Testing, Watertown, Connecticut
Many septic and sewage systems run into a couple of problems over time, but without a comprehensive inspection, these issues tend to worsen beyond repair. Fortunately, there’s an eff...read more
Do's & Don'ts of Septic Tank Maintenance, Watertown, Connecticut
Keeping your septic system in excellent working condition is important for many reasons. With a healthy system, you can use water-based appliances normally, shower without disru...read more
A Restaurant Owner's Guide to Grease Trap Maintenance, Watertown, Connecticut
If you own a restaurant, your facility has grease traps. These crucial pieces of equipment capture cooking oils and fats before they enter the sewer line, preventing fires and b...read more
5 Reasons to Enlist a Rooter Service When Purchasing a New Home, Watertown, Connecticut
From routine septic tank cleaning to emergency drain services, rooter companies are an invaluable resource for homeowners. But while these specialists can provide day-to-day support,...read more
What You Should Know About Your Sewer Line, Watertown, Connecticut
The sewer line is one of the most integral aspects of your home. When you need to schedule sewer cleaning or repair, it’s imperative to know how it works. If you’re un...read more
Is Water Jetting Safe for Piping?, Watertown, Connecticut
Drain clogs are one of the most common plumbing issues. Over time, they can lead to leaks, waste backflow, water damage, and other problems, which is why it’s important to address th...read more
A Guide to Water Jetting, Watertown, Connecticut
Most plumbing problems are the result of clogged drains. Hair, dirt, food, and grease bind to the sides of pipes and, over time, form an impenetrable layer. While...read more
How Do Rooter Services Remove Clogs?, Watertown, Connecticut
At some point, most homeowners will experience a bubbling toilet, water backed up into a sink or tub, or bad odor spilling out of a drain. These are all warning signs of a clogg...read more
Why Does My Basement Flood?, Watertown, Connecticut
Basement floods can lead to major problems for homeowners, including property damage, mold and mildew growth, and even foundation and structural issues. Pinpointing the cause of a fl...read more
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