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Hawaii Outdoor Furniture Businesses
PF Restoration Co., Sandblasting & Power Washing, Furniture Repair and Refinishing, Outdoor Furniture, Wailuku, Hawaii
891 Alua St, Bay 7
Wailuku, HI 96793
(808) 244-5905
Finding the right furniture to complete your yard or garden setup is a task that requires some careful planning. Aside from having to consider its comfort and style, outdoor patio furniture also needs to be durable, since it will often b...
Bali Aga LLC, Furniture, Outdoor Furniture, Furniture Retail, Honolulu, Hawaii
307 D Kamani St.
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 593-9030
Founded in May of 2000, Bali Aga LLC provides contemporary furniture, rustic furniture, and affordable home décor to homeowners throughout Hawaii. The furniture store is committed to offering unique styles that complement the multic...
The Mind's Eye Interiors Inc , Furniture Retail, Outdoor Furniture, Furniture, Lahaina, Hawaii
1068 Limahana Pl
Lahaina, HI 96761
(808) 667-7748
You want your home’s interior to make you feel comfortable, reflecting what you think a home should look like. From the sofa and entertainment centers in your living room to the tables and chairs you use to decorate your dining area, The...
Milega Hawaii, Outdoor Furniture, Children Furniture, Furniture, Kahului, Hawaii
315 Hukilike St
Kahului, HI 96732
(808) 877-2888
From the constant demands of your job to keeping up with your kids, your life can present a wide range of stressful situations. If you’re searching for a way to combat the stress of your daily routine, consider upgrading your furniture w...
Moore Interiors, Interior Design, Outdoor Furniture, Furniture, Lahaina, Hawaii
975 Limahana Place
Lahaina, HI 96761
(808) 661-0046
Since opening in 1976, the interior designers at Moore Interiors continuously strive to provide Lahaina residents with exceptional home and outdoor furniture. With a firm commitment to bringing out the full beauty of your home or condo, ...
Creative Furniture, Beds, Outdoor Furniture, Furniture, Honolulu, Hawaii
943 Waimanu St
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 591-2833
Whether you are looking for a crib, bunk beds, couches, futons, mattresses, or patio tables, Creative Furniture Outlet provides Honolulu residents with the largest and most diverse collection of affordable home furniture. Locally owned a...
3 Benefits of Buying a Sleeper Sofa, Lahaina, Hawaii
If you invite guests to stay over often, it can be uncomfortable for them to sleep on an old futon or air mattress. Instead, consider purchasing a sleeper sofa as they...read more
4 Tips When Shopping at a Furniture Store, Lahaina, Hawaii
If you’re searching for new items for your home, shopping at a furniture store usually beats buying online. Walking through a showroom allows you to check out textures and get a feel...read more
4 Tips to Choose an Interior Design Color Scheme, Lahaina, Hawaii
When selecting home furnishings, it’s essential to have a color scheme in mind to give you a place to start the search. However, many people are unsure how to select these hues ...read more
The Ideal Wall Art for Each Room in the Home, Lahaina, Hawaii
The perfect wall art can be a conversation starter, add pops of color, and showcase your personality. As versatile as they are, not all wall furnishings will fit into every spac...read more
3 Benefits of a Sensory Swing, Kahului, Hawaii
The sensory swing has become increasingly popular with parents as they learn the benefits it provides for their family. No matter what your child’s unique needs are, these swing...read more
3 Tips for Rearranging Bedroom Furniture, Lahaina, Hawaii
No matter how excited you may be about your new bed or bookcase, the most beautiful bedroom furniture can become a source of stress if you don’t know how to arrange the items. From s...read more
3 Tips to Improve Posture While Sitting, Kahului, Hawaii
If you’ve been to a furniture store recently, you’ve probably seen ergonomic workstations and chairs, which can have a host of wellness and productivity benefits, including better po...read more
Why You Should Use Bean Bags in Your Home, Kahului, Hawaii
Decorating a home for style and function can be a challenge, especially if you have a small house and a growing family. Bulky furniture, like recliners and sofas, can ...read more
Amazing comfort and 15% off? Yes Please., Kahului, Hawaii
December 11, 2018 4:45PM - December 31, 2018 4:45PM
The more you buy, the more you save. Buy 1 bean bag, get 10% off. Buy 2, get 15% off Buy 3 or more, get 20% off. read more
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How Bean Bag Chairs Can Help Relieve Back & Neck Pain , Kahului, Hawaii
Available in a variety of colors and sizes, bean bag chairs are quickly becoming a household staple. These chairs are stylish, comfortable, and perfect if you’re experiencing ne...read more
The gift of comfort, Kahului, Hawaii
Be honest. Of all the gifts you received last holiday season, how many do you still cherish, use or even own today? As humans, I believe one of our habits is to constantly searc...read more
Why Restoration Services Are Important for Hawaii Residents, Maui County, Hawaii
From the incredible weather to the gorgeous ocean vistas, living in Hawaii has many advantages. Those benefits, however, can also present some unique challenges. The attributes of su...read more
3 Items Appropriate for Sandblasting, Maui County, Hawaii
Sandblasting is a reliable method of cleaning surfaces using abrasive materials under high pressure. This process is useful in many industries, including construction and manufacturi...read more
What Is Powder Coating?, Maui County, Hawaii
Over the years, it’s common for household appliances and furniture to begin to lose some of their luster. Powder coating is a superior means of restoring their beauty and extending t...read more
When Is Furniture Restoration a Good Idea?, Maui County, Hawaii
Home decor and furnishings encounter much wear and tear with daily use. However, having them in your home or family for years increases their sentimental value, making it wise to con...read more
Why Sandblasting Is a Good First Step to Refinishing Old Metal Furniture, Maui County, Hawaii
Metal patio furniture is so chic that you can find reproductions of classic designs for sale in stores and online at relatively inexpensive prices. However, some of these newer model...read more