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What Are the Different Types of Hearing Loss?, Stow, Ohio
You may think your hearing loss is due to a loud workplace or too many rock concerts over the years. But many conditions impact hearing besides those caused by noise. Understanding the cause of your hearing issues is key for more
3 Qualities of an Excellent Audiologist, Stow, Ohio
When it comes to your hearing, finding a skilled and knowledgeable audiologist is crucial. But how can you be sure your prospective doctor will offer the treatments you need in a kind and compassionate manner? By looking for the more
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Anthony Durig Audiology, Hearing Aids, Audiologists & Hearing, Audiologists, Stow, Ohio
3869 Darrow Rd, Ste 202
Stow, OH 44224
(330) 688-4115
As we age, our senses decline, and one of the most common senses to fail is our hearing. If you’re beginning to have difficulty hearing the world around you, it might be time to seek the patient-centered audiology services of Anthon...
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4 Surprising Places That Can Damage Your Hearing, Stow, Ohio
You probably already know that rock concerts, heavy machinery, and listening to headphones at a loud volume can damage your hearing. But there are plenty of other places you more
Audiologists Offer 4 Tips for Traveling With Hearing Loss, Stow, Ohio
When you plan a vacation, you’re looking to get away from everyday stresses, not worry about additional ones. With just a little planning and research beforehand, having diminished more
How Can You Promote Safe Listening for Children? 3 Tips for Hearing Protection, Stow, Ohio
For parents, children and noise are two things that often go together—but there are times when your young ones’ activities may be too loud. According to the National Institutes more
3 Helpful Ways to Manage Tinnitus, Stow, Ohio
Tinnitus is a ringing, buzzing, or clicking in the ears developing as a result of an age-related hearing loss, trauma, or an auditory disorder. According to audiologists, living more
5 Tools You Can Use for Hearing Protection, Stow, Ohio
Although it’s true aging is a leading cause of hearing loss, this common problem may also be brought on through exposure to high frequencies of sound. Whether you listen to loud more
3 Tips for Choosing the Right Hearing Assistive Device for Your Needs, Stow, Ohio
If you have issues with your hearing, finding the right hearing assistive device can be a bit of challenge. Fortunately, the staff at Anthony Durig Audiology more
5 Types of Hearing Tests & What They Measure, Stow, Ohio
Several complex components inside the ear impact the way people process sound. If you are experiencing hearing loss, any number of these inner workings could be the source of the more
3 Signs It’s Time to See an Audiologist, Stow, Ohio
Hearing loss is a common condition; it can occur at any age and for a number of reasons. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the symptoms and don’t know when they should see more
3 Ways to Safely Clean Your Ears, Stow, Ohio
Since the invention of cotton swabs in the 1920s, consumers have trusted them as safe and effective ear cleaning tools. However, as Anthony Durig Audiology in Stow, OH, more
5 Hearing Assistive Devices for Clearer Listening, Stow, Ohio
Hearing loss may impact nearly 20% of Americans—and most of the time, the damage is permanent. However, Anthony Durig Audiology says many incredible tools can enable a clear more
Audiologists Explain How to Treat Your Ear Infection, Stow, Ohio
If you ever experience an ear infection, the audiologists at Anthony Durig Audiology in Stow, OH, recommend visiting your doctor. Their staff works closely with patients who more
3 Major Benefits of Seeing an Audiologist for Annual Hearing Testing, Stow, Ohio
Hearing testing, like physical exams or dental appointments, should be received once a year. According to Anthony Durig Audiology in Stow, OH, annual testing becomes more
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