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3 Tips for Preventing Hearing Loss at Concerts, Fishersville, Virginia
Whether you live for outdoor festivals or count down the days until your favorite band comes to town, attending a live concert is always a rush. However, listening to loud music without ear protection can damage your more
How Does Hearing Work?, Fishersville, Virginia
The human ear features a complex design that allows it to transform sound waves into electrical signals that you recognize. While the delicate parts of the ear provide you with sensitive hearing abilities, they can be easily damaged due more
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Augusta Audiology Associates, PC., Hearing Aids, Audiologists & Hearing, Audiologists, Fishersville, Virginia
70 Medical Center Cir
Fishersville, VA 22939
(540) 332-5790
Whether from age, genetics, or some unforeseen event, hearing loss is a possibility we all may face at some point in our lives. Though the threat exists, there are ways to mitigate its effects. Expert audiologists at Augusta Audiology As...
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3 Common Causes of Hearing Loss, Fishersville, Virginia
Have you noticed lately that you struggle to follow conversations in group settings or have to listen to music or watch television at a higher volume? You may be more
How Often Do You Need Hearing Assessments? , Fishersville, Virginia
Healthy hearing is important to communication, safety, and enjoyment of life. However, hearing can deteriorate with age or as a result of trauma. This is why hearing assessments are more
3 Tips for Flying With Hearing Aids , Fishersville, Virginia
Travel is fun — but only once you reach your destination. From making it through security to baggage confusion, flying presents many challenges, especially if you have medical more
5 Surprising Ways Hearing Aids Improve Your Quality of Life, Fishersville, Virginia
Of the estimated 37.5 million American adults who experience hearing loss, about 28.8 million can benefit from the use of hearing aids, which amplify sound to improve noise more
How to Help Your Child Adjust to Hearing Aids, Fishersville, Virginia
If your child has hearing loss, getting them hearing aids as soon as possible is essential in helping them develop and keep up with their peers. As critical as these devices more
4 New Technological Advancements in Hearing Aids, Fishersville, Virginia
Technological advancements in hearing aids make life with hearing loss much easier. These devices have come a long way since ear trumpets and the first clunky electric models more
3 Signs Your Child May Have Hearing Loss, Fishersville, Virginia
The ability to hear plays a significant role in your child’s overall development. If your child suffers from hearing loss, it’s critical to schedule a hearing assessment more
4 Easy Ways to Protect Your Hearing, Fishersville, Virginia
While hearing loss is sometimes a natural and inevitable part of the aging process, there are steps you can take to preserve your hearing as long as possible. Exposure to loud more
5 Benefits of Hearing Aids , Fishersville, Virginia
Only one in five people who could benefit from hearing aids actually uses them, according to estimates. With as many as 15% of American adults experiencing some degree of more
What to Expect From Your Hearing Aid Fitting, Fishersville, Virginia
After a hearing assessment, many individuals are deemed excellent candidates for life-changing hearing aids. Once you and your hearing loss team have determined the type more
3 Reasons to Undergo Regular Hearing Assessments, Fishersville, Virginia
It’s easy to take your hearing for granted—until you start losing it. Most people don’t even consider arranging a hearing assessment until loved ones point out how loud the TV is or more
3 Habits That Could Contribute to Hearing Loss, Fishersville, Virginia
Hearing loss is a chronic condition for which there is no cure, but many solutions are available to help. Hearing aid technology has come a long way in helping individuals overcome more
4 Tips for Coping With Hearing Loss, Fishersville, Virginia
If you are losing your hearing, you may be distraught and unsure of what to do. You may worry what your life will be like if you can’t hear as well. While hearing loss is a tough more
3 Tips for Caring for Your Hearing Aids, Fishersville, Virginia
If you live with hearing-related issues, your hearing aids are an invaluable resource. It’s imperative that you care for them properly, and the staff at Augusta Audiology Associates, more
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