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Landscaping/Gardening and Your Septic System, Palmyra, New York
Now that spring has arrived in New York, many homeowners are preparing to tackle outdoor DIY projects around their homes.  Due to the popularity of DIY television shows and big-box home improvement stores, projects are bei...read more
Warning Signs Your Septic System is Failing, Palmyra, New York
There are many things in life that we take for granted.  One of them being when we flush the toilet, run the washing machine, or wash our hands the wastewater simply goes down the drain and is taken care of.  However, belo...read more
Pittsford, NY Waste Management Businesses
Zinks Septic Solutions, LLC, Waste Management, Sewer Cleaning, Septic Systems, Palmyra, New York
Zinks Septic Solutions, LLC offers septic tank installation, drain cleaning, sewer pumping, and other septic maintenance services to clients in Palmyra, NY. Founded by Barry Zink, the company has more than 28 years of experience ins...
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What You Can Do To Keep your Septic System Healthy, Palmyra, New York
Being a homeowner is rewarding, but with it brings responsibilities.  It is easy to remember to maintain the components that can be seen;  paint, roofing, windows, flooring...read more
What is a Distribution Box?, Palmyra, New York
Talking with a septic installation contractor shouldn't feel like you're communicating in a foreign language.  While the professionals in the industry use the language every day...read more
It's Planting Time, Palmyra, New York
With the longer days and warm sunshine comes the desire to get outside.  As you ponder what flowers and vegetables will work best in your gardens, take some time to ponder what ...read more
Can I Really Flush "Flushable" Wipes?, Palmyra, New York
The use of pre-moistened "wet wipes" has skyrocketed in the last few years.  Many are labeled “flushable” and said to be safe for all septic systems. However, sewer lines and pu...read more
Hiring a Septic Installer vs a General Excavator, Palmyra, New York
Why use a certified septic system installer to install your new system?  Installing a septic system is a tricky proposition if you are not properly trained.  An individual ...read more
Septic Tanks 101, Palmyra, New York
A properly installed and sized septic tank is crucial to the efficiency to any home's waste water treatment system.  The size, measured in gallons, is determined by the number o...read more
Septic Maintenance Tips For Spring & Summer—From New York's Most Trusted Septic Tank Service, Palmyra, New York
Dealing with septic tank issues in the heat of spring and summer can be a real hassle. Warm weather can cause a host of septic issues if you’re not prepared, but the experts at Zinks...read more
Zinks Septic Solutions Has Helpful Septic Maintenance Tips For You , Palmyra, New York
You know your septic system should last a long time, but not maintaining it properly can lead to repairs, or even a complete replacement. How can you make sure your septic tank lasts...read more
Zinks Septic Solutions Offers Waste Water Removal & Septic Tank Service, Palmyra, New York
For more than 28 years, residents of Palmyra, New York and its surrounding communities have turned to Zinks Septic Solutions for professional, effective waste water management servic...read more
Zinks Septic Solutions Offers Tips For Cleaning Your Gutters & Downspouts, Palmyra, New York
When you want to avoid water damage in your home, one of the most important things to do is to clean out your gutters and downspouts. Taking this action will also protect your home’s...read more
Keep Your Home & Property Drain Functioning Properly With Help From Zinks Septic Solutions, Palmyra, New York
Due to its potential to cause mold, rotting wood, and other forms of damage, water is actually one of the biggest natural threats to the safety of your home. That's why installing su...read more
Prevent Water Damage With Drainage Service From Zink’s Septic Solutions, Palmyra, New York
If you have water accumulating in your basement or in your yard, you could be at risk for expensive damage to your home. Fortunately, there are numerous solutions to help you protect...read more
What Kind of Leach Field is Best For Your Home? Tips From The Septic Tank Service Experts, Palmyra, New York
If you’re planning a new septic tank installation, or need extensive septic tank repairs, you may also need to consider which type of leach field would be most appropriate for your h...read more
Why You Should Hire a Professional vs. DIY Septic System Repair, Palmyra, New York
When a septic problem arises, you may automatically assume that the quickest and best approach is to take care of it yourself. You don't want to be out of commission for weeks on end...read more
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