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4 Tips for Winterizing Your Swimming Pool, Cincinnati, Ohio
The cold can be rough on your swimming pool; winterizing it helps prevent major damage like overflows, cracks, and stains. If you’ve procrastinated and aren’t sure what to do, learn more about the proper process. Here’s a ...read more
4 Reasons to Cover Your Swimming Pool in the Winter, Cincinnati, Ohio
Having a swimming pool is a fantastic feature in the summertime, but they do require some care and maintenance when heading into the winter months. While not in use, you may think it’s safe to leave it uncovered, but this could lead to n...read more
Cleves, OH Swimming Pool Contractors Businesses
All-American Pools , Pool and Spa Service, Swimming Pool, Swimming Pool Contractors, Cincinnati, Ohio
805 Ohio Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45245
(513) 753-6923
No matter the season, cooling down after a long day of work is a luxury. All-American Pools, a swimming pool installation and repair company with two locations in Cincinnati, OH, has the equipment and know-how to help clients achieve the...
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When Is the Best Time to Winterize a Swimming Pool?, Cincinnati, Ohio
Swimming pools are fantastic additions to your home’s backyard during the summer months, but they typically aren’t used once the temperatures drop. All pools need proper mainten...read more
3 Pool Filter Options to Consider, Cincinnati, Ohio
If you own a swimming pool, you know that your filter works around the clock to keep your pool clean and clear. It circulates the water to prevent stagnation while removing algae spo...read more
Order a Merlin Safety Cover & Get Free Installation, Cincinnati, Ohio
Swimming pool service isn’t just about keeping the water clean and sanitary; it’s also essential to maintain your outdoor space in a way that promotes safety. A quality pool cover is...read more
Factors Affecting Pool Water Color, Cincinnati, Ohio
After construction finishes on your pool, you will need to decide which type of liner you want to install. Pool liners come in a range of colors and patterns that can change the colo...read more
How to Choose the Right Cover for Your Pool, Cincinnati, Ohio
Owning a swimming pool gives you the chance to relax, exercise, or entertain friends. However, if you have pets, small children, or a strict homeowners association, you might also be...read more
Your Guide to Swimming Pool Circulation, Cincinnati, Ohio
When you install a new swimming pool, it can be challenging to learn how to maintain it. Keeping the water circulated is a critical aspect of regular pool maintenance, just like...read more
5 Steps of Opening Swimming Pools for Summer, Cincinnati, Ohio
Warm weather is coming, which means you’ll probably want to take a dip in your swimming pool soon. Since the water has been standing for many months, it will need care and atten...read more
3 Tips for Using Swimming Pool Pumps Effectively, Cincinnati, Ohio
Your swimming pool pump plays a vital role in ensuring that the entire system functions properly. It’s designed to filter and circulate water, so you can enjoy a safe, clean pool yea...read more
4 Ways to Keep Animals Off Your Swimming Pool Cover, Cincinnati, Ohio
While a swimming pool cover keeps the water clean and prevents evaporation, its integrity may be at risk if the surface is damaged by animals. It’s not unusual for lively squirrels a...read more
What In-Ground Pool Is Best for a Small Yard?, Cincinnati, Ohio
Once the weather gets warm, many families spend their free time enjoying open-air fun in the backyard. To keep cool in the summer heat, consider installing an in-ground pool on your ...read more
3 Chemicals Used to Treat Swimming Pool Water, Cincinnati, Ohio
Both environmental and human factors impact the purity of swimming pool water. From algae to oils from skin, there could be various substances lurking in the liquid. That’s why ...read more
3 Pool Maintenance Tips Before Winter Arrives, Cincinnati, Ohio
Pool maintenance doesn’t stop when summer ends. In fact, there are several important duties that need to be performed during fall to ensure your pool is ready to use once the wa...read more
3 Tips for Choosing a Pool Liner Color, Cincinnati, Ohio
Pool liners make for a more comfortable experience while also protecting the walls and floor of your pool. Although they serve an important function, the color of liner you choose ca...read more
What Does Rain Water Do to a Swimming Pool?, Cincinnati, Ohio
Late summer offers plenty of warm, sunny days when your family can enjoy the swimming pool, but this transitional period can also bring passing storms and showers. Many homeowne...read more
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