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A Guide to Water Jetting, Watertown, Connecticut
Most plumbing problems are the result of clogged drains. Hair, dirt, food, and grease bind to the sides of pipes and, over time, form an impenetrable layer. While a plunger or snake can be useful for partially clearin...read more
How Do Rooter Services Remove Clogs?, Watertown, Connecticut
At some point, most homeowners will experience a bubbling toilet, water backed up into a sink or tub, or bad odor spilling out of a drain. These are all warning signs of a clogged drain. The guide below discusses techniques rooter s...read more
Watertown, CT Drain Cleaning Businesses
American Rooter, Grease Traps, Sewer Cleaning, Drain Cleaning, Watertown, Connecticut
(888) 863-4638
When you have drain problems, it’s urgent to receive dependable drain service as soon as possible. Have a reliable plumbing company on call before a problem arises with American Rooter in Watertown, CT. These drain contractors ...
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Why Does My Basement Flood?, Watertown, Connecticut
Basement floods can lead to major problems for homeowners, including property damage, mold and mildew growth, and even foundation and structural issues. Pinpointing the cause of a fl...read more
4 Signs You Need Grease Trap Cleaning Services, Watertown, Connecticut
When you run a restaurant, one of the most important maintenance tasks to keep up with is grease trap cleaning. This area holds some of the grease and oil you use during cooking...read more
What Is Line Jetting & How Does It Help With Drain Cleaning?, Watertown, Connecticut
When you’re facing a clogged drain, your plumbing system may corrode, drain slowly, and backup. If you reach for the plunger and find that it’s not correcting the problem, you might ...read more
What to Know About Winterizing Your Plumbing, Watertown, Connecticut
With the cold temperatures, it’s important not to forget about your plumbing. Without proper maintenance, pipes are prone to freezing, bursting, and other problems this time of year—...read more
5 Tips to Protect Your Restaurant Sink From Grease, Watertown, Connecticut
Grease is a natural byproduct of many cooking techniques, but when you prepare food in high volumes, this substance can lead to clogged drains, sanitary problems, and poor health and...read more
3 Benefits of Installing Pipe Lining, Watertown, Connecticut
The pipes that run from your home can last for decades, but over time, they can wear down or deal with damage from nearby tree roots. Repairing or replacing them requires digging the...read more
3 Signs Your Home's Main Sewer Line Is Blocked, Watertown, Connecticut
Whether your home is connected to a municipal sewage system or relies on a septic tank, it has a main sewer line that safely diverts waste away from your home. Unlike a single clogge...read more
What to Do in the Event of a Sewer Line Backup, Watertown, Connecticut
Clogged drains are frustrating. But when a minor clog causes a sewer line backup, you’ll have an even bigger problem on your hands. Depending on the severity of the situation, it can...read more
How Do Snaking & Line Jetting Differ?, Watertown, Connecticut
Clogged drains are among the most common household plumbing problems, and professional plumbers have a few options for fixing them. The method they choose will vary depending on...read more
3 Signs of Tree Roots in Your Sewer Line, Watertown, Connecticut
While trees are your property are excellent for lending charm, natural beauty, and shade from the summer sun, their large roots often find their way into your plumbing system. What y...read more
What Causes Clogged Drains?, Watertown, Connecticut
Clogged drains are common plumbing problems for homeowners. In addition to preventing wastewater from flowing out of your property, blocked drains may result in water overflowing fro...read more
How to Prevent Sewer Pipes From Freezing, Watertown, Connecticut
Winter weather can lead to a variety of household issues and damages. In addition to furnace breakdowns and increased energy expenses, you may need to deal with frozen sewer pipes th...read more
5 Items That Can Lead to Drain Cleaning if They Enter Pipes, Watertown, Connecticut
If you’ve just moved into your first home, you may not know how to keep your drains safe. Carelessly putting the wrong items down the toilet or sinks can lead to clogs that will requ...read more
A Guide to Commercial Grease Traps, Watertown, Connecticut
Commercial grease traps are central to a clean and orderly restaurant. When you experience issues with this important piece of equipment, you could face a shutdown of your establishm...read more
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