Chimney Repair in Maine

Maine Chimney Repair

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Maine Chimney Repair Businesses
Absolute Chimney Service, LLC, Fireplaces, Chimney Sweep, Chimney Repair, Kennebunkport, Maine
220 Beachwood Ave
Kennebunkport, ME 04046
Absolute Chimney Service,LLC, based in Kennebunkport, ME, provides chimney cleaning and maintenance services to customers in southern Maine. Master Sweep Zandy Talmage has been serving customers for over 37 years and is fully licensed, b...
Chimney Sweeps' 3 Tips for Maintaining a Wood Burning Device , Kennebunkport, Maine
Wood burning devices such as stoves and fireplaces are an affordable, energy-efficient alternative to electronic HVAC systems. Whether you use your wood-burning device for heat or more
 4 Items Examined During Your Chimney Inspection, Kennebunkport, Maine
When it comes to the safety and functionality of your fireplace or furnace, a clear and secure chimney is essential. Whether you have a regularly used working chimney, you’re moving more
The Best Season for Chimney Cleaning, Kennebunkport, Maine
Many people mistakenly believe that they should call a chimney cleaning service in the fall, right before they plan on lighting their first fire. While this is an understandable more
Why You Need Chimney Cleaning: The Dangers & Health Risks, Kennebunkport, Maine
Gazing at a crackling fire is a wonderful thing on a cold day, whether you’re with someone you love or a steaming cup of cocoa. Maintaining the chimney attached to your fireplace is more
How Often Should You Get a Chimney Inspection?, Kennebunkport, Maine
There’s nothing cozier than using your fireplace during the colder months, but for your own safety and to avoid expensive repairs, it’s vital to get a chimney inspection. But more
3 Signs You Need Chimney Cleaning or Repair, Kennebunkport, Maine
Many homeowners consider their chimneys a worry-free part of the home as something that doesn’t require much maintenance. Without routine chimney cleaning, however, problems more
5 Reasons You Need a Chimney Liner, From Kennebunkport's Fireplace Experts, Kennebunkport, Maine
If you enjoy curling up in front of a warm fire on a chilly evening, you should consider installing a chimney liner. It’s a steel, clay, or concrete channel that fits into your more
Chimney Cap vs. Cover: What's the Difference?, Kennebunkport, Maine
Most homes are equipped with chimneys, but that doesn't mean all homeowners understand their inner workings. One of the main points of confusion is the more
Is My Chimney Repair Covered by Homeowners Insurance?, Kennebunkport, Maine
Chimney repair and maintenance is an essential part of keeping your home in shape. Unfortunately, when it comes to paying for this necessary service, you're probably on your own. more
3 Benefits of Installing a Chimney Liner, Kennebunkport, Maine
If you have a chimney, you know it requires a lot of maintenance to prevent the buildup of creosote, a highly flammable byproduct of combustion. To decrease the amount of upkeep you more
3 Reasons Why You Need a Chimney Sweep , Kennebunkport, Maine
Few things are as peaceful as curling up next to a crackling fire on a cool summer’s night—but before you can set your fireplace ablaze, it’s crucial to ensure your chimney is clean more
5 Reasons to Schedule Chimney Cleaning This Summer, Kennebunkport, Maine
If your home has a fireplace, then Absolute Chimney Service in Kennebunkport, ME, recommends hiring a chimney cleaning company for an inspection every single summer. With more than more
How to Choose the Right Chimney Cap, Kennebunkport, Maine
Chimney caps are useful for protecting your chimney against rain, and they also prevent animals and debris from entering your home. If you’re in need of a new one, the knowledgeable more
Moving In or Out? Why a Chimney Inspection Is So Important, Kennebunkport, Maine
You have enough on your plate during a move without having to worry about last-minute problems that throw a wrench in your entire game plan. That’s why it’s so important to schedule more
Keep Winter Cozy With These 5 Chimney Maintenance Tips, Kennebunkport, Maine
As winter settles in, there’s nothing quite like cozying up by a roaring fire. However, that idyllic scene can turn into a sooty mess if your chimney isn’t in good shape. more
Avoid These 5 Problems With a Chimney Inspection, Kennebunkport, Maine
If you use your fireplace regularly, it’s important to schedule periodic chimney inspections to ensure everything is working properly. For almost 40 years, the experienced more