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3 Benefits of Regular Water Testing, Lake St. Louis, Missouri
As a private well owner, it’s your responsibility to have the water routinely tested. These tests allow you to know what types of filters are needed to address environmental changes and other conditions affecting groundwater. To ens...read more
3 Advantages of Installing a Water Treatment System, Lake St. Louis, Missouri
Many homes and businesses lie in cities with poor-quality tap water. It could be due to rusty pipes, hard water, or too much added chlorine. In any case, a water treatment system can transform your drinking water from a mineral-laden, ru...read more
Foristell, MO Water Softeners Businesses
Holmes Water Treatment Co, Water Softeners, Water Purification Supplies, Water Purifiers, Wentzville, Missouri
1248 S Callahan Rd
Wentzville, MO 63385
A fresh glass of crisp water tastes even better when you know it’s clean and safe. Holmes Water Treatment Co in Wentzville, MO, provides water filters to ensure your drinking water is top quality. The water treatment specialists have bee...
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3 Problems With Water Pitcher Filters, Lake St. Louis, Missouri
You probably hear a lot about pitcher filters. They’re quite ubiquitous, and they offer convenience to busy homeowners who want a quick glass of clean water. But despite their popula...read more
Is It Safe to Drink From the Hose?, Lake St. Louis, Missouri
When the summer heat is barreling down, and the nearest source of refreshment is the hose, you might consider drinking from it. Many believe that the water from a hose would be ...read more
Why Tap Water Tastes Different Wherever You Go, Lake St. Louis, Missouri
When you travel, you’ve likely noticed peculiar differences in the tap water of each destination. Even water from neighboring towns and cities carry a distinct flavor ...read more
Why You Should Drink More Water in the Summer, Lake St. Louis, Missouri
Summer is the perfect time to soak in the sunlight, be active, and spend quality time with your loved ones. Amid these seasonal festivities, however, many forget to stay hydrate...read more
How to Tell If You Have a Water Leak, Lake St. Louis, Missouri
A leak in your water system can lead to a lot of wasted water and can cause extensive damage to your home. Finding leaks early is essential to limiting these outc...read more
What's in Unfiltered Tap Water?, Lake St. Louis, Missouri
If you rely on a municipal system or well for tap water, the supply is likely hard water. While the water works employs its own treatment system, home water filters and purifier...read more
What Are the Effects of Hard Water?, Lake St. Louis, Missouri
Hard water from a municipal system is common throughout the United States, but it poses some challenges. Calcium and magnesium mineral buildup does more than discolor sinks and ...read more
How Water Filters in Showers Can Improve Your Appearance, Lake St. Louis, Missouri
Water filters remove unwanted minerals, chemicals, and other particles from your plumbing system. Although many people use filtration equipment for their drinking supply, the co...read more
5 Ways Plastic Water Bottles Hurt the Environment, Lake St. Louis, Missouri
Many people choose to drink bottled water because they believe it's cleaner and healthier than drinking from the tap. As such, the use of plastic bottles has only increased over time...read more
3 Ways To Get Enough Water Every Day, Lake St. Louis, Missouri
Do you drink enough water? Few things are more important for your body than staying hydrated. However, many people struggle to get enough water throughout the day. Drinking...read more
3 Ways Water Filtration Improves Your Home, Lake St. Louis, Missouri
You use water in almost every aspect of your home including personal consumption, which is why it’s important to ensure you’re getting the best possible water into your home. A ...read more
Why Does Water Taste Different After It's Been Sitting Out?, Lake St. Louis, Missouri
Perhaps you always put a glass of water by your bedside to drink upon arising the following morning. Maybe you leave your water glass out for hours while you’re doing errands but con...read more
What Affects the Taste of Water?, Lake St. Louis, Missouri
It’s a common misconception to say that water has no taste. In fact, there are many elements that can affect the taste of both tap water and bottled varieties. While some will h...read more
Top 3 Foods That Contain Water, Lake St. Louis, Missouri
Staying hydrated throughout the day can help you fight fatigue, lower blood pressure, and prevent headaches. However, getting enough water isn’t always easy, particularly for those w...read more
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