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5 Tips to Help You Get Hired as a Security Guard, Brooklyn, New York
Whether you’re just getting started as a security guard or you’re a seasoned veteran, finding a new job is never easy. If you want to get hired, it’s a good idea to understand what to expect throughout the application process. more
5 Benefits of Hiring a Security Guard for Your Business, Brooklyn, New York
As a business owner or manager, you want to keep your building, products, and personnel safe at all times. You also want to protect customers and clients from thieves and other criminals. A security guard provides many benefits to more
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Norelia Professional Security Training, Body Guards & Armed Escorts, Security Services, Security Guards, Brooklyn, New York
5010 Avenue L
Brooklyn, NY 11234
(347) 652-6219
In today’s fast-paced world, reliable security is more important than ever. Brooklyn’s Norelia Professional Security Training understands the value of having skilled security guards who can protect the city’s businesses. This is why they...
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What Does a Security Guard Training Program Entail?, Brooklyn, New York
Are you considering a new career? The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts a steady outlook for security professionals through the year 2026. If you’re skilled at paying more
Essential Steps to Become a Security Guard, Brooklyn, New York
Security guards have a crucial role in protecting the public from dangerous criminals. They can work in a variety of locations, such as malls, hospitals, and banks. They more
A Guide to Becoming a Security Guard, Brooklyn, New York
A security guard is a stable and meaningful job that is only becoming more necessary in today’s world, but how do you become one? It turns out there several different more
3 Reasons to Choose Unarmed Security Guards, Brooklyn, New York
If you need security personnel for your business, you have some decisions to make, and the biggest one is whether you need armed or unarmed security. At first glance, armed guards more
The Dangers of Being a Security Guard, Brooklyn, New York
In today’s modern society, reliable security guards are a valued and critical part of the workforce. While protecting people and their valuables can be rewarding, there are still more
4 Reasons Businesses Should Hire Trained Security Guards, Brooklyn, New York
From theft to vandalism, businesses are faced with constant outside threats. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small family-owned shop or a large franchise; all businesses benefit more
Advice for Passing Security Job Exams & Getting a Registration Card, Brooklyn, New York
Protecting patrons and ensuring the safety of those around you, security guards play an important role in society. To get a job as a security guard, you need to take the required more
5 Essential Qualities of an Excellent Security Guard, Brooklyn, New York
Security guards don't just protect businesses. They might also be the first face your company’s clients, visiting executives, or potential employees see, and they are the first more
What Are the Responsibilities of an Unarmed Security Guard?, Brooklyn, New York
An unarmed security guard provides peace of mind to many residents and business owners alike. And when it comes to Brooklyn’s businesses, few understand the importance of such more
Why Should All Workplaces Have a Security Force?, Brooklyn, New York
Banks and jewelry stores are not the only kinds of workplaces that need security guards. In fact, every business can benefit from having a security force on site, even if they do more
The Basics of Security Guard Training, Brooklyn, New York
A career in the security field can be extremely rewarding. If you’re thinking about becoming a security guard, you may wonder the best way to make a name for yourself. The first more
Top 5 Duties & Responsibilities of a Security Guard, Brooklyn, New York
If you've been thinking about making a career change, successfully completing a security training course can ready you for a variety of exciting job opportunities. To help you more
Stay Safe With These Top 5 Personal Security Tips , Brooklyn, New York
If your schedule has you walking through sketchy parts of town or waiting for the subway on empty train platforms, you can feel safer and more comfortable by learning some more
5 Characteristics to Look for in a Security Guard, Brooklyn, New York
Whether a security guard is working at a club, an office building, or a shopping mall, they should possess certain traits to do the job well. These professionals are responsible for more
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