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5 Steps to Safely Remove Your Lawn Sprinkler Pump , Cincinnati, Ohio
Removing your lawn sprinkler pump to have it serviced or put away for winter will require you to understand the proper steps to do it right. It’s a fairly simple process you can tackle whenever you’re ready. Below is a list of steps that...read more
Don't Have a Sprinkler System? The Top 4 Negative Effects of Overwatering Your Property, Cincinnati, Ohio
During the hottest months of the year, homeowners may be tempted to set their sprinklers on overdrive, watering lawns and gardens that are heating up under the blazing sun. But too much water can be just as bad as too little, leading to ...read more
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Design Rite Sprinkler Company, Lawn Care Services, Backflow Prevention, Sprinklers, Milford, Ohio
5989 Meijer Dr. Suite 8
Milford, OH 45150
(513) 248-8999
Design Rite Sprinkler Company keeps your property healthy with lawn sprinklers and irrigation systems, throughout the Cincinnati, OH and Northern Kentucky areas. Whether you need upkeep for a large commercial property or a small garden i...
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3 Components to Consider for an Irrigation System Installation, Cincinnati, Ohio
While Smart Irrigation Month has come and gone, there is still time in the summer to optimize your irrigation system. While systems have the same goals of disseminating water to your...read more
Top 3 Reasons Backflow Testing Is a Priority for Spring, Cincinnati, Ohio
With winter finally in the rearview, now is the best time of the year to turn your attention to the quality of your water supply. How sanitary is the water that enters your home or b...read more
What Are Backflow Prevention Devices?, Cincinnati, Ohio
Changes in water supply pressure not only impact plumbing system performance, but the resulting malfunctions can also cause water to reverse course in the pipes. Backflow&n...read more
4 Surprising Benefits of Lawn Irrigation Systems, Cincinnati, Ohio
Having a beautifully verdant lawn is a desire for any homeowner. Achieving a lush look, however, isn’t usually isn’t as simple as letting the grass grow. Lawn irrigation systems are ...read more
Irrigation Experts Share 3 Benefits of Landscape Lighting, Cincinnati, Ohio
Spending time outside with friends and family should never be limited to the daylight hours. With the use of landscape lighting, you can enjoy beautiful weather and natural sounds ev...read more
5 Perks of Lawn Beautification & Irrigation, Cincinnati, Ohio
Caring for your lawn can be hard work, but you may not realize just how important beautification and irrigation is. With careful fertilization, trimming, and watering, you can cultiv...read more
Why Backflow Testing Is Imperative, Cincinnati, Ohio
Winter weather has officially arrived, which means most landscapes are dormant and sprinkler systems are no longer in daily use. While your yard may not require routine watering, hav...read more
5 Sprinkler System Components You Should Know, Cincinnati, Ohio
Whether it's a spacious garden or a small front lawn, many of us rely on a sprinkler system instead of watering it by hand. Despite its ubiquity, most of us are unaware of its indivi...read more
Save Money by Having Your Backflow System Tested & Winterized, Cincinnati, Ohio
In a water supply system, backflow is the undesirable reversal of water flow in the pipes. This can cause contaminated water to mix with the water coming to your tap. When you drink ...read more
Here's Why Backflow Winterization Is So Crucial, Cincinnati, Ohio
The coldest months of the year are right around the corner, which is why you ought to get a head start on backflow winterization — a service that will protect the tap water supp...read more
Milford Sprinkler Company Explains Local Backflow Testing Requirements, Cincinnati, Ohio
Properties are equipped with backflow prevention devices that keep contaminants like gasses or industrial fluids from entering the drinking water system. Design Rite Sprink...read more
5 Benefits of the Hydrawise™ Smart Controller Sprinkler System, Cincinnati, Ohio
These days, smart technology isn’t only found in phones—it’s also in a variety of home appliances. Even sprinkler systems offer remote automation systems, which you can use to k...read more
What to Know About Backflow & How to Prevent It, Cincinnati, Ohio
Backflow is an issue that occurs in your plumbing system when water flows in the opposite direction it was intended. According to the professionals at Design Rite Sprinkler Company, ...read more
Why You Should Get a Sprinkler System Checkup , Cincinnati, Ohio
Spring is here, which means landscaping season is as well. Millions of homeowners across the country will soon be turning on their sprinkler systems for the first time in months to g...read more
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