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5 Ways to Extend Hearing Aid Battery Life, Fishersville, Virginia
Hearing aids allow wearers to hear clearly and engage with the sounds around them. These devices use small batteries to operate that typically need to be replaced every three to 10 days. Luckily, there are ways you more
What Causes Hearing Loss?, Fishersville, Virginia
Hearing loss is a common issue. However, there are several different problems that can lead to loss of hearing. Learning more about these causes can help you identify symptoms and receive treatment before the condition worsens. more
Fishersville, VA Audiologists Businesses
Augusta Audiology Associates, PC., Hearing Aids, Audiologists & Hearing, Audiologists, Fishersville, Virginia
70 Medical Center Cir
Fishersville, VA 22939
(540) 332-5790
Whether from age, genetics, or some unforeseen event, hearing loss is a possibility we all may face at some point in our lives. Though the threat exists, there are ways to mitigate its effects. Expert audiologists at Augusta Audiology As...
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How Do Hearing Aids Work? , Fishersville, Virginia
Certain people are at a higher risk for hearing loss due to problems affecting the inner ear, which can impact hearing. Fortunately, hearing aids can help you hear again— more
4 Signs a Loved One Is Losing Their Hearing, Fishersville, Virginia
As your parents or other loved ones age, it’s possible that they’ll experience hearing loss. As this problem advances, your loved one may feel isolated, struggle to carry on more
How to Tell If Your Child Is Experiencing Hearing Loss, Fishersville, Virginia
While hearing loss is often associated with older adults, it can present at any age. For children with hearing issues, early diagnosis is essential to prevent significant more
4 Misunderstandings About Hearing Aids Corrected , Fishersville, Virginia
It’s estimated that nearly 29 million American adults could benefit from hearing aids. Unfortunately, many people have misconceptions about assistive hearing more
Your Guide To Protecting Your Child’s Hearing, Fishersville, Virginia
Your child’s hearing affects how they perceive and interact with the world around them. Therefore, it is crucial to prevent or minimize hearing loss and impairment during more
4 FAQ About Tinnitus, Fishersville, Virginia
Tinnitus is a leading cause of hearing loss and interference, affecting millions of Americans each year. Understanding the condition will let you know when to seek guidance from more
4 FAQ About Adult Hearing Loss, Fishersville, Virginia
Age-related hearing loss is a common issue among seniors that can be prevented with proper care. Being mindful of your surroundings and the hearing risks you face will ensure you more
3 Everyday Contributors to Hearing Loss, Fishersville, Virginia
Hearing loss can slowly develop as you get older. While the process is generally gradual, certain everyday factors can accelerate hearing loss and cause irreparable damage. It’s more
A Guide to Cell Phones and Hearing Aids, Fishersville, Virginia
If you have hearing aids, there are certain factors that you must take into consideration when using a cell phone. Although cell phones and hearing aids have become more more
4 Types of Hearing Aids, Fishersville, Virginia
If you've experienced hearing loss, you can still navigate daily life with the help of a wide range of hearing aid options that can help you navigate daily life. The device more
3 Tips for Preventing Hearing Loss at Concerts, Fishersville, Virginia
Whether you live for outdoor festivals or count down the days until your favorite band comes to town, attending a live concert is always a rush. However, listening to loud more
How Does Hearing Work?, Fishersville, Virginia
The human ear features a complex design that allows it to transform sound waves into electrical signals that you recognize. While the delicate parts of the ear provide you with more
3 Common Causes of Hearing Loss, Fishersville, Virginia
Have you noticed lately that you struggle to follow conversations in group settings or have to listen to music or watch television at a higher volume? You may be more
How Often Do You Need Hearing Assessments? , Fishersville, Virginia
Healthy hearing is important to communication, safety, and enjoyment of life. However, hearing can deteriorate with age or as a result of trauma. This is why hearing assessments are more
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