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Ohio Beauty Businesses
VNTG Boutique, LLC, Beauty, Hair Care Products, Skin Care, West Carrollton, Ohio
808 Gawain Circle
West Carrollton, OH 45459
(937) 732-3839
When you see a woman with a gorgeous complexion, natural glow, and healthy locks of hair, chances are she’s one of the many loyal fans of VNTG Boutique, the hottest new online source for hand-crafted and environmentally-friendly sk...
Glamour Beauty Care, Makeup Artists, Beauty, Beauty Salons, Columbus, Ohio
2649 Federated Blvd
Columbus, OH 43235
Whether you need your eyebrows flawlessly waxed or makeup beautifully applied, the professional beauticians at Glamour Beauty Care in Columbus, OH, have you covered. From your head to your toes, this premier beauty salon offers high-qual...
Ailie Bio, Beauty, Health & Wellness Centers, Skin Care, Cheviot, Ohio
3649 Harrison Ave.
Cheviot, OH 45211
(513) 432-4182
Skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin can cause problems ranging from mild embarrassment to extreme physical discomfort. Whatever you’re experiencing because of your skin condition or infection, Ailie Bio in Cincinnati, OH...
L & T Nails, Beauty, Beauty Salons, Nail Salons, Cincinnati , Ohio
8118 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati , OH 45236
L&T Nails is more than the average nail salon. An oasis in the heart of Cincinnati, the salon specializes in professional, high-quality nail, facial, and skin care for men and women alike. Experienced and dedicated to client satisfac...
Treasured Locks, Spa & Bath Products, Hair Care Products, Beauty, West Chester, Ohio
Finding the perfect line of hair care products can be an amazing experience – some would even call it life-changing. Treasured Locks is the best website to shop for shampoos, conditioners, treatments, makeup products, and tools for Afric...
Our Strongest Weapon Against Skin Conditions May Be Millennia Old, Cincinnati, Ohio
When people have been doing something for thousands of years, there tends to be some merit to it. The field of complementary medicine dedicates itself to finding traditional more
Distinguishing Molluscum Contagiosum from Common STIs, Cincinnati, Ohio
A common viral skin disease called Molluscum contagiosum causes patches of wart-like sores across the body. Due to its ability to infect the genitals in adults, it is often mistaken more
Why Stress Management Is Key to Fighting Skin Conditions, Cincinnati, Ohio
Effective eczema and psoriasis treatments lying deeper than the skin isn’t a new idea — but recent insights have proven it. Both conditions are autoimmune-related. Eczema flare-ups, more
3 Musts of Managing Your Psoriasis, Cincinnati, Ohio
Until dermatologists formulate a definitive psoriasis treatment, patients should make a daily routine out of managing their symptoms. Proper self-care can slow the spread of plaques, more
Debunking Skincare Myths: Does Anti-Aging Work?, Cincinnati, Ohio
“Anti-aging” creams come with a seductive promise: the face you’ve always wanted, for minimal effort. You’ll be just like the “before and after” photos. It does seem like science more
Skincare 101: The Skin Barrier & “Penetration”, Cincinnati, Ohio
The skin’s most important function is to keep us safe from the environment. Air, water, and all the debris and bacteria they carry pose a constant threat, which is why we’ve evolved more
What Causes Eczema & How Is It Treated?, Cincinnati, Ohio
Also known as atopic dermatitis, the term “eczema” refers to a group of diseases that cause itchiness, redness, and skin rash. It’s been estimated that the condition effects 35 more
Taking Your Confidence Back from Psoriasis, Cincinnati, Ohio
Psoriasis affects the skin — but its true impact goes much deeper. Despite 30% of all psoriasis patients dealing with “significant psychological distress,” doctors are more
Immune Support Could Be the Key to Molluscum Treatment, Cincinnati, Ohio
Your doctor might not present the most reassuring picture of your child’s molluscum treatment. The lesions are asymptomatic, they might say, so it’s best to wait 3 months to 4& more
What Is Psoriasis? What Doctors Do & Don’t Know, Cincinnati, Ohio
Psoriasis patients understand: it’s a very complicated condition. Dermatologists aren’t even settled on how to best treat it. What they do understand, though, is that its symptoms more
3 Fundamentals of Skincare That Works, Cincinnati, Ohio
The world of over-the-counter natural moisturizing lotions and skin creams is abound with claims of regeneration, healing, and smoothing. Regulatory industry thought leader Dr. more
Found a Bald Spot? Top 3 African-American Hair Care Tips to Help You Recover, West Chester, Ohio
Realizing you have a bald spot is never pleasant. But rather than allowing it to upset you, go the proactive route with African-American hair care tips designed to restore your hair’ more
Big Changes Are Coming- Please Bear With Us, West Chester, Ohio
After over a year of development effort, Treasured Locks is moving to a new platform for our website.  This is an exciting (expensive and exhausting) time for us. We have more
5 Amazing Oils for Natural Hair Care, West Chester, Ohio
Regularly subjecting your hair to heat and styling tools can leave their roots permanently damaged and weak. If this sounds familiar, you need natural hair care substitutes that more
3 Tips for Finding a Stylist That Specializes in African-American Hair Care, West Chester, Ohio
When you transition to natural hair, you may find that most of your hair care is done at home. Twisting your hair out every few days or applying a hair mask once a week will more
5 Foods to Eat as Part of Your Hair & Skin Care Routine, West Chester, Ohio
Long, lustrous locks and flawless, beautiful skin start from within. Your diet has a direct effect on your hair, skin, and nails, but when you need an extra boost, Treasured Locks more