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4 Common Household Items to Take to a Scrap Yard , Rochester, New York
Recycling is a practical way to reduce your carbon footprint and preserve the environment while ridding your home of clutter. Recycling metal, for example, can produce a decent payout at a scrap yard. Here are four common household items...read more
Selling vs. Scrapping Your Old Vehicle, Rochester, New York
When your car is old and worn out, it can sometimes be difficult to sell. In such cases, a scrap yard is often the right way to go. They pay cash in hand for scrap metal and will sell your vehicle's used auto parts. Below are the pros an...read more
Rochester, NY Waste Management Businesses
Metalico Rochester, Recycling Centers, Scrap Metal, Waste Management, Rochester, New York
1515 Scottsville Rd
Rochester, NY 14623
(585) 436-0713
The paragon of organization, efficiency, and high standards, Metalico Rochester in Rochester, New York, is here to offer you its wide selection of scrap metal recycling service options. They offer scrap metal pick up services o...
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How Does Metal Recycling Protect Human Health & the Environment?, Rochester, New York
When it comes to trash and recycling, proper disposal plays an integral role in protecting the environment and human health. Certain items, such as heavy metals, conta...read more
3 Major Social Benefits of Metal Recycling, Rochester, New York
Whether you’re a homeowner who drinks a few cans of soda per month or a business that disposes tons of metal scraps each week, it’s important to recycle what you can. By making ...read more
What Happens When You Recycle Scrap Metal?, Rochester, New York
As society becomes more aware of the importance of environmental preservation, people are increasingly looking for ways to recycle materials. Scrap metal recycling is just one aspect...read more
3 Reasons to Scrap Your Car, Rochester, New York
When you’re thinking about what to do with your old vehicle, scrapping is often a great choice. Not only does the recycling of metals save natural resources and energy,&nbs...read more
The Pros & Cons of Aluminum Siding, Rochester, New York
Once the gold standard for exterior cladding, aluminum siding has changed over the years, but even older versions are capable of lasting decades. However, wind, dust, hail, and ...read more
How Do Drum & Disc Brakes Differ?, Rochester, New York
Whether you’re restoring a classic car or repairing your daily driver, brakes are an important component you may need to address. Without these parts, your car can’t stop effectively...read more
3 Benefits of Buying Used Auto Parts at a Salvage Yard, Rochester, New York
When your car needs a certain auto part, you may be under the impression that newer is better. In fact, opting for used auto parts offers cost-saving benefits that don’t come at...read more
Get Holiday Cash From a Scrapyard, Rochester, New York
As the holidays approach, you might be scrambling to plan your celebration and buy gifts for all your friends and loved ones. This can be an expensive time of year, so any source of ...read more
What Are the Most Common Types of Aluminum Scrap Metal?, Rochester, New York
When you want to make some extra money, recycling scrap metal is a great way to do it. However, finding some isn’t always easy. Thankfully, aluminum is incredibly popular and ve...read more
4 Ways to Stay Safe When Scavenging for Scrap Metal, Rochester, New York
When scavenging for scrap metal, it’s important to take the proper safety precautions. Otherwise, when walking through the scrap yard and digging through piles, you could easily...read more
3 Facts to Help You Understand Your Scrap Metal Receipt, Rochester, New York
If you’re looking to make a few extra dollars, it’s not a bad idea to clean out your basement or garage and bring any extra metal you have to a scrapyard. They give you cash upfront ...read more
3 Compelling Reasons to Scrap Your Car, Rochester, New York
Cars and trucks aren’t meant to be driven forever. Eventually, you will have to either sell your old car or trade it in for a newer model. However, if your vehicle has severe da...read more
Everything You Need to Know About Computer Recycling, Rochester, New York
As technology continues to advance drastically, many people find themselves wondering what to do with old, obsolete computer models. If you want to ensure proper disposal of electron...read more
What Should I Do With Old License Plates?, Rochester, New York
Old or expired license plates are no longer usable; but sometimes, people collect them. If you discover a stack of license plates in a vintage store or plan to get rid of a late fami...read more
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